Best Bra to Hide Back Fat [2023 Review]

Back view of a black bra with broad panels on the side, wide straps, and the back placed on a mannequin

Bras are meant to fit tight and snug. The problem with this is that it can often lead to unflattering layers of back fat that form above and below the bra lines. I’m listing the best bras for back fat …

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Best Jeans for Apple Shapes [2023 Review]

A blue denim tattered elephant jeans on a green background with circles

An apple shape is a body type typically more prominent on the top and smaller on the bottom. Read through my reviews of the best jeans for apple shape to help apple shaped women choose the perfect pair for their …

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Best Bra for Costochondritis [2023 Review]

Woman wearing a white bra

Costochondritis is a condition where the cartilage around your sternum becomes inflamed. This condition is often caused by overuse of the chest muscles through severe coughing, which strains your chest area, an injury to your chest, physical strain from repeated …

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Best Bra for Sloping Shoulders [2023 Review]

A woman wearing a green lined underwired bra with a lace design is leaning on a white wall

Some ladies have sloped or narrower shoulders due to medical conditions, poor posture, or excess weight, making it difficult to keep a bra in place. This is why I’m helping you pick the best bra for sloping shoulders, to help …

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Best Postpartum Jeans for Mommy Pooch [2023 Review]

A maternity jeans hang on a hanger with silver clips placed on a brown background

Wearing a pair of jeans after giving birth might sound like an uncomfortable thought. However, with the wide variety of styles out there, it’s possible to find a comfortable pair of jeans that will fit your postpartum body beautifully.  Reviews …

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Best Shapewear for Bodycon Dresses [2023 Review]

A black shapewear with a zipper in front and adjustable straps placed on a white mannequin

Wearing the wrong undergarments can turn your wardrobe into a fashion disaster. To spark your confidence, I’m narrowing down the best shapewear for bodycon dresses for all body types, including the factors to consider to make sure you get the …

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Best Underwear for Pear Shape Bodies [2023 Review]

Adjusting and holding a black underwear

There are a variety of underwear styles available for different body types, including pear shaped bodies. A person with a pear shaped body will have a bigger butt, with larger hips and thighs than their waist. I’m discussing the best …

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Best Bra for Wide Set Breasts [2023 Review]

An image of a bra for wide set breasts

Wide set breasts require a specific kind of bra. Regular bras don’t offer the features that can fix the breasts’ side spillage or gap between breasts caused by a wide set chest that the best bras can fix. They can’t …

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Best Bras for Sensitive Skin [2023 Review]

Woman wearing a white wireless bra standing near a staircase of the house

When you have textile dermatitis, choosing the best bra for sensitive skin can sometimes become a frustrating experience. Your choices for style and fabric may be limited. That doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort, though. Below are the best bras you can …

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Best Bra for Side Fat [2023 Review]

Woman wearing a nude colored bra that hides her side fats

Some women have a little more fat in their armpit region. This extra fat is commonly known as underarm or side fat. It is important to find the best bra that can accommodate and help contain this extra fat so …

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