The Best Bra to Hide Back Fat in 2019

A bra is meant to fit tight and snug. The problem with this is that it can often lead to unflattering layers of back fat that form above and below the bra lines. While there might not be any top equivalent for spandex shorts​, there are bras specifically targeting the issue of back lumps. Let your search for the best bra to hide back fat start here!

​Our Top 3 Best Bras to Hide Back Fat

Finding the right bra for your body is hard enough as it is. But, it is more so if you're finding something that targets the back fat rather than focusing on providing support for your breasts. Knowing the features you need are helpful, and we have our top 3 bras to show exactly how they get rid of the unattractive bulge.

From their name alone, the Curvation Back Smoother, Bali's Comfort Indulgence Back Smoothing, and the Spanx “Hallelujah!” bras tell you they're specifically for reducing the risk of back fat making an unwanted appearance. There's more to them, though, as you will discover.

​IF you want our final vote (without all the reading), the ​Comfort Indulgence Back Smoothing Bra from Bali ​is our vote for Overall Best ​Bra for Hiding Back Fat.

Bali Women's Comfort Indulgence Back Smoothing...
  • 2 ply comfort wing
  • Modern coverage to allow for more open neckline silhouettes
  • Helps keep you cool and comfortable

​Curvation Women's Back Smoother Bra

TheCurvation Women's Back Smoother Underwire Bra​ is an outstanding and affordable example of a bra that hides back fat.

Curvation Women's Back Smoother Underwire Bra,...

First off, you'll immediately see that the bra is a seamless one. Except for the underwire, all the rest of the edges of this bra don’t have stitching. It hugs your rib cage just enough to support the breasts, but no skin or fat is lumping outwards.

The wide band and wings really help with concealing any fat. The skin underneath your arms is securely within the material of the bra. Since it’s seamless, the wings and band gently press against your body and evenly disperse your body fat.

As it smoothes your skin out, your skin does not get stopped by any seams, which is typically where the clumps would form.

Curvation Women's Back Smoother Underwire Bra,...
  • Full coverage, flexible back for smoothing and comfort
  • 2 ply with soft inner lining for comfort and modesty
  • Center-front design allows freedom of movement

The materials used for this bra are nylon and spandex, which we can credit for its smooth appearance and stretchy fit. This bra is ideal as an everyday bra for plus size women who have big breasts.

The band sizes range from 38-44, and the cup sizes range from C-DDD. This bra does cater to plus sized women, so if you’re on the smaller bra size, the SPANX bra we recommend below is a better option for you.

  • ​Full coverage cups
  • ​38 - 44 band, C - DDD cup
  • ​Hook and eye closure at the back
  • ​Adjustable shoulder straps
  • ​Seamless ​design
  • ​2 ply cups for extra coverage

Bali Women's Comfort Back Smoothing Foam Underwire Bra

Bali Women's Passion for Comfort Light Lift Underwire Bra​ is straightforward with its purpose from the name itself - back smoothing. Plus, with over 900 reviews, this is a popular bra among many women.

Bali Women's Comfort Indulgence Back Smoothing...

It prioritizes comfort and the smoothening of your back to not show any lumps when wearing a tight-fitting shirt. Much like the previous bra, this has 3 hooks which join two wide wings and the band at the back.

This bra also includes seamless, underwired cups that form to the shape of your breasts. Similar to the Curvation bra, having the seamless cups is a key factor when looking for a bra that will help to minimize back fat.

The round leotard-shaped back also prevents the bra from slipping on your skin, so there's less chance for back fat to come out.

Bali Women's Comfort Indulgence Back Smoothing...
  • 2 ply comfort wing
  • Modern coverage to allow for more open neckline silhouettes
  • Helps keep you cool and comfortable

From the name itself, you can tell that this bra will really indulge you with comfort. It minimizes back fat so you won’t have to worry about your body looking bigger than it actually is, because of fat lumps.

The band size ranges from 34-40, and the cup size ranges from C-DD. Based on these size ranges, this bra works best for women with average to large breasts.

