VS Sports Bra Review by Victoria’s Secret

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Do you find yourself in need of a new yet fashionable sports bra? While Victoria’s Secret is more known for its lingerie, it also offers sports and workout bras. This VS sports bra review will help you whether Victoria’s Secret bras are a good fit for you or not.

VS Sports Bra Review

Victoria's Secret Sport Bra Knockout with Cross...

Victoria's Secret sports bras combine functionality with aesthetic designs to encapsulate the breast without limiting your movements. Lightweight fabric, adjustable straps, and a structured band work together to shape and hold the bust. Whether you have small or large breasts, you can move freely without feeling extra bounce in the chest.

Since its inception in 1977, Victoria’s Secret continues to be among the world’s largest lingerie, clothing, and beauty retailers. Shopping for a new sports bra can be exhausting, yet it can also be exciting when you see these glamorous bras made for working up a sweat.

VS Sports Bra Pros and Cons

While Victoria’s Secret offers several bra choices, keep in mind that bodies and breasts are unique in their own way. So, some features may be helpful for you while others may not meet your expectations. Consider these advantages and disadvantages of using a VS sports bra.


  • The stretchable material ensures durability without restraining movement.
  • Moisture-wicking fabric to keep the breasts cool and dry.
  • The adjustable band and strap design provide bust support.
  • Structured cups and center gore encapsulates the breasts to minimize bounce.


  • Pull-on design can be hard to wear, especially when you have a sweaty body.
  • Cup sizes are limited to A to DDD.
Victoria's Secret Sport Bra Knockout with Cross...
  • Victoria Sport
  • Body-Wick Keeps You Cool & Dry
  • Double layer front closure for extra support

VS Sports Bra Features and Benefits

When choosing a sports bra, you know that some elements may flatter the body or not. To help you make a well-informed decision, read on these features and benefits to ensure VS sports bras would work for you.

Graphic image of a blue bra that explains that the best sports bras should have a snug fit and wide side straps


The comfort comes from several factors, including the material and features. Overall, a VS sports bra remains snug and secure yet comfortable.

  • Most VS bras use a combination of polyester and spandex fabrics to ensure breathability. These materials also recover quickly without straining the bust as you do strenuous movements.
  • Some designs use bonded edges to minimize digging in the shoulders and sides.
  • The cups and underwires pull up the breasts against gravity to prevent them from bouncing around or sagging.


If you have large, saggy breasts, you need a VS sports bra with an underwire. The wire will help contour the natural shape of your breasts, lifting and bringing them closer to the front. In effect, only the bra catches the weight of the breast, and there are no side spills as you move.

Besides, some VS bras incorporate a double-layer front closure for extra support. You won’t risk the bra opening in front even as you run on a treadmill or jump in Zumba classes.

A green and black Victoria's Secret racerback sports bra placed on a pink background

Fit and Size

Victoria’s Secret doesn’t use compressive fabric to keep the breasts pushed down. Despite that, the cup design ensures the bras fit the chest to minimize bust movement.

  • Some bras use unlined cups or push-up padding. They are designed to soften bounce to keep the breasts separated, perfect if you tend to form a uni-boob.
  • There are VS sports bras with removable foam cups, letting you enhance the cleavage while providing a flattering silhouette. 
  • Band selection ranges from small to large, mainly A to DDD cups. If you have these sizes, the bras will fit on your chest like a glove.
  • VS offers bras with varying band broadness. For example, some women mostly use a sports bra for low-impact activities like yoga. VS sports bras would work for you as the broad band keeps the whole bra in the proper position as you do a hand-to-toe pose or downward-facing dog position.
  • Most VS workout bras use a ribbed texture in the band for a stronger hold. However, this also makes the elastic band significantly thicker.
  • With the help of the center gore, the bras remain a tight fit close to the skin, so the breast tissues don’t slip out.

Strap Design

Some VS sports bras have a pull-on design, so you may find it challenging to wear them at first if you choose a bra with a cross-back design.

If you have a petite body, you may struggle with straps slipping off the shoulders. Sometimes, tightening the straps also means tightening the grip on the neckline.

With the stretchable straps, the racerback designs can keep the straps in place while keeping the shoulders comfortable. What’s more, the strap adjustability ensures a snug fit even when experiencing weight fluctuations.

A black Victoria's Secret racerback sports bra with a Victoria Sport printed in front

Durability and Quality

The bra quality relies on the construction. The bras have solid stitching while keeping the features elastic.

Unlike other bras that only use a two-way stretch fabric, VS utilizes a four-way stretch fabric. This type of fabric stretches crosswise and lengthwise, improving the bra’s elasticity to retain form. This guarantees durability while you have the freedom to do a range of motion.


Like its lingerie line, Victoria’s Secret is generous in designing the prints of the bras. You can even buy matching leggings or bike shorts to complete your workout outfit. You can find bras in plain and tie-dye colors.

Features of Victoria’s Secret Sports Bras

Polyester and spandex fabricsEnsure comfort and shaping from the cups
Wide or underwired bandProvide breast lift and contour
Stretchable strapsAlleviate tension on the shoulders

Who Should Wear VS Sports Bras?

Ladies who feel other sports bras tend to flatten the bust, don’t provide ample support, or feel too tight on the chest, should consider wearing VS sports bras.

These bras balance comfort and functionality without feeling too restrictive. It also has more feminine designs that you can wear as part of your everyday clothes.

Who Should Not Wear VS Sports Bras?

A Victoria’s Secret sports bra may not be ideal if you have a plus-size body or your cup size is E and bigger. VS does classify bras from small to extra large, although the largest is typically DDD.

There are usually some limitations when getting into larger cup sizes. For example, when looking for the best strapless bras for DDD cups, Victorias Secret doesn’t have White in stock, which is a very common color option.

A blue Victoria's Secret racerback sports bra with Victoria Sport printed in front

Related Questions

How Does the VS Sports Bra Size Chart Compare to Others?

Victoria’s Secret sports bras are typically smaller compared to other brands. However, you should still expect slight sizing differences when using sister sizes.

Do VS Sports Bras Fit Differently Than Regular Bras?

Sports bras fit slightly differently than regular bras because they tend to be more compressive. However, Victoria’s Secret designed their sports bra sizing to be consistent with normal bra sizes.

How Do I Find My Sports Bra Size in Victoria’s Secret?

To find your sports bra size in VS, subtract your ribcage measurement from the bust measurement to get the cup size. Check the sizing chart for Victoria’s Secret to see the equivalent sizes.


VS offers a variety of sports bras for low to high-impact movements to balance women’s comfort and functionality. A VS sports bra is supportive enough for you to do a range of activities without feeling your breasts bouncing around. Choose your cup size to guarantee a well-fitting sports bra.


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