How Big Is a 28C Bra?

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A bra is much more than just a piece of lingerie for ladies. The perfect bra is like a best friend; it supports, soothes, and boosts your confidence when needed. A well-fitting bra is essential for any woman seeking to feel feminine and confident. Do you think you’re a 28C? In the article below, I go over exactly what a 28C bra size means.

How Big Is a 28C Bra?

If your bra size is 28C, your bra bust should be 23 to 25 inches wide, and your underbust should be 29 to 30 inches wide. The bust measurement for a C cup is three inches larger than the band measurements.

Graphic image of a woman wearing a green tank top and black shorts while the word text around her states that a 28C bra size has a bust size range of 30-31 inches and a band size of 27-28 inches

The 28C bra does not completely cover the breast tissue on the sides. The sister bra sizes for 28C bra are 30B and 26D.

Characteristics of 28C Breasts

Lets be honest – 28C is a unique size. Some might say it is characterized by a very tiny, petite frame, which only serves to make the C cup breasts look that much larger.

A girl in white bra sitting near a brick wall

In reality, C cups are considered very average. But on a small body, they can look quite large.

For petite women withaverage sized breasts, like a 28C, having a great, everyday bra is essential. My #1 recommended t-shirt bra is the Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit T-Shirt Bra. It was voted “Top T-Shirt Bra” by New York Magazine!

In addition, this bra size can be very hard to find. A lot of brands don’t start their sizing until a 30 band size. Even brands that feature smaller bands are often out of stock.

How Do You Know If You’re a C Cup Boob?

You may be aware that bra sizes are made up of letters and numbers. The letter indicates the size of your breast, and the number is the measurement of your ribcage. If you’re unsure whether you’re a C cup, take your ribs and stand in front of the mirror:

  • To begin, measure around your body exactly under your breast, where a bra band would rest. Round to the nearest whole amount and add four inches if the number is even. If it’s an odd number, multiply it by five. The total of this computation is your band size.
  • Second, measure the largest portion of your chest and round it up to the next whole number.
  • Third, deduct your estimated band size from your bust measurement, and then go to the bra cup size table to establish your bra size, which is your band size minus your cup size.

Is a C Cup Larger or Smaller Than a B or D Cup?

Contrary to popular belief, the assumption that a cup size C is larger than a cup size B is not always correct. Because its band is wider, a C cup will hold the same volume as a B cup.

Your cup size, in addition to your band size, determines your true bra size. Similarly, a C cup is not always larger than a D cup. However, remember that just because your girls appear or feel bigger doesn’t mean you have to go up a size.

How Should a Bra Fit?

It is critical to get the right fit to be comfortable. Your bra size will most likely vary slightly depending on the brand and style of the bra, so knowing how your bra should fit will help you determine whether it’s the correct size.

Starting with a swift move and pick is essential when putting on your bra. Carefully pick your breast tissue from beneath your armpit and place it inside your bra cup. Examine the cup’s top to ensure that no breast tissue is spilling out and that no wiring is pressing into your breast tissue.

A woman in a blue bra holding a red scarf

Then, examine how your band sits on your back. It should be level all the way around and not rise in the back. When the band is fastened on the loosest hook, you should only be able to fit two fingers under it.

Next, make sure the bra’s center is flat against your chest. The band is too big if the center does not sit flat on your chest. When you raise your arms in front of you, they should not move.

Finally, just enough to keep your straps from falling off your shoulders. Not so much that your shoulders become burdened by the weight of your breasts. Your band should provide 80 percent of your support. This will aid in the prevention of back and shoulder pain.

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The 28C breast size is very unique, highlighted by a very small and thin body matched with average breast cups. The small body frame accentuates the breast size, causing them to look a lot larger.


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