What is a Plunge Bra (And Why Do You Need One)?

accentuate boobs with plunge bra

It’s date night. There’s a dress you really want to wear, but you’ve been avoiding it because it’s low cut and you’re worried about a possible wardrobe malfunction. Plus, all the strapless bras and tape you own don’t do a whole lot for your décolletage. So what other options are there? Enter the plunge bra. What is a plunge bra, you might ask? It’s the solution to your deep neckline, unflattering lingerie, saggy breast nightmares.

What is a Plunge Bra?

A plunge bra looks kind of like it sounds. It’s a deep cut bra designed to flatter your cleavage under tops that, well, plunge. The bra is designed with angled cups, wide set straps, and a deep center gore, which is just a fancy term for the connection between the two cups. Get ready to pull out your deepest v-necks and put this bra to the test!

You might have push-up or t-shirt bras that work for most of your wardrobe, so initially, a plunge bra may not seem very different from your current collection of bras. But, this bra offers a couple key benefits that set it apart from its fellow bras. First, plunge bras allow you to wear those low cut dresses and tops without showing off your lingerie. Secondly, they provide a nice lift to accentuate your breasts in a natural way.

They Work with Low Cut Necklines

Gone are the days when you need to hope and pray your boob tape or nipple petals will keep your girls hidden enough in those low cut outfits. ​A plunge bra sits securely beneath low necklines, making it perfect for those special occasion dresses or tops to wear for a night out on the town!

While this bra works fantastically with low cut outfits, it’s more than a one-trick pony. Because this bra is designed to sit comfortably on your skin without digging straps and gaping cups, it also works really well under your normal necklines (and dare we say, you might actually find it more comfortable than other bras!).

They Help Accentuate Breasts

Women of most shapes and sizes can benefit from the way this bra highlights their cleavage. For women on the smaller side, this particular bra offers a lift without making breasts appear unnatural. Think about how your boobs look if you push them together—that’s essentially what a plunge bra will do!

For larger breasted women, namely C cups and up, a plunge bra offers shape without spillage. Because the cups of this bra are angled, the outer portion of the breast will stay covered and supported. Plunge bras lift the breasts without pushing them up, allowing your assets to speak for themselves

accentuate boobs with plunge bra

Features of a Plunge Bra

The plunge bra has a few key features that help it highlight cleavage while hiding beneath necklines, making it an ideal undergarment for many occasions.

Deep Center Gore

The thing that makes a plunge bra unique is its deeply cut center gore. The gore of a bra is the middle part where the cups usually connect, and on a plunge bra this connection is much lower on your chest. Instead of the gentle slope of the top of a normal bra, the plunge bra is a steep drop off.

The middle of a plunge bra is typically a V or U shape, with some styles plunging lower than others. Your boobs go in between the lines of the V or the U, just like you’d want them to in a lower cut top. The various gore shapes make it fairly easy to find a plunge bra that works with your personal style so it will look flattering under your clothes.

Wide Set Straps

Wide set straps are a V-necked wearing girl’s best friend! A plunge bra is supposed to ​be invisible so the straps have to be, too, too. These sit toward the outer edge of your collarbone and are closer to your shoulder than an average bra. Even though they are closer to the edge of your shoulder, they’re designed to sit snugly (without digging into your arms) and not slip off. This means no more having to constantly readjust your straps as they try to slide down your arms!

Angled Cups

You might hear the word “plunge” and assume this type of bra provides less coverage than your standard braAnd, if you have a larger cup size, this might seem problematic since the coverage looks less than impressive. We've got good news, though! The way the cups are angled, along with the V or U shape of the plunge, actually help to give you more coverage! 

plunge bra for low cut tops

Further, the angled cut allows your breasts to be fully supported, without having your boobs spill uncomfortably over the top, making it look like your boobs have boobs (no thanks!). The wider coverage on the bottom and band of the bra keep everything in place without cutting you off or giving you unwanted bulges. Think of it as a gentle lift instead of a huge, padded push.

Minimal Padding

A plunge bra differs from a push-up bra because the plunge bra typically has less padding. It features your natural assets with a clever support structure (the wide straps, angled cups, and deep gore) that gives you a little lift, making it a great bra choice for those who don’t love the huge bump of a push-up bra.

If you are smaller and are looking for a little boost, look for a plunge bra that includes push-up padding for some additional contour and shape. A padded plunge bra is basically a push-up bra on steroids–lots of padding plus minimal coverage at the front of your neckline!

