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Welcome to TheBetterFit.com. We are a fashion blog, focused on helping women find the right bra for their body. We believe that there is a perfect fit for your clothing… so long as you find the right brand and style! Read below to learn more about those that are involved:

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Allena Rissa – Editor

Hi there, I’m Allena, Founder and Editor of The Better Fit. I’ve always had a passion for finding ways to help women improve various areas of their lives, whether it be sharing ways to save money or effective fitness tips. So why a site on bras?

One day, I was out shopping at the mall with a friend and we were ranting about how uncomfortable (yet necessary) wearing bras were. She then told me that over 80% of women actually wear the wrong size bra, and I nearly stopped in my tracks. I didn’t believe her, so I immediately said we were going to get bra fittings. Lo and behold, I come to find out I’m wearing the wrong size!

From there, I researched and worked to create this website so women would have a place to come and be informed about an article of clothing they literally wear every day.

My advice has been featured on high profile publications like Cosmopolitan, Better Homes & Gardens, Insider, and NBC.

I hope you enjoy what you read, and if you have any questions, please let me know!

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Kaitlin Cooper – Contributor

Kaitlin is a contributor at TheBetterFit.com. Between photographing some of the outfits and apparel seen on the site, doing a little modeling herself, and contributing to the writing, Kaitlin focuses on showcasing easy and flattering ways to successfully dress for your unique body type.
Along with helping run the site, Kaitlin is a wedding photographer in sunny San Diego. In photographing couples, she saw there was one common struggle that most women encountered, especially for engagement sessions: they had no idea what to wear to actually flatter their body. Even on the day of the shoot, they would question whether or not their outfits actually looked good.

Through her years of posing women, Kaitlin has learned just how important it is to pick garments that work well for your specific body. From writing her own blog posts on how to dress for engagement shoots to helping couples create outfit vision boards on Pinterest, Kaitlin’s primary focus while photographing is to ensure everyone feels confident, comfortable, and attractive. 

When Kaitlin heard about the concept and goals for TheBetterFit, she knew she wanted to participate in creating a resource that women could refer to when figuring out how to dress for their personal shape and size.

Kaitlin’s writing has been featured on Reader’s Digest, Bustle, and Bridal Guide (to name just a few). She brings a talent for putting into words what she sees in style and imagery.

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Kaitlin Cooper of TheBetterFit.com

Our Review Process

It’s impossible to write about bras without actually using them. Now, granted, as women, we naturally wear bras everyday. But that doesn’t make us experts on them.

It’s a widely known fact that most women are wearing the wrong size bra. Beyond that, there are so many different types and styles of bras on the market. On top of that, every brand makes each bra type and size a little different.

You can see why there is so much confusion. That is why we independently review all of the bras we talk about on this website. For the vast majority of them, we purchase them, try them on, and compare and contrast them.

Some bras, we don’t purchase, but only because it wouldn’t make sense. There are only two editors here, and we don’t fit every single scenario. In that case, we have independent sources that we use to provide feedback.

All of this ensures that the guidance and advice you receive from The Better Fit is completely independent and privately sourced. We do not accept payment from any brands. To date, we have never even received one bra for free. We purchase bras to review.

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