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How to Measure Bra Size

Woman looking checking her bra in front of a mirror

As women, we’re not strangers to how frustrating sizing for clothing can be, more so when it comes to underwear. Figuring out how to buy a bra that fits, especially if our bodies have just gone through some changes, is only one reason why so many women are wearing the wrong bra size every day. …

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How to Fix Bra Cup Curling

Woman checking if her green bra is curling up

Have you ever had the experience of wearing a bra and noticing, after an hour or two, your cups are curling outwards? This is common among women who wear bras with underwires. Fortunately, there are ways on how to fix a bra cup curling and to prevent this from happening!  How to Fix Bra Cup …

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How to Go Braless With D Cup

Woman removing her bra

It is a common assumption that only women with smaller cups (A-C) can go braless, which is absolutely false! Women in the D cups category can too! Here are a few tips on how to go braless with a D cup.  How to Go Braless With D Cup  Venturing into the world without a bra …

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How to Find a Bra that Pushes Breasts Together

Woman in a purple push up bra

If there’s one thing bras are good for, it’s their ability to make a pair of breasts look good. There’s nothing quite like the enhancement of a good or a comfortable t-shirt bra that fits just right. Different bra styles cater to different purposes and needs. In this article, we tackle finding a bra that …

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4 Methods for How to Make a Bra Strapless

Lingerie strapless bra nude

Does this sound familiar? You have an absolutely amazing party to go to and have finally located the perfect top in your closet (which is also clean and fits) after trying on outfits for an hour. A miracle of its own! The only downside? It’s a halter, meaning this is a no bra straps showing …

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How to Tape your Breasts for a Deep V Dress

Woman with dark hair has her hands on her waist and her breast covered with tape

Knowing how to tape your breasts for a deep V dress is a skill in itself, especially for those who are blessed in the boob department. Many well-known celebrities like Kim Kardashian, JLo, and Beyoncé, among so many others have nailed down how to keep theirs perked up every time they appear in public. For …

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How Big Is 34C?

Woman with a 34C bra size wearing a pink bra

A woman who measures a 34C boob size roughly has 30” ribcage and the breasts protrude more from the torso than on the B cup. Although it is not the largest size, 34C breasts or 34C boobs are not exactly considered to be smaller. However, they appear much larger for women who have a thinner …

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How Big Are D Cups?

Woman with a D cup wearing a blue bra

When talking about bigger breast sizes, a D cup is normally one of the most common sizes. The D cup is just a size up from the coveted C cup and cannot be compared to smaller sizes like A and B cups. How big are D cups is a common question that many women ask. …

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How Big Is an A Cup?

Woman wearing a black bra

If you wear an A cup bra, you might have been self-conscious at one point or another about the small size of your chest. However, there are a lot of perks to having a small chest – you can wear most tops without showing too much cleavage, and your upper body can look more slender. …

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How Much Do DD Cups Weigh?

Woman with a DD cup wearing a nude colored bralette

Breasts can have different sizes, shapes, directions, and definitely, weight. Women with DD cups might be wondering about the weight of their breasts to know if they are normal and healthy, or not. So, how much do DD cups weigh?   How Much Do DD Cups Weigh? DD cups can weigh about 4.2 pounds for both …

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How Big Will My Boobs Be?

Woman wearing a plaid longsleeved shirt over a black bralette

Many ladies are wondering how big will their boobs be, especially if they are just starting to grow. You should know that breasts will develop at different ages and at different rates. Even your two breasts can have different proportions, too. So, let’s talk about how big your breasts can get through this article. How …

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How Much Do Boobs Weigh?

Woman measuring her breast weight

You might be wondering whether your breasts have just the right weight for their size. How much do boobs weigh? In this article, you are about to identify the average weight of breasts depending on their size and how to measure them. How Much Do Boobs Weigh?  Boobs can weigh from 1 to 4 pounds …

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