Best Bra to Hide Back Fat [2024 Review]

Smoothing bras are meant to fit tight and snug. The problem when wearing a bra is that it can often lead to unflattering layers of back fat that form above and below the bra lines. I’m listing the best bras for back fat to give women a sleek silhouette and a well-supported bust.

While I provide in-depth recommendations and reviews below, my top pick (by a landslide) is the Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra. This front closure bra is super convenient to wear, while also featuring a really wide band to support your breasts. Its the most comfortable option out of all that I reviewed.

​Top 10 Bras to Hide Back Fat Reviews

While I provide in-depth recommendations and bra reviews below, my top pick (by a landslide) is the Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Bra. This front-closure bra includes seamless cups, reinforced side panels, and a wide band to support your breasts while taming extra back fat.

Finding the right bra to wear is hard enough as it is. I have my back smoothing bras to show how they eliminate the unattractive side and back fat bulges.

Best Bra to Hide Back Fat Overall: Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Bra

Are you searching for a convenient, easy-to-wear bra to help you hide back fat? The Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Front-Closure Shaping Underwire Bra is the best bra for controlling back fat. It offers all-around comfort without sacrificing fit and full support.

The front close clasp is made from sturdy plastic and is double-reinforced, so it should last a long time. It isn’t a metal clasp, which I would have preferred to wear in a bra. Since the bra fastens in the front, this underwired bra has more back coverage to smooth out and shape the torso.

For added comfort, wearing this smoothing bra includes adjustable wide straps that help the band and cups stay in place. Even full-figured women won’t feel any pressure on their shoulders when wearing it the bra. This full-coverage bra also minimizes your bustline by up to almost two inches.

Even though the underwire is quite long, this full-coverage bra will give you a more rounded bust by contouring the breast tissue. This is a total advantage, especially if you want quality smoothing bras to pair with tight-fitting tops or tops that cling to your body.

Since this bra has a higher nylon content than the others, the full-cup design gives you the coverage and flexible support you need when wearing them. It feels so comfortable, so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a bra while covering back fat. 


  • The front closure design creates a smooth back.
  • Foam-lined cups push breast tissue up and center to avoid back spillage.
  • Similar to SPANX Bra-Llelujah, this bra’s design features a straight wide band structure for smoothing your back and side bulges.
  • The cups are lined with ultra-thin stretch foam, providing extra lift and the proper support for your breasts.


  • The plastic clasp is quite flimsy compared to its metal counterparts.
  • The straps are unusually short, so adjustments might get limited.

Best Bra for Side and Back Fat With a Thick Band: Olga Women’s Signature Support Satin Bra

The Olga Women’s Signature Support Satin Bra is one of the best smoothing bras for back and side fat for women because the thick band smooths out your back. Whether you have a small or large bra cup size, you can avoid unnecessary bulges that tight bras would cause.

The Olga Signature has the highest nylon content, giving it superb elasticity, so you can stretch the bra for back support without losing shape. In effect, the cup area of this bra provides enough coverage for back fat and side support so that your boobs will stay firm and won’t spill out even when you move around.

However, the underwire of this smoothing bra may feel quite long for women with petite bodies to wear.


  • Wide, fully adjustable, and centered straps prevent digging in the back.
  • Lightly padded underwire cups push breast tissue together to avoid side and back spillage.
  • Unlike the other bras for smoothing back fat, it features a wide flat band and a three-row, three-column hook-and-eye closure around the back that helps prevent back fat from showing through.
  • This back smoothing bra makes up by gently shaping your breasts and keeping back fat intact.


  • Limited sizes from C to DDD, so ladies with smaller or extra large breasts can’t try this.
  • The underwire is a bit long, which may poke in the sides.

Best Wire-Free Bra to Hide Back Fat: Warner’s Underarm Smoothing Bra

See that unsightly underarm bulge you get whenever you wear a bra? Consider that problem solved with the help of the Warner’s Women’s Bra. This is among the best bras for back fat because of its flexible foam cups, adjustable bra straps, and broad side wings for back support.

The shoulder straps of this smoothing bra are designed to stay on the shoulders, ensuring they don’t creep their way down the arms. In contrast to the other bras for back fat, the underwire lacks cushioning. However, the wide band is flexible enough not to dig painfully into the skin when wearing the bra. 

Even though this bra has a narrower band than the others, the elastic band of the bra covers the side boob and back fat comfortably while ensuring you can move freely and look good.


