How to Find a Bra that Pushes Breasts Together

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If there are one thing bras are good for, it’s their ability to make a pair of breasts look good. There’s nothing quite like the enhancement of a good Maidenform Push Up Bra or a comfortable t-shirt bra that fits just right.

Different bra styles cater to different purposes and needs. In this article, I tackle finding a bra that pushes breasts together to create a kissing cleavage in the center of the breasts.

Looking for a Bra that Pushes Breasts Together

No 2 breasts are made equal and no 2 people will have the same exact shape. Nonetheless, there are different types of breast separation that will indicate the kind of bra you’ll need.

Separated breasts, splayed breasts, wide-set breasts, or a combination of the last 2 are usually the ones that need bras with the specific purpose of pushing them together.

Bra Features That Push the Breasts Together

Structured side panelsPrevent the breasts from spilling out
Seamed cupsShape breast tissue
Supportive underwireCarry and contour extra weight
Plunge cupsCreate natural cleavage
Thick bandPush the breasts closer together
Push-up cupsPush the breasts to the center of the breast
Front closurePush breast tissue to the center
Halter styleForm natural cleavage

Separated means the breasts are not touching at all. Splayed breasts are pointing outwards, and wide-set breasts have a greater distance between each other. For any of the 3, you want to look for the following features in a bra, because they will help to push your assets together!

I have a review on the best bras for a wide-set chest. If this is the case for you, I recommend reading through it.

For bras that push breasts together, they must have inward and seamed cups with thick bands

Check the Side Panel

​A side panel doesn’t exist in every bra. It’s most commonly seen in strapless bras and is made to provide the extra support on the side for the aforementioned types of breasts. The structured panels will prevent the breasts from spilling out into their natural orientation, and instead, move them forward.

Look for Seamed Cups

​Seamed cups are usually made to have thicker edges on the band which sits on the underside of the breasts. It’s very efficient in doing its job of shaping the breasts, keeping them upwards, and supporting the weight that tends to fall downwards or to the side.

Get Supportive Underwiring

This is one of the few cases where an underwire does more good than bad! It’s sometimes necessary for women with bigger, especially separated, splayed, or wide-set breasts to have underwires in their bra to force the breasts into a tolerable position. 

A strong underwire with a flat and snug seam on the side will help out with the extra weight under the arms.

Consider Wearing Plunge Bras

​When it comes to the front of your bra, it’s not always good to have extra coverage at the center. This might just cause the band to ride up and not fit snugly on your skin. That positioning won’t maximize the push-up abilities of your bras.

For this reason, plunge bras are good options because the breasts will be pushed up but not squished together, creating a natural boost like some ​good push up bras that create cleavage.

It will give enough space for your breasts to fill the gap at the center instead of bulky cups that might push them back down.

Find a Thick Band

​The band is where most of the support lies. A thick one will keep your breasts pushed up and closer to each other. This is specific to women with bigger busts as they will need more support under and on the side than anywhere else.

Once again, this feature is commonly seen in strapless bras where they need extra support to ​lift the breasts.

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See if the Cups Push Inwards

The cups are a major part of the bra and where the breasts are supposed to be scooped up. When it comes to pushing your boobs into one another, look for cups with padding, like a push up bra.

The padding should sit below your assets, along with partially on the outer sides of them. When the padding is positioned here, the cups will naturally push your breasts to the center of your chest. ​

Search for a Front Closure

When you wear a standard bra with a closure in the back, you are slightly pushing your breasts flat into your chest. With a front closure bra, you’re taking the breast tissue and pushing it into the center! This helps to more easily give you cleavage.

Find a Halter Style

​Best Bra to Push Breasts Together: Bali Women’s One Smooth U Underwire Bra with Lace Side Support

Whether you have small or large breasts, the Bali Women’s Underwire Bra provides the comfort, security, and support necessary to make your chest look better contoured. No more saggy busts, giving you more shapely breasts under clothes. 

The full-coverage cups push your bust forward with the help of an underwire and thick yet beautifully lace-trimmed band. Since the cups don’t cut in the middle of the breast, you can avoid an unattractive spill-over effect whenever you move.  

Unlike traditional bras, this push-up bra offers a padded lining that holds and molds the breasts. Additionally, the broad side panels result in a more structured form, preventing your breasts from spilling out, and pushing them forward instead. 

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Related Questions

How Do You Get Cleavage With Wide-Set Boobs?

Look for bras with padding on the bottom and outer sides of the bras, much like push-up bras, to form cleavage even if you have wide-set boobs. In this way, the padding will help push the breast tissue toward the center of the breasts.

Can a Bra Create Cleavage for Small Breasts?

Even if you have small breasts, you can still show cleavage by wearing bras with low front scoops that expose more of the chest. In addition, you can use demi cups or padded bras for an extra boost in volume.

How Can I Push My Breasts Up Naturally?

Aside from wearing the right kind of bra, you can do exercises that target the chest muscles. Incorporate pushups, chest presses, and chest flies into your exercise regimen.

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​When looking for a bra that will create a nice cleavage line, search for one that has some of the features I mentioned above. While a bra might not include all of these aspects, you should be able to find some of these items in a bra you like!


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