How Big Is a DD Bra Cup Size?

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When talking about big breast sizes, a DD is one of the sizes that come into mind. A DD cup size can not be compared to A and B cup sizes. In this article, we will look at how big is DD breast cups size.

How Big Is DD?

A DD generally measures 5 inches between the bust and the band, making it an inch bigger than the D. Having a DD cup bra size means that your breasts can weigh up to 2.54 pounds (1150g) each.

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While a DD is also the same as an E cup, the difference between DD cups and E cups is based on the UK and U.S. bra sizing. For example, the DD cup size is available in the UK, while the E cup is in the U.S.

What Is a Double D Bra Size?

A double D bra size is a breast measurement five inches larger than a DD’s band size. It’s one of the most common bra cup sizes in America. 

However, every double D is different. The cup volume would expand as the band size increases. For example, a 14DD bra would be bigger than 10DD despite having the same cup size.

When to Size up to a DD Cup

If you notice any breast tissue spillage or experience discomfort in your C or D bras, you can size up to a DD cup. When shopping for your bra, always focus on the fit instead of the size on the tag. A backless bra created for DD cup sizes can help you to ease the tension.

Your bra size is more of a guide than a set rule. You may find your new favorite bra in a size you would never have tried. How amazing would that be?

Are There Bigger Cup Sizes Than DD?

Currently, we have bigger breast sizes beyond the DD cup size. It also depends on your location. Some American brands have DDD, DDDD, and so on bra sizes after the DD. In this case, a DDD is equivalent to an F, and a DDDD is a G cup.

It’s easy to get the wrong cup size, especially when ordering your bras online. So, ensure you check the international bra size conversion chart and take note of the equivalent bra sizes in different states.

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What Bras Should You Wear as a DD Cup?

Finding large-sized bras can be a challenge since bigger cups require more support than smaller sizes like A cup sizes. If you are a DD cup, here are a couple of bras that can work well for your body:

The Difference Between the D and DD Cup Sizes

With regards to bra sizing, there is a minor difference between D and DD cup sizes. DD breasts usually stick out one inch further as compared to the D breast size.

The construction of both the D and DD breasts is a little different. The full bust bra sizing usually begins at DD. DD breasts require more support, even on small band sizes.

This is why bras for ladies with big breasts like 38DD and 34DD cup sizes have certain features like:

  • Wider straps
  • Side panels
  • Seamed cups
  • Taller bands for additional support.


Large breasts can be pretty challenging to find a bra, clothes for, or to carry well. Most bra companies don’t produce many DD bra sizes since not many women buy them like the C cups, and a DD cup size is one of the ideal sizes among the bigger bra sizes.


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