Bombshell Bra vs Push Up: Do You Need Both?

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Deciding between Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Bra and a traditional push-up isn’t just about shopping—it’s about choosing how you want to feel and look every day. I’ll help you cut through the hype to understand the real differences, ensuring you make a choice that fits your lifestyle and body perfectly.

Bombshell Bra vs Push Up Overview

I own a variety of push up bras, along with Victorias Secret infamous Bombshell bra.

Overview of the Bombshell Bra

The Bombshell bra is the name given to the push-up bra manufactured by the famous lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret. It is the best-selling and the most well-known bra offered by the company with dramatically attractive results. Currently, 84% of the people who have tried this bra recommend it.

The bra is said to make your breasts look two cup sizes bigger with its impressive design features. And, well, it does make your boobs look a LOT bigger. The image above is of my B cup breasts in the bra. You can see the difference.

It has ultra-lifting padding, shaping underwires, and a U-shaped ballet back. It offers a flawless fit for most women. However, its size range is not very inclusive.

Overview of a Push Up Bra

A push-up bra is a generic term used for all the bras that create a lifting effect. It is a wardrobe essential for every woman who wants a slight lift and attractive cleavage under certain tops and dresses. It also makes your breasts look fuller on top for a more voluptuous appearance.

Graphic image of a blue bra that explains how push up bras are made with extra support and padded cups

The push-up effect is achieved by the additional padding that lines the bottom of the cups.

Most of these bras create a natural-looking perky silhouette and make your bust appear a cup size bigger. These bras have a plunging center front, making them ideal for deep necklines.

Comparing Bombshell Bra and Push Up Bra

Its difficult to distinguish between Bombshell and push-up bras since they are technically the same thing. However, while they share a lot of similarities, they also have some differences that can motivate you to choose one in favor of the other.


  • Padding: Both bras have strategically placed paddings that push your breast tissues upwards and inwards to boost your cleavage and add fullness to your breasts.
  • Plunging neckline: Both bras have plunging necklines, which means that you can wear them with more revealing tops and dresses with deep v-necks and scoop necks.
  • Underwires: Both bras have crescent-shaped underwires that start from the center of the chest and go all the way to the top edge of the bra. This shape helps in supporting and shaping the breast tissues.
  • Adjustable straps: Both bras have adjustable straps to ensure a comfortable fit. You can adjust the straps to prevent slipping off your shoulders or prevent them from digging.
  • Full-cups: Both bras have full coverage cups that extend from the base of your bust to the top of your boobs. This provides you with a smooth silhouette allowing you to wear both these bras under t-shirts and fitted dresses.
Victoria Secret Bombshell Bra before and after photos


Even though there are only a few differences between the push-up and bombshell bra, these can be deciding factors when you go bra shopping.

Push Up Effect

The bombshell bra is well-known for the curvy look it imparts to your breasts. According to the brand, the bra can make your bust looks bigger by two whole cup sizes. So far, there are not many bras, if any, that can achieve this without being uncomfortable or constrictive.

A few years ago, there were rumors that Kylie Jenner has gotten breast implants. However, the socialite, television personality, and businesswoman took to Twitter to attribute the sudden increase in her breast size to wearing Victoria’s Secret’s bombshell bra calling it “life-changing.”

On the other hand, a the best push-up bra for small boobs will make you look about a cup size bigger than your current size. While the difference in the breast appearance will not be as prominent as the one delivered by the Bombshell, it will still be noticeable enough to give you some enviable curves.


While Victoria’s Secret bra has promising reviews and results, it comes with a hefty price tag compared to a regular lifting bra. The bra is in a league of its own with a range of quality features. If used and washed with care, the VS bra will last for a long time, so you get your money’s worth.

However, not everyone is willing to spend so much money on a bra. You can find push-up bras that are of good quality in many price ranges and have adequate features.


Despite the recent measures taken by the lingerie brand to feature more plus-size models in their campaigns, the sizes offered for the Bombshell bra is still limited. You can find the bra in cup sizes ranging from size AA to DD(E) and band sizes 30 through 38.

Whereas, you can find push-up bras in a wider variety of sizes.

To be fair, it is understandable that the Bombshell bra does not cater to women with fuller chests since they do not need the extra lift and size increase.

Major Distinguishing Factor

The major distinguishing factor between the two bras is the final look you can achieve after putting them on. The Bombshell gives you a major lift with deep cleavage and fullness on the top. On the other hand, a generic push up bradelivers a more subtle and natural perkiness.

A woman wearing an underwired blue bra and black leggings is seated on the stairs in an apartment

When to Use a Bombshell Bra

Use a Bombshell bra when you are wearing a low-cut or off-the-shoulder dress and want to flaunt your breasts. Lets be honest – it adds a LOT of cleavage!

It helps women with smaller boobs to create a cleavage line that may not be possible with a simple push-up bra.

Some women complain that the padding on this bra is not very comfortable to wear for a long time, so reserve it for special occasions.

Lets say you just picked up a hot bodycon dress, but are feeling extra flat in it. This is the perfect occasion to pull out the Bombshell.

When to Use a Push Up Bra

Use a push-up bra every day for a little oomph and shape. Whether you have a petite and slender frame or you have fuller breasts that need a bit of lift, you can go for this bra.

Nowadays, you can wear a push up bra every day if you buy a comfortable option. Heck, they even make comfortable push up sports bras now!

What Is a Push-Up Bra? (Yes, You Should Try One)

Final Verdict

While the Bombshell one gives your breasts a substantial boost and shape, it is expensive and needs a lot of care while washing and storing.

You can find a push-up in any price range and it will give you the perkiness yet lack the superior quality of the VS bra.

I think you should have both (that’s what I have) – several everyday push up bras and a Bombshell for those rare but fun nights out.


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