Benefits of a Plunge Bra

At this point you might be thinking to yourself, “This sounds fine, but I already own a drawer full of bras. What is a plunge bra for,­ and why do I need to add another bra to my collection?” We’re glad you asked! There are actually quite a few benefits to owning (and wearing) a plunge bra. And, you might come to find that this bra may even work better for you than your go-to ​strapless or your ​​best push-up bra for lifting!

Natural Lift

According to Kelly Dunmore, a chief lingerie stylist, a plunge bra is basically like “putting your hands on the side of your boobs and pushing them in together.” We’ve all done this and wished for the gorgeous cleavage in real life. Walking around in public and holding your chest would probably get you some attention, but it may not be the type you’re looking for. The plunge bra is the next best thing.

Plunge bras are designed to push the breasts together—no hands needed! They provide a gentle squeeze and lift to give the appearance of younger, perkier breasts. Think of it as a boob lift with no surgery required! When someone compliments you while you’re wearing your plunge bra, you can confidently reply that it’s all you.

Sexy Outfits without the Hassle

Some outfits can be tough to wear and nearly impossible to move around in. Putting tape, nipple petals, strapless bras, and backless bras may keep the girls covered, but at what cost? It’s hard to feel comfortable dancing at a wedding or attending a graduation if you’re worried you might expose yourself (plus, you know the minute you start sweating, that tape is slipping right off!).

A plunge bra is an easy alternative to achieving great cleavage without having to stuff, tape, or reposition your breasts. Most styles still have the straps and clasps women are familiar with, and these bras are actually supportive. Worrying about clothes is a terrible way to spend an evening—wear a plunge bra and let your clothes work for you instead.

Comfortable for All-day Wear

Let’s face it, most bras kind of suck. There’s a good reason women are ditching push-up bras ​for unpadded ones and why you can't wait to rip off your pesky strapless bra the second you step foot at home—they're not very comfortable! A plunge bra feels more like your favorite t-shirt bra. It can actually be comfortable enough to wear all day, and it offers a sexy, "perfect for a night on the town" visual appeal. A lot of styles also feature lace, mesh, and other feminine details making it look just as good as it feels.

Another perk of a plunge bra (in addition to the perkiness of your breasts) is shorter under wires. This means less poking, less adjusting, and less discomfort than a standard bra. Plunge bras offer the support of underwire without the awful wiring feeling—rejoice!

When Should You Wear a Plunge Bra?

There are 3 main reasons to wear a plunge bra:

  • When you want to wear something low cut without showing off your lingerie
  • When you’d like a helping hand to give your girls a lift
  • When you want to avoid pesky cup lines or showing straps

When Wearing Low Tops

What is a plunge bra good to wear under? It's perfect for dresses, t-shirts, blouses, or jumpsuits. Throw one on under a V-neck, a scoop-neck, or any type of lower cut top. If you want to wear the top but don’t want everyone to see your underwear, a plunge bra is the way to go.

plunge bra with v-neck dress

Want a helpful tip for finding the right plunge bra? Bring a top or two to the store and try them on over the bra(s) you like! This way, you’ll be certain the bra plunges enough and will remain completely hidden.

When Needing a Boost

A plunge bra isn’t just for evening wear or plunging necklines. The support of a plunge bra provides a nice lift under any outfit. Choose this style under any clothing to create the appearance of young, full breasts.

Try a plunge bra under a button-up shirt or a t-shirt that may not fit as well with heavily padded bra. In fact, this style can generally serve as a super comfy alternative to push-up or heavily wired bras. ​A good push-up bra to increase your chest size has always been a trusted method-- having a push up plunge bra is even better.

When Avoiding Bra Lines

You know that t-shirt in your closet that you love but also clearly shows the entire outline of your bra? A plunge style bra may help remedy that problem—even if the shirt isn’t low cut. Remember those angled cups? They sit like a second skin so there will be no cup gaping… and no cups seen through sheer fabric.

The wide set straps of a plunge bra also work for a lot more than deep necklines. Boat necked tops, tank tops, and even shirts with shoulder cut-outs can utilize the invisibility and versatility of the plunge bra.

Who Should Own a Plunge Bra?

Having a plunge bra in your lingerie arsenal can benefit almost anyone. Smaller breasted women may love this style for a lift that accentuates the boobs and gently presses them together without a giant push from a standard push-up bra. Larger chested women may opt for the plunge bra to get good coverage and support without painful wires. These bras are comfortable, supportive, flattering, and so versatile. They can be worn under just about every top in your closet from the deepest of v-necks to the thinnest of t-shirts.


Ultimately, a plunge bra is a really great article of clothing to have on hand. Throw one on and trust the secretive support of this invisible bra as you go to your next event with confidence. Oh, and be sure you’re prepared for compliments!

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