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Welcome to TheBetterFit.com. Founded in 2018, we are a fashion blog, focused on helping women find the right bra for their body. We believe that there is a perfect fit for your clothing… so long as you find the right brand and style! Read below to learn more about the company.

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Accolades and Features

The Better Fit has been featured in many prominent publications.

  • Cosmopolitan: advice on how different breast shapes effect your bra choice
  • Insider: advice on how to put a bra on correctly
  • NBC News: advice on picking a plus size bathing suit for your body type
  • Asia One: water bra problems
  • The List: advice on picking a bra for a smaller chest
  • Moms.com: advice on when to consider wearing a bra while in puberty
  • Glam Magazine: advice on how to store bras properly
  • Bellatory: advice on how to stuff your bra with a sock
  • MDPI: research for textile study in bras for atypical breast shape

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Features and Mentions

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Our Review Process

It’s impossible to write about bras without actually using them. Now, granted, as women, we naturally wear bras everyday. But that doesn’t make us experts on them.

It’s a widely known fact that most women are wearing the wrong size bra. Beyond that, there are so many different types and styles of bras on the market. On top of that, every brand makes each bra type and size a little different.

You can see why there is so much confusion. That is why we independently review all of the bras we talk about on this website. For the vast majority of them, we purchase them, try them on, and compare and contrast them.

Some bras, we don’t purchase, but only because it wouldn’t make sense. There are only two editors here, and we don’t fit every single scenario. In that case, we have independent sources that we use to provide feedback.

All of this ensures that the guidance and advice you receive from The Better Fit is completely independent and privately sourced. We do not accept payment from any brands. To date, we have never even received one bra for free. We purchase bras to review.

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