How to Put on a Bra Clip

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It can be annoying when straps fall down the shoulders, ruining outfits and drawing attention. With bra clips, you can keep straps in place for a better-fitting bra. For this reason, I’m sharing a simple guide on how to put on a bra clip so you can tame your wild straps.

How to Put on a Bra Clip

To put on a bra clip, hook one end to a bra strap, then anchor the end to the other strap. If you have a bra strap holder design, put the holder behind the two straps, then clasp the hook-and-eye closure. For racerback clips, you only need to attach their hooks on both straps.

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Strap clips can make wearing a bra feel more supportive and comfortable. Since there are various types, follow these instructions and tips to ensure your straps stay in the proper position.

Ways to Put on a Bra Clip

Traditional Bra Clip

Step 1Loosen or tweak the straps
Step 2Hook one end of the clip to one strap
Step 3Hook the other strap
Step 4Adjust the fit and strap length

Strap Holder

Step 1Insert the strap holder bra straps
Step 2Fasten with the hook and eye
Step 3Adjust the height and fit

Racerback Clip

Step 1Pull the straps to the middle
Step 2Hook the clip to one strap
Step 3Hook the other strap
Step 4Move the racerback clip to adjust the fit

Using a Traditional Bra Clip

Strap clips are innovative bra accessories that can temporarily transform straps from their original position.

White bra clip attached to bra straps
  1. Loosen or tweak the straps, so there’s enough space to fit the clip comfortably, ensuring the straps won’t dig into your back.
  2. Hook one end of the clip to one strap. Do the same on the other strap.
  3. Most clips enable you to adjust the length to hold the straps better.
  4. It can sometimes be challenging to use a clip by yourself. If you don’t have someone to assist you, you may try putting the bra up around the waist, with the back portion in the front. Attach the clip, then turn the bra around correctly before bringing the straps over the shoulders.
  5. Once you’re done with the clip, simply unhook it from the bra, and the straps will return to their original form.

Using a Bra Strap Holder

Some bra clips don’t have hooks to connect to the straps. Instead, you have to wear it like a regular bra using a hook and eye. A strap holder may also accommodate a thicker material, including straps with embellishments like rhinestones.

  1. Insert the strap holder behind the two bra straps.
  2. Fasten with the hook and eye.
  3. Bring it up as high or low as you want.
  4. If the strap holder has an adjuster, hold and pull back until it shortens the holder to have a tighter fit.

Using a Racerback Clip

If you have a bra for small, sagging breasts, you can opt for a racerback clip. This smaller version won’t have to deal with much breast weight. Think of it as a paper clip trick.

  1. Since the clip is smaller, pull the straps to the middle until you get the desired position.
  2. Hook the clip to one strap, then do the same to the other strap.
  3. Move the racerback clip up or down until it secures the straps correctly. Also, since the clip has a circular design, observe if it rests comfortably against your back.
White butterfly shaped bra clip attached to bra straps

What Are Reasons to Wear Bra Clips?

There’s a right way to put a bra on, especially if you want to maximize its features. However, there are situations where the straps won’t cooperate, and you need to put a bra clip to adjust them.

  • Revive stretched-out bras: The primary purpose of using a bra clip is to adjust or tighten straps, particularly in worn-out bras.
  • Stop bra straps from falling: Save yourself from the embarrassment of having to adjust your bra straps every time they fall off the shoulders. You can easily move the clip to any height, ensuring the straps remain hidden.
  • Lift the bust line: The straps hold the cups, supporting the breasts. Clips reinforce the straps to keep the cups in place and give you a fuller-looking silhouette.
  • Prevent bra bulge: When choosing the best bra, the straps should sit comfortably on top of the shoulders. They shouldn’t dig, fall, or show at the sides. A clip aids the straps in keeping the band from moving to prevent side bulges.

When Should You Use a Bra Clip?

Wearing an ill-fitting bra can cause some discomfort. Despite the thinness of straps, they have a crucial role in supporting the bust and ensuring a proper fit. Bra clips can enhance the functionality of bra straps.

White heart shaped bra clip attached to bra straps
  • Can’t decide on what racerback bra to buy? A clip can transform the straps of your t-shirt or spacer bra into a racerback.
  • Bra strap clips are exceptionally small, allowing you to keep them in your bag for emergencies. If you ever forget to bring a sports bra or a bikini top, you can quickly transform the regular bra you’re wearing to make it more supportive for a yoga class or a quick swim.
  • If you’re using a bra extender to elongate the band, there’s a chance you may also alter the fit of the straps. In such cases, you can use a clip holder to pull the straps closer.
  • Suppose you find a balconette or plunge bra, yet it doesn’t have convertible straps. If you have sloping shoulders, you need a bra with firm-set straps. Clips can stop the straps from sliding down as you convert them into a crisscross, t-back, or racerback bra.
  • If you have a disproportionate breast size or a short torso, the length between your shoulders and breasts might not be enough to cater to the strap’s length. You can use a clip to prevent the straps from falling.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using Bra Clips?

It’s pretty easy to put on a bra clip, as you only have to attach its hooks to the bra straps. However, most racerback clips have circular designs.

Some brands also offer butterfly and flower-shaped designs. Such designs can add dainty details to your outfit, although you must consider if the edges might dig to your skin.

Aside from that, some bra holders or clips tend to have thick materials. The clips may form a slight bulge if you’re wearing tight-fitting clothes.

What Are Things to Consider When Choosing a Bra Clip?

Like when choosing the right bra, there are certain factors you need to look out for to find the best bra clip for your needs. When you consider the material and features, these let you reuse the clips for a long time, allowing you to hide straps in seconds.

White oblong shaped bra clip attached to bra straps
  • Material: Most strap clips and holders use polyurethane to ensure durability and comfort. Meanwhile, racerback clips typically consist of nylon for flexibility.
  • Length and width: Strap clips usually have a width of up to one inch, while some can be adjustable for up to 15 inches long. Plus-size ladies or those with large cup sizes may opt for broader ones for optimum support and hold. Racerback clips are usually 2×2 inches in size.
  • Elasticity and adjustability: This means letting you move the clips up and down until you find the right spot to keep the straps hidden. Only the strap holders and clips enable you to adjust the length. Most nylon racerback clips have a solid shape that you can’t manipulate.
  • Hooks: The hooks will secure the clips to the straps, so it’s essential that they are sturdy. They should anchor to the straps even as you move, bend, or raise your hands.
  • Color: Although you may not show the clips, using a similar color as the bra makes it seem like the clip is originally part of the bra.

Related Questions

Can Bra Clips Secure Bras?

Yes, bra clips can secure bras because they hold straps closer. In effect, the straps ensure the cups are firmly pressed against the chest.

How Can I Hide My Bra Straps Under My Dress?

To hide bra straps under your dress, you can use bra clips to reconfigure the strap’s position. You can also wear strapless or adhesive bras.

Can I Use Bra Clips Every Day?

You can use a bra clip daily, although remember that it’s only a temporary solution. However, if the clip helps improve the bra’s fit, you may continue using it whenever the situation calls.

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Putting on a bra clip only requires you to connect its hooks to the bra straps. While it may take some time adjusting and getting used to, it can improve the bra’s fit and your silhouette. In this way, you can save money and maximize your old bras.


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