  • ​Demi cup design
  • ​34 - 40 band, C - DD cup
  • ​Hook and eye closure at the back
  • Adjustable straps
  • Back-smoothing wings
  • ​Seamless, contour cups

SPANX Womens Brallelujah! Full Coverage Bra

From the name itself, Spanx already sounds like a brand that resolves unwanted bulges. The ​SPANX Women's Bra-Llelujah! Full Coverage Bra​ has such a ring to it. You really want to shout hallelujah when you see the wonders it does to hide back fat.

SPANX Women's Bra-Llelujah! Full Coverage Naked...

Unlike the first two, this bra features a front clasp that allows the bra to sit flat against your back, preventing any back fat from forming at the clasp.

The seamless and stretchy material of the band allows it to hug around your back without digging in too much to your skin and forcing out lumps from the edges.

SPANX Women's Bra-Llelujah! Full Coverage Naked...
  • SPANX Pants and Leggings Size Chart
  • SPANX Shapewear Size Chart
  • SPANX Bra Size Chart

Like the first bra, this is also made with nylon and spandex and additionally, cotton and elastane. All these combined provide comfort from the cups to the straps and wings to the band at the back.

With a variety of sizes that span almost all average body types, this bra is equipped with a personalized fit that's designed to fit and support your breasts and body. The band sizes range from 32-38, and cups from A-DD. Unlike the first two bras we reviewed, this one does accommodate smaller breasts that are in the A-B range.

  • ​Full coverage cups
  • ​32 - 38 band, A - DD cup
  • ​Front clasping bra
  • ​​SPANX Smart Stretch straps
  • ​Back smoothing design
  • ​Soft yet supportive

​Our Pick for the Best Bra for Hiding Back Fat

​In the end, we prefer Bali's Comfort Indulgence Back Smoothing Bra. With the seamless design and contoured cups, it’s a bra that focuses on removing the sight of fat rolls from all around, not just your back!

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Features to Consider for Bras that Hide Fat

Bras were initially made specifically for the breasts. We can understand when different bras are made with the main purpose of supporting them. But, what can we expect from a bra that's supposed to minimize back fat more than anything else? Read on for the tips and things to look for in bras when you have this particular problem.

​Seamless Edges

Seaming on the edges of your bra means the fabric there is thicker than on the rest of the bra. This means it's more likely to dig into your skin and squish your back and form bulges.

Seamless doesn't only mean there are no stitches on the edge of your bra, but there's seamless transition where your bra ends and your skin begins. When your bra hugs your skin without digging in too much, there's little chance for skin to spill out from your back band.

Woman with her back turned to the window wearing a smoothing bra

​Back Wings

Back wings are the pieces of fabric that extend from the outer base of the cups, and they go around your sides and latch in the back.

Some designers utilize this to improve the decorative aspect of bras, usually with lace materials. For it to smoothen and hide back fat, the wings need to be wider than normal as it goes around. This means the skin will be kept inside it instead of spilling over.

​Front Closure

When the clasps are at the back of the bra, you have less control about the skin that gets squished there when you fasten it on. On the other hand, when the bra has front clasps, you can smoothen the band at the back first so as not to dig into your skin before fastening the clasps. 

Back Hooks and a Wide Band

Despite their many advantages and undeniable convenience, front-clasping bras are rare to come by. If you can't avoid back clasps, at least look for something that has three hooks.

This usually means the band is wider, which will then be able to hold in more skin and back fat, preventing them from forming lumps over the edges of your band.

Who a Bra that Hides Back Fat is Meant For

Women of all shapes and sizes can benefit from a bra that conceals back fat. Though, if you generally wear full figured or DD cup push up bras or other types of bras, you might find more of a benefit to these types of bras.

Not only will they pack up the skin that would usually create a bulge, they smoothen out the appearance, so your shirt or top won't show any hints of an ill-fitting bra. That being said, women with smaller chests who usually wear the best small cup push up bras can still have back fat and can benefit from wearing this type of bra.

A nude back smoothing bra is worn by a oman hwho has her back turned to the camera


​Normal or plus sized, curvy, or ​full figured, bras have a tendency to create lumps. These occur especially in the area underneath your arms up to the back where the band is. It's annoying, especially when your body type doesn't normally have much fat to form lumps to begin with.

Strategy is the answer to your problems. Knowing the right features on ​the kinds of bras helps. If you have an urgent situation, our top 3 bras are top-notch choices depending on your body type.

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