  • Elastic-free side panels provide extra side coverage to remove underarm and back bulges.
  • the bra contains wide back straps that won’t dig into your skin – the perfect bra for wide backs!
  • Flexible foam cups contain breast tissue completely to avoid pushing out extra flesh. 
  • Despite a lot of activity or movement, the sides won’t ride up even if you wear the eye closure on the loosest hook.


  • DD is the biggest cup, so ladies with extra large breasts may find the cups quite small.
  • Thin straps only suit those with broad shoulders

Best Back Smoothing Bra for Small Breasts: SPANX Womens Brallelujah! Bra

The ​SPANX Women’s Bra-Llelujah! Bra​  is one of the best smoothing bras for women because the bra fastens in the front, allowing the smoothing bra to sit flat against your back. The complete coverage of the bra prevents back fat from forming at the clasp while ensuring adequate support for the bust.

Some ladies can have big band sizes yet small bra cup sizes. While its neckline is deeper than the Bali and Warner’s bras, there’s adequate support to the bust without putting a lot of strain on the back once you wear it.

However, this full-coverage bra does not have foam padding, and the bra straps are not adjustable. The smoothing bra features the SPANX Smart Stretch feature, making the straps stretchy yet has superb recoverability to retain shape.


  • ​​​A straight, smooth back conceals bulges for a sleeker silhouette.
  • Soft, full coverage cups and front-clasping design eliminate overspills.
  • The band’s seamless and stretchy material allows it to hug around your back without digging too much into your skin.
  • It remains a comfortable bra while the wide band forces out lumps from the edges or sides of your upper body.


  • Straps are not adjustable, so you can’t reposition them.
  • The material may feel too warm on hot days.

Best Full Coverage Bra to Hide Back Fat: Bali One Smooth U Shapewear Bra

​The Bali One Smooth U Shapewear Bra is one of the best minimizer bras that also serve as a back smoothing bra. Its soft cups prioritize comfort and the smoothening of your back to avoid showing any fat lumps when wearing a tight-fitting shirt.

Having seamless cups is vital when looking for a bra to help you tame back fat. Compared to Bali Comfort Revolution’s straight back, this bra’s broad Comfort-U back also prevents the band from slipping on your skin, so there’s less chance for anything to come out of the smoothing bra.

As a shaper bra, it provides extra support for bottom-heavy breasts, like those with teardrop or bell-shaped boobs. However, the full-coverage bra cups may be quite bigger for those with an asymmetrical breast shape. Although this bra isn’t wire-free, the cushion along the underwire prevents chafing.


  • Full-coverage design keeps breast tissue front and center to prevent back spillage.
  • Back-smoothing wings strengthen the edges of the cups to avoid spillover.
  • The band at the back is also wide enough with three hooks and eye closures.
  • Since this full-coverage bra has more hooks than the Goddess and Warner bras, there’s greater back support to balance the contouring from front to back.


  • Light padding can’t give a push-up effect, although it contours the breast shape
  • Breast separation from the cups isn’t ideal for those with wide-set breasts

Best Back Smoothing Multiway Bra: True & Co True Convertible Strap Bra

The True & Co True Bra is another one of the best bras for fat because the smooth fabric doesn’t dig into the back, keeping fats at bay. The inclusion of multiway straps allows adjusting the fit to prevent excess fat from the shoulders from going to the back.

This bra combines 23% elastane and 77% nylon, resulting in a sturdy and elastic fabric with a smooth texture that feels like a second skin. Like the Goddess Avelaide Full Cup Bra, this texture makes the smoothing bra comfortable, and you can wear the bra for hours without irritation. 

However, the bottom of the full-coverage bra may roll up due to the pressure of the tummy or bust. Sometimes the smoothing bra rolls up completely, especially during intense activities, exposing your body. 


  • It comes with slim straps that you can convert to a racerback
  • It has a wire-free structure, making it flexible and comfortable for the boobs
  • The True & Co bra has convertible strapping that can be worn either with the straps or strapless, providing adequate support for small cup sizes
  • It has thinner straps than Delimira and Spanx, although it won’t be much of a problem for those with small breasts


  • It offers minimal support and might not be the best bra to wear if you have heavy, sagging boobs
  • The seamless design makes the bra roll up when you lift your hands up

Best Back Smoothing Longline Bra: Shapeez Shortee Back Smoothing Bra

The Shapeez Shortee Back Smoothing Bra is one of the reliable bras that can support your back fat without getting crumpled up over time. Typically, the sturdiness and durability of the bra material are essential factors to consider when choosing a smoothing bra, especially if you have a heavy bust that can easily rip the fabric.

Whether you have a small or heavy bust, you’ll have a curvier bustline without pushing fats to the sides or back. In effect, no excess fats will move to the sides of the bra, which could eventually head to the back.

It mainly consists of 85% nylon and 15% Lycra Spandex, which can help smooth out imperfections. Combining nylon’s sturdiness and Spandex’s flexibility makes the smoothing bra elastic and sturdy, letting it withstand pressure from heavy busts and back fat.

The good thing is that this comfortable bra comes with moisture-wicking fabric that helps evaporate sweat under clothing. The fabric of the bra creates a pleasant cooling effect even when wearing layers of clothes.


  • As the only longline bra on this list, it features a thicker, reinforced band to smooth out everything from the torso to the back
  • Similar to the Bali Comfort Revolution and Olga bras, the bra features molded foam cups that tuck in sagging breasts
  • The moisture-wicking fabric makes the bra cool and dry regardless of the weather condition 
  • The underwire provides firm support to the breast without sagging, making the bra proportionately hold the back fat


  • It tends to create annoying noises when the strap rubs against the bra
  • The bra stretches around the rib area after a couple of wears and might not offer support to the back fat

Best Posture Bra for Back Support: Delimira X-Shaped Bra

Delimira X-shaped Bra is one of the best bras for back support that can hide your extra fat and enhance posture. This posture bra is non-wired and doesn’t come with hard paddings, offering great comfort from its thin elastic lining and soft cups. 

The bra consists of elastic Spandex and polyamide material, helping create a smooth contour. This bra fabric combination helps align and compress the back, minimizing the visibility of the back fat. This lets the bra have a sturdier structure and complete coverage from front to back.

In comparison to the U-shaped back of other bras, this bra’s X-shape minimizes the chances of the bra slipping off the shoulders, holding every part of your back together even when engaging in intense exercises.

This wire-free bra compensates by having a thicker underband, giving your bust a natural shape despite the thick, molded cups. This makes the full-coverage bra a good substitute for highly compressive sports or minimizer bras under any kind of clothing.


  • The bra fastens in the front, giving you a convenient wear depending on your bra size
  • The elastic lining design makes it more comfortable, allowing you to wear it for longer without irritation
  • Given its six hook-and-eye closure, this bra has more hooks than the other front-clasping bras
  • This posture bra has high contours designed to offer full coverage


  • The polyamide fabric reduces air circulation, making it unsuitable for wearing in hot weather
  • The lack of padding might be unsuitable for people with smaller boobs as they won’t look fuller 

Best Plus Size Back Smoothing Bra: Goddess Avelaide Full Cup Bra

The Goddess Avelaide Full Cup Bra is one of the best smoothing bras for plus-size women because the bra balances the use of molded cups and a thick band to give your back a sleek look.

Like in the True & Co True Bra, the combination of these bra materials results in a highly elastic synthetic fabric that makes you comfortable while achieving a smoother appearance underneath clothing. 

The compression effect of these bra materials also helps to hide the back fat, giving you a contoured silhouette by flattening the bulges caused by the fat. It’s almost like the compression-thickened lining of the Delimira bra that helps control back fat.  


  • The bra offers full coverage that covers the breast, armpit, and back area, offering good back fat support
  • It primarily uses a combination of nylon and elastane, giving the bra a smooth feel on the skin
  • It features adjustable straps that allow you to adjust the size to your liking
  • The Goddess Avelaide bra features a full cup design, which means the cup offers full coverage of breasts and other tissues, including underarm and back fat


  • The nylon material slightly reduces the air circulation, making the bra non-breathable and unsuitable for intense exercises
  • The bands are excessively stretchy and might become loose as you lose weight

Best Underwired Bra to Hide Back Fat: Chantelle Women’s C Back Smoothing Bra

If you are looking for a versatile bra that you can wear in both formal and informal settings, then the Chantelle Women’s C Back Smoothing Bra can give you a sleek look and excellent back support.

The wider band of the bra helps fully cover the bust and back area, making you comfortable and confident even when running errands in town. The integrated underwire bra holds more skin, offering proper coverage by reducing the lumps that tend to form over the edges. 

In contrast to molded cups of other bras, this bra’s cup shape doesn’t have enough projection at the bottom. Even though the bra can smooth out the back, you may need to put chicken cutlet inserts or add padding to improve the bust projection of the bra.


  • Includes center-pull, adjustable straps, making it fit even if you lose weight
  • The underwire cups seamlessly lie under any top, allowing it to fit with a wide range of outfits
  • Despite the inclusion of an underwire, the flexible foam cups shape the breast tissue to tuck in fats from every direction
  • Compared to the straight back of Spanx and Bali Comfort Revolution, Chantelle’s leotard or U-shaped back creates deeper side wings for full support from front to back


  • The underwire tends to pop out after some time of use and washing
  • The straps might slip away, especially when sweaty

Tips for Choosing the Best Bra for Hiding Back Fat

The best bras for back fat must have these features to guarantee proper support for the bust while ensuring back smoothing properties. Find the balance between certain elements so the right bra can guarantee an extra lift and back support for a sleek look.

For bras to hide back fat, you should look for front closure bras with wide bands

Comparing the Features of Smoothing Bras for Hiding Back Fat

Bra Material Back Design Closure
Bali Comfort Revolution 94% nylon, 6% Spandex Straight, smooth back Front clasp
Olga Signature 75% nylon, 25% Spandex Wide flat band with 3-row closure Back clasp
Warner’s Smoothing 83% nylon, 17% elastane Narrow band with 2-row closure Back clasp
SPANX Brallelujah! 100% cotton Straight, smooth back Front clasp
Bali One Smooth U 80% nylon, 20% Spandex Broad U-shaped back with 3-row closure Back clasp
True & Co True Convertible 77% nylon, 23% elastane Wide flat band with multiway straps Pullover
Shapeez Shortee 85% nylon, 15% Spandex Full back Pullover
Delimira X-Shaped 81% polyamide, 19% Spandex X-shaped back with mesh support Front clasp
Goddess Avelaide 92% nylon, 8% elastane Broad U-shaped back Back clasp
Chantelle C Back 100% polyester Broad U-shaped back Back clasp

Check the Closure Position

​When the bra has a front closure, you can smoothen the band at the back so as not to dig into your skin before fastening the clasps. Front-closing bras naturally give you a smoother appearance in the back because the bra material is seamless and not broken up by clasps.

Black underwire bra with brown lace and wideband and black and brown straps

Choose Wide Band and Side Panels

The best bra for back fat must have a broader band that will hold in more skin, whether you choose a wire-free or wired style. This prevents the bra from forming lumps over the edges of your band.

  • Thinner panels in bras may squeeze to the sides, mainly if they press low on the back. This is why you should choose broad panels on the side and back to prevent a bra from forming lumps.
  • Furthermore, bra side panels help push breast tissue to the center for a more forward projection and sleek appearance. In effect, the bra can avoid unwanted spillage at the back and sides, giving you a smoother back and a fuller bust.

Consider Adjustable Straps

Since the band provides most of the support, bra straps only help keep cups in place.

  • Wide straps in bras help distribute breast weight, yet they shouldn’t feel too constricting.
  • Too tight straps can pinch the skin, causing back fat to squeeze out of your bra.
  • Look for adjustable bra straps to avoid painful squeezing on your shoulders.
Back view of a black bra with broad panels on the side and the back placed on a mannequin

Related Questions

What Causes Back Fat in Bras?

A bra that doesn’t have a tight band can cause back fat. The loose fit causes the bra band to ride up and push the skin with it.

Is It Normal to Have Some Back Fat in Bras?

Yes, having too much back fat in bras is typical, especially if you have poor carbohydrate tolerance. A bad bra fit might also cause some back fat to develop.

How Do I Limit Back Fat When Wearing a Bra?

Improving diet and exercise habits can reduce back fat by targeting muscles and toning the area. Wearing a back smoothing bra that fits correctly can also help anchor the band to smoothen the back.

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​Whether you have regular sizes of busts orare plus-sized or flat-chested, curvy, or ​figured, find bras that fit you well and have supportive features to prevent back lumps. The best bra should balance back coverage and provide proper support for the bust.


Allena is the Founder and Editor of The Better Fit, a platform dedicated to empowering women with practical advice on bras and fitness, inspired by her own revelation of the widespread issue of incorrect bra sizing. Her expertise and tips have been recognized by major publications such as Cosmopolitan, Better Homes & Gardens, Insider, and NBC, making her a trusted voice in women's wellness and lifestyle.