What is a Water Bra (And Should I Wear One)?

A woman wearing a blue blouse and blue jeans holds a white water bra near a blue couch in the living room

Nowadays, there are many types of bras created to fill the different needs of women. One of those bras is the water bra, which is designed to give women overall support, a lot of comfort, and a natural boost. So, …

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How Big Will My Boobs Be?

A woman wearing a gray dri fit shirt

Many ladies wonder how big will their boobs be, especially if they are just starting puberty. Breasts develop at different ages and at different rates. It all depends on genetics. Each one of your breasts can have different proportions, too. I …

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Why Do My Boobs Fall Out of My Bra?

Woman in a white push-up bra with underwire and adjustable straps wearing black leggings seated on a brown couch

A well-fitting, comfortable bra is essential regardless of your breast shape. It is extremely important to have a bra that fits you well enough and gives sufficient coverage, and enhances support. Boobs falling out of your bra can be both …

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How to Stretch Out a Sports Bra

A woman in a sports bra with a camouflage design wearing black leggings using a blue dumbbell to exercise inside a room

Sports bras are specifically designed to be well-fitted to provide enhanced support. Thus, your sports bra will feel tighter than your regular, everyday one. However, if the sports bra feels too tight to the point of being uncomfortable, you should …

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How to Measure Your Bra Size

A woman wearing a pink push-up bra with strings and black leggings is seated on the bed

As a woman, I’m no stranger to how frustrating sizing for clothing can be, more so when it comes to underwear. Figuring out how to buy a bra that fits, especially if my bodies have just gone through some changes, …

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What to Wear Under a Bodycon Dress

Half-sleeve brown bodycon dress with buttons placed on a white mannequin

With the summer months upon me, the bodycon dress is set to make a resounding comeback. As glamorous as it looks, the tight-fitting garment leaves no room for the conventional undergarments as the seams will peek through the material. This …

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What to Wear Under a Tight Fitting Dress

A pair of dark brown adhesive bra tape placed on a blue background

Tight-fitting dresses are incredibly chic and sultry. They hug you in all the right places and flatter your silhouette. However, the wrong undergarments can ruin the look of a figure-hugging dress with the dreaded visible seams and panty lines. So, …

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What Is the Smallest Bra Size?

A woman wearing a bralette

Women come in all shapes and fit into bras that have a wide range of sizes. Every woman is unique in her own way and has individual needs from a well-fitting bra. In this article, I talk about small bust …

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What Is a T Shirt Bra?

Woman in a pink t-shirt bra with a star design and wearing black jogging pants seated on a black table

There are various types of bras, each designed to cater to a specific need or create a particular silhouette. Among the many types of bras is the t-shirt bra. This article tells you exactly what is a t-shirt bra and …

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What Is a Seamless Bra?

A woman holds a brown seamless bra with adjustable straps and ribbon at the center

The perfect bra sculpts your frame and supports your breast tissues. Therefore, the regular bra is a wardrobe staple for almost every woman. That being said, there are certain situations where the common seamed bra will not work. Then, you …

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What Are Shallow Breasts?

Woman wearing a black bra

Breasts are not just big or small. There are many other factors involved that determine your breast shape, which helps in finding your perfect bra. This article elaborates about one specific boob type, namely shallow breasts. So, what are shallow …

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