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17 Simple Bra Storage Hacks

When it comes to storing your bras, it’s not always as simple as just tossing them into your top dresser drawer and calling it a day. You’ve probably read somewhere or been told not to fold your bras in the middle because it can mess with the wiring and overall bra shape. But, following the general do’s and don’ts takes up lots of space. That’s why we’ve put together 17 bra storage hacks for easy storage solutions!

​Bra Storage Hacks

​The mystery of how to store a bra properly can be resolved by first dividing what you own in two categories: soft cup and molded cup bras. You can fold the first kind but the latter requires a little more special treatment.

For you to tell the difference, check if your bra keeps its shape after you take it off. If it does, it is a molded cup bra. This type is seamless and has padding to support in molding and contouring your breasts. On the other hand, you can tell if a bra has a soft cup if it is made of a thinner and flimsier material. It may either be lined or unlined.

Rack full of bras

Factors and bra differences like the ones mentioned are things to consider when storing and/or packing your bras. This may be challenging or a bit of a hassle to some. Worry not though because there are actually several space-saving tricks and they’re not too shabby for something that you can DIY (at least most of them).

1. Line Up in a Drawer

In a way, molded cup bras are easier to store because they have the same similar shape and structure. All you have to do is line them up together with the cups leaning into one another. This might take up some major space, but unless you’re a bra hoarder and you have multiple bras,  you can likely fit them all into one drawer.

An advantage to using this method is that is really preserves the shape of your bras, because they are not getting folded at all.

2. Buy Customizable Drawer Dividers

Customizable drawer dividers are usually a long plastic strip of panels that can be cut anywhere, depending on the length of your drawer. They can be attached perpendicular to each other so you can customize the size and shape of each division.

If you’re really keen on maximizing the space of your drawer, this one allows you to restrict your bras in a rectangular space and still have plenty for other pieces of lingerie.

Top view of a row of bras in a rack

3. Use Shoe Boxes as Drawer Organizers

If you don’t want to spend money on dividers, start with what you have and put shoe boxes in the drawer to divide up the space. It’s also fitting as most shoe boxes already have the shape and space to keep a few bras.

Tip: If you’re looking for something a little classier than a shoebox, look for stationery storage boxes instead. Some are even built with dividers, so you separate your bras within them. If you’ve got the time, then you can try being creative, too! Some women paint their shoeboxes. They use colors that match the aesthetic of the closet so that bra storage could be more fun and colorful.

4. Hang on Hangers

​This one doesn’t require you to use up drawer space or put another bulky box into your cramped up closet. If your closet is far too cramped already, another option could be your closet door. Or, try a bare wall in your house or at the back of your bedroom door. All can serve as an alternative space to put the hangers.

Just take a hanger, slip one cup through the center of it, and let the middle of the bra where the cups meet hang from the bottom.

You can hang multiple bras on one hanger as well!

Bikini tops lined up with hangers

5. Hang on Shower Rings

​Putting shower rings on a hanger instantly lets you hang multiple bras ​right after you wash them in the shower. It’s the same concept as the previous method, but this saves more space than using just the hanger.

Attach the shower rings to a hanger, and then attach one bra to each ring by clasping the bra. This method also makes it super simple to rearrange the rings into a different order on the hanger!

6. Install Mini Rods in Your Closet

​Mini rods can be found in bathroom and kitchen sections of home and furniture stores.

Attach one on your closet door and instead of small towels or kitchen utensils, hang your favorite underwire bras on them.

Use the same organization as with hangers and drawers: hang from the middle of the bra, then line them up so that the cups are cupping each other.

Front view of a couple of bra in storage

7. Create a Bra Hanger Display

​This one requires a little effort but results in an aesthetically-pleasing display. The best hanger to use is a wooden one with a top hook that rotates. The idea is to hang the hangers on each other vertically, Barrel of Monkeys style.

If necessary, screw in another hook on the wood for the next hanger, then hang the topmost one on your closet wall, door, or rack. ​Hang your good push up bras with underwire​ as you would t-shirts and voila! You have a beautiful DIY bra display.

8. Use a Coat Hanger

​You probably already have this at the back of your door where you put your keys, coats, scarves, and other essentials. Coat hangers have plenty of hooks that are placed next to each other.

Just put one of your padded bra straps on one of them and hang the other on the next few hooks after. Don’t forget to fasten the clasps so nothing is hanging loosely; otherwise, it might stretch the elastic too much, and that might cause your straps to fall down the sides when worn.

Diagonal view of  red lacy bra on a rack

9. Hang from a Jewelry Organizer

​Jewelry organizers are much like your coat hanger, though most are made with intricately-patterned wires and hooks. You don’t even have to completely re-purpose them for your bras. If you already have one with necklaces hanging on it, try just adding your sultry-looking bras or your lacey bralettes to it for a customized look.

10. Hang on Tie and Belt Organizers

​Tie and belt organizers are parallel hooks that are longer than what you might find on a jewelry organizer. Also, since these are typically for men, the designs are much more minimal. Because the hooks are longer though, you can hang your bra from its strap or from the middle of the band when clasped.

11. Keep in Pockets of Shoe Organizers

​Storage organizers are really multifunctional if you disregard labels and think outside the box!

The shoe organizers we suggest are ones that are made of soft fabric and can be hung either on your closet rack or door.

Put bras through the open side and line them up sideways to maximize the length of the pocket space.

Assorted bras on a drawer

12. Dedicate a Clothes Rack for Bras

​If space isn’t an issue, put your bras on hangers one by one and dedicate a whole rack just for them. Hanging your bras the way you would with your shirts would lessen the chances of damaging the shapes or molding of their cups. This is more for decorative purposes, but at least they’re still stored the right way.

13. Hang on a String Using Clothespins

​You’re probably used to seeing this with polaroid pictures à la Tumblr bedroom décors. Fully embrace the hipster ways and recreate the scene with your bras in your bedroom or closet.

This is a rare one in lists of bra storage ideas but it works. Just make sure to clip the clothespins either on both straps or the middle of the band if ​your bra doesn’t have straps.

Woman holding up a bra from a neatly organized bra drawer

14. Attach Shelf Organizers on Your Door

If there are shelves in your kitchen where you store your utensils, you can use a door shelf to store your bras, too. These door shelves are affordable products you can attach in your closet door or at the back of your bedroom door. You can save space when organizing your bras and easily grab one of them when you need it.

15. Get Your Own Bra Lingerie Case

If you decided to pay a little more, actual bra cases have been invented specifically with the shape of a bra to really avoid misshaping of your delicate bras.

The great thing about this is that it has a carrying handle which means you can take it with you when you’re going out of town or traveling. It’s great to