How to Tighten Bra Straps in 5 Simple Steps

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Your bra likely fits perfectly for the first few times you put it on, but after a couple of washes things just don’t feel right anymore. You put your bra on and feel like the girls have started to make a downward descent.

The new location of your breasts isn’t because they’ve changed. It’s because your bra straps have changed. Don’t panic. You’re going to learn what you need to know and how to tighten bra straps.

How to Tighten Bra Straps

If you’ve had to wrestle your bra straps to get them where they need to be, you may have decided it’s not worth it. Why go to all that trouble? You’re wearing a bra, and that’s better than not wearing one.

Unfortunately, if your bra straps are too loose, you might as well not be wearing one. I’ll walk you through how to secure your straps from falling down.

Why Tighten Bra Straps?

The main reason to tighten bra straps is for support. You want a bra that’s going to be comfortable, and keep your breasts properly supported.

If you’re wearing a bra with straps that are too loose, even if it’s the best push up bra for sagging breasts you’re not giving the girls the desired support they so desperately need.

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How to Adjust Bra Straps

​Adjusting your bra straps is as easy as sliding the little plastic or metal clip up and down the straps. What you need to keep in mind, however, is that your bra strap clips aren’t going to necessarily be in the same place on both straps.

It’s very possible that you have one boob that’s bigger than the other. If that’s the case, you may find you need to alter the straps separately in order to get the best fit.

Once you’ve tightened your bra straps, make sure you check the fit of each breast. Are they both in the same place on your chest? Does one bra strap feel tighter than the other?

If so, move the clip that needs to be adjusted. Make sure you hold onto the strap to take pressure off of the slide adjuster and avoid any damage to the slide adjuster.

​Steps in Tightening Bra Straps

Step 1Lift strap
Step 2Take off tension
Step 3Slide clip
Step 4Let go of the strap
Step 5Adjust

If your boobs are feeling a little loose, it may not be just the bra straps that need to be adjusted. Many women believe that when they buy a bra, it should fit on the tightest hook.

That’s actually a myth, and a good-fitting bra should fit comfortably on the middle or outer hook. By starting on the outer or middle hook, you’re giving yourself a chance to later tighten it if your bra becomes loose.

If your bra is feeling a little loose, try moving to the next hook. If your bra is already on the innermost hook, then it may be time to find a new bra.

Know the five steps on how to tighten bra straps

First things first, make sure you’re wearing your bra. It might also be helpful to stand in front of a mirror, so you can see the changes that are being made as you adjust the straps. 

  1. Lift the loose strap. Gently raise the top layer of the strap that links to the bra cup while standing in front of the mirror. Lift up on the strap to get a sense of where you want the straps to be tightened.
  2. Take off the tension. Hold onto the strap before sliding the metal or plastic adjustment clasp to relieve strain on your breasts.
  3. Slide the clip. Move the clip to the back of your bra with your other hand.
  4. Let go of the strap. Loosen your grip on the bra strap and test it out. Then repeat for the other side.
  5. Make adjustments: Make any necessary modifications adjusting bra straps by repeating the process until your breasts return to where they should be.

​How to Check for a Good Fit

After you’ve adjusted the bra straps and bra band, you should check to see if you’ve adjusted enough or too much. If you find the back of your bra rising up towards your shoulder blades after you tighten your bra straps, you may have over-tightened.

Try releasing the clips a little until the bra band fits comfortably around the middle of the back and shoulder blades. A good way to know is when you’re fitting your clothes and the bra straps don’t show from being too loose.

Additional Method to Tighten Bra Straps (If You Can’t Do it the First Way)

Sometimes, the adjustment clips on your bra aren’t reachable while you’re wearing your bra without dislocating your shoulder. It requires a little more work, but here’s an additional method on how to adjust your bra if you can’t reach the clips with the first method shared.

  1. ​Lift the loose strap​​. ​This is the same as the previous step.​​​​​​​​​
  2. Pay attention. Take note of where your breasts adjusted during the last lift. You should also pay attention to how long straps you pulled to get your breasts positioned.
  3. Twist and turn. Remove the straps from your shoulders and turn your bra around so you can examine your straps.
  4. Slide the clip. Make an adjustment to the clip with the strap, shifting the clip towards the back of the bra, and increasing the length of the strap. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Try, try again. Tighten your bra straps and ensure that your bra as it did in step 2. Steps 2-4 must be repeated if necessary.
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​How to Keep Bra Straps Up

​Do you have problems with worn elastic or keeping your bra straps on your shoulders? It’s no surprise that strap slips come from the bra straps not being tight enough. Often, tightening the slipping straps or using bra extenders will help with keeping the straps where they’re supposed to be.

However, if you tighten bra straps, and your boobs are still taking a journey to your knees, check the bra band strap. If your bra is too tight around the braband, it can also cause your bra band to rise up your back which then causes your straps to wander.

You’ll know the band is too tight when you start to notice your back fat accumulating around the band. Try loosening your bra down a hook around the band, along with tightening the bra straps, to help keep them in place.


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​Related Questions

Why Are My Bra Straps Too Loose?

You may be not wearing the correct bra size if the bra straps are too loose. It’s also possible that the straps have worn elastic over time due to constant wear and washing.

How Do You Tighten Non-Adjustable Bra Straps?

Non-adjustable bra straps can be best tightened by folding and sewing them to a specific length or using bra extenders. However, this may mean having shortened straps.

Which Bra Styles Have Tight Bra Straps?

Styles with tight bra straps include a spacer style bra, racerback bra, halter, and sports bras. Bras like the racerback bras with multiway straps are also excellent options.

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​Making sure your bra fits correctly is a lot more in-depth than 5 steps to tightening a perfect fitting bra strap. Bra straps loosen up a lot more frequently than you think.

However, it’s good to remember that sometimes there could be other causes for your bra feeling looser than usual. Your breasts need good support and wearing a bra that fits correctly is how it’s done.


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