​​Breast Size Comparison Side by Side

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Every woman’s body is unique, resulting in varying yet equally beautiful breast sizes. Breasts also come in various shapes, so we’re giving you a boob size comparison, side by side, to understand the classifications. From here, you can confidently find the perfect bra that fits your body’s needs.

Breast Size Comparison Side by Side

The common breast sizes are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H cups. Large breast sizes fall under I, J, K, and L cups. Women who get breast augmentation or medical conditions can have M to Z breast sizes.

A graphic image that has illustrations of different bra cup sizes ranging from AAA cups to Z cups and their distinctive features

These letters signify your cup size, whereas the numbers refer to the band size. Your overall bra size may grow or fluctuate throughout your life due to various reasons, including weight loss, exercise habits, and pregnancy. See how breast sizes compare, along with their representations.

Breast size comparison side by side chart

Size A

The A cup breast size is for women with an inch difference between the bust and band measurement. To give you an idea, singer Taylor Swift wears a standard A cup, whereas actresses Zendaya and Tilda Swinton fit an AA cup bra.

Woman wearing a white cropped top and jeans

A cups are considered small, with the most common A cup size being a 34A.

Learn more about your specific band and cup size:

There’s only a slight difference between single, double, and triple-A cup sizes. If the difference is less than half an inch, the right fit may be an AAA cup. The AAA is the modest cup size and the most uncommon.

Women with petite breasts don’t need much support, giving them more freedom to wear unlined bras, bralettes, and wire-free bras. If you have A to AAA size, it’s best to wear padded bras or push-up bras.

Likewise, you can wear chicken cutlet bras to boost cleavage and achieve a full-breast look.

Size B

You have a B cup breast size if your bust measurement is two inches higher than the band. This means your band typically measures 28 to 29 inches. B cups are a common size, with 44% of women measuring this size.

If you want to sculpt the breasts without the compression of push-up bras, size B spacer bras will work for you.

Woman wearing a red bra and printed cover up

For context, singer Selena Gomez, actress Kirsten Stewart, and model Gigi Hadid reportedly wear B-cup bras. This is why you can see them fitting well in most clothes, including quality push up sports bras

Learn more about your specific band and cup size:

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, growing a cup size from A to B is normal. This is because the amount of blood flow and fatty tissue would increase to support the milk ducts for breastfeeding.

If you feel yourself spilling out of your bras a bit, you might want to try out a C cup instead of an B cup.

Size C

The C cup size generally falls between an average to slightly above average bra size. It’s generally within 33 to 42 inches. You may also measure a three-inch difference between the band and the bust area.

If you have asymmetrical breasts, cage bras with C cups can improve bust shape.

Woman wearing a gray sports bra

This boob size is an ideal transitional size from regular to sports bras. Some women find discomfort if the bras don’t include supportive cups or bands. Meanwhile, others are comfortable with minimal to no support, which is why they can wear unlined bras or wireless bras.

Common C cup sizes include:

Similar to B cups, C cups don’t have double or triple letter sizes. So, if your measurement falls somewhere between two to three inches, you may consider getting a bigger cup size to fit, like a D cup.

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, singer Madonna, and model Tyra Banks all have C cup breasts. 28% of women are C cups.

Size D

The D cup size is an inch larger than a C cup in terms of the band size. Most would agree that the D bra size is above average, although it is becoming more common to have D size boobs.

However, the D cup is one to two inches smaller than DD and DDD cups. D cup women can still wear most outfits, provided you compensate with some support. There are wireless options for D cup ladies, and there are even bralettes for D cup busts.

Woman wearing a white sports bra with black lining

The average bra size in America is 34DD, mainly due to weight increase, inflating cup sizes, and breast surgery. At this size, breasts can start to get a little uneven, and it isn’t uncommon to use a push up bra for big boobs to even things out a bit.

If you are within this range, it’s important to prioritize support, especially in sports bras. Look for bras with wide straps, sectioned cups, and underwires.

To provide you with a frame of reference of what this breast size looks like, singer Katy Perry and tennis player Serena Williams have D cups.

Size DD and DDD

The breast measurement of a DD cup size is five times bigger than the band size. Meanwhile, a triple D bra is six inches larger than the band. DD cups can weigh about 2.15 pounds for each breast, whereas DDD can weigh 2.57 pounds each.

A DD bra has an overbust measurement of 36.5 to 41.5 inches. On the other hand, a DDD cup size generally has an overbust size ranging from 37.5 to 40.5 because of the smaller cups. 

This is why the best wireless bra for DD cup must have extra side-coverage panels and stretchable fabric to accommodate the large breasts. Likewise, the top-rated backless bra for DD cup should have adhesive cups and front closure to enhance lift. 

For comparison, socialite Kim Kardashian has a DD size, whereas model Esther Baxter reportedly has a DDD cup. Singer Christina Aguilera also sports a DD breast size. Like these celebrities, it’s crucial that you understand your particular band and cup size:

Size E

The E cup size is the first outside the standard A to D ranges. This is an inch bigger than the DDD size. There’s a five-inch difference between the bust and band measurements if you have this bra size.

Woman wearing a top with mesh lining

If the band is starting to have a skewed position, you can reinforce it using a bra extender for a better fit.

For reference, TV personality Kendra Wilkinson, singer Katey Sagal, and model Imogen Thomas all have size E breasts. Model Amy Childs fits an EE bra, whereas actress Kitten Natividad wears an EEE size.

Size F

The F cup size is another size outside of the standard range, although most retailers offer it. If there’s a six-inch difference between the band and bust measurement, you need an F size bra with supportive cups. F cups are a very large breast size.

Woman wearing an orange dress

You may consider FF bras if you’re somewhere between E and F. TV personality Bevy Smith reportedly wears an F size, while television personality Holly Hagan has an F breast size.

The challenge with this boob size is that your bra straps tend to fall because of the wide-set style. In such cases, you can use bra clips to transform your bra into a racerback style suited for large breasts.

Size G

An inch bigger than size F, a G cup size has a seven-inch difference between the band and bust measurements. If your size is 7.5 inches, you may also consider a GG cup.

Woman wearing a sequined crop top and black jeans

If you have a large cup size and a small band, you may have a narrow body shape with a large bust projecting outwards. On the other hand, having a larger band with the same cup size would provide a broader coverage even if you have a G breast size.

Food writer Nigella Lawson fits a G bra, while reality star Beth Chapman has a similarly large breast. Like these ladies, it’s vital that you wear a supportive bra to carry the breasts’ weight. Otherwise, you may end up having sagging breasts and back pain.

Size H

H and HH are the largest among the standard breast sizes. An H cup size has a difference of eight inches between the bust and band measurement. Meanwhile, HH is the transition from 8.5 to 9 inches.

If you have this size, wearing the wrong bra can cause breast discomfort and back pain. This is why the best sports bra for running with large breasts must have a high neckline and full-figured cups to secure the breasts.

To give you style inspiration, television personality Amber Rose wears an H size bra. On the other hand, model Jordan Carver fits an HH size.

Extremely Large Breast Sizes

The I, J, K, and L breast sizes can sometimes be difficult to find. It’s possible that women of these sizes have breast implants. If you’re within this range, the band under the bust can start at 22 inches and a maximum of 62 inches.

  • Size I: The overbust size is nine inches bigger than the underbust.
  • Size J: This is just an inch bigger than the size I. Model September Carrino and reality TV star Angela Raiola have J cup breast sizes.
  • Size K: This bra size is 11 inches larger than the underbust size. Model Sophie Reade and TV personality Sheyla Hershey wear size K cups with wide straps and seamed cups for extra support.
  • Size L: Reality TV star Lacey Wildd wears an L-cup bra to support her 21-pound breasts.

Rare Large Breast Sizes

These rare large boob sizes may come either from breast implants or health conditions. The downside is that these sizes may pose physical strain due to the breast’s weight.

  • Size M: Retired model Maxi Mounds have polypropylene string breast implants. The procedure irritated her breast tissue, causing them to grow continuously with fluid. Her breasts reportedly weigh 20 pounds each.
  • Size Z: Annie Hawkins-Turner is known for having the world’s largest natural breast, with a size of 102ZZZ and a weight of 89.6 pounds. However, she suffers from gigantomastia, a rare breast disease that causes excessive connective tissue growth. This makes her breasts heavier than the average 11-year-old kid.
Group of women with different breast sizes

Sister Size Comparison

About 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. Bra sizes can be confusing at times since there are tons of brands. For such reason, you have to consider the sister sizes, especially if you want to try out different brands and bra styles.

Basically, the band size affects the bust size. The cup volume grows as the band size increases. Meanwhile, cup volume expands as bust letters increase within the same band size.

Knowing the sister sizes can help you find the middle ground when making a side-by-side comparison of breast sizes. For example, you may feel 38D has a looser band and big cups. When sister sizing, a 36C bra would provide a fitter band, whereas a 40DD bra can have smaller cups.

Sister Size Chart

Bigger Band True SizeBigger Cup


The most typical breast sizes include A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H cups. Ladies with extremely large sizes may have I, J, K, L, M, or Z cups. It’s essential you find the best bra with the necessary features to support the breasts to make you feel comfortable and confident.


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