How Big Is a DD Bra Cup Size?

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When you think of big breast sizes, the DD cup is one of the sizes that comes to mind. Less than 1% of women worldwide are a D cup or larger, though the DD cup size is the most common cup size in America. In my article below, I take a look at how big the DD bra size really is.

How Big Is a DD Cup Size?

A DD cup has a 5 inch difference between the bust and band measurements, which makes a double D an inch bigger than a D cup. If you have a DD cup bra size, your breasts can weigh up to 2.15 pounds (975g) each.

DD cup bust size measures 5 inches between the bust and the band

Double D boobs are also the same as an E cup, depending on what bra brand you buy.

When to Wear a DD Cup

If you notice any breast tissue spillage or experience discomfort while wearing a D cup bra, you may need to size up to a DD cup. When bra shopping, always focus on the fit instead of the size on the tag.

Bra sizing is more of a guide than a set rule. You may find your perfect fit in a bra size you would never have tried. It all depends on the style of the bra.

If you have larger breasts, like a DD cup, you need everyday support. My favorite? The Elomi Banded Underwire Stretch Lace Bra. It has really supportive bands and a nice, three section cup.

Are There Bigger Cup Sizes Than DD?

There are definitely bigger breast sizes beyond the DD cup size available on the market. Some American brands have DDD/F, G, H and so on after the DD cup size.

The larger your cup size gets, the harder it is to find well fitting bras.

A person holding a white laced bra

What Bras Should You Wear as a DD Cup?

Finding larger bra sizes can be a challenge since bigger breasts require more support than smaller breasts. If you are a DD cup, there are several bra styles that work well for your body including:

  • Full coverage bras: A full coverage bra offers your breasts complete support, plus also covers and contains all of your bust. 
  • Minimizer bras: If you want your chest to appear smaller, choose a minimizer bra. This style of bra compresses your bust and holds everything in place.
  • Strapless bras: This style of bra can be tougher to find for larger breasts, but you need a strapless option for those dresses that don’t have straps.

The Difference Between the D and DD Cup Sizes

There is a minor difference between D and DD cup sizes. Double D breasts are one inch larger in the bust measurement than the D breast size.

The construction of both the D and Double D bras is a little different. The full bust bra sizing begins at DD. DD breasts require more support, even with the smaller band sizes.

Cream full coverage bra with black straps and a flower design placed on a mannequin

This is why DD bras have certain features like:

  • Wide padded shoulder straps
  • Wide side panels with boning
  • Seamed cups
  • Wide bra bands

Comparing DD and D Cup Sizes

Size Description Weight
DD 5-inch difference between the band and bust2.15 to 40.3 pounds per breast
D 5.5 to 6-inch difference between the band and bust0.86 pounds to 3.35 per breast

Related Questions

Is DD Cup Big or Small?

A DD cup is large, especially compared to other standard bra sizes. It’s considered big because there’s a five-inch difference between the band and bust measurements.

Is DD Bigger Than F?

DD is not bigger than F. In some countries and brands, DDD is considered F, both of which are still bigger than DD cups.

What Does a DD Cup Look Like?

A DD cup may appear more projected if the top and bottom of the breasts have enough breast tissue. Your DD cup may also appear broader if your hips or waist are thinner.

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Having larger breasts can make it pretty challenging to find a bra. Most bra companies produce a limited amount of DD bra sizes, since DD is a less common cup size. Wearing a DD cup means you will need a bra that gives you great support, plus lift and shaping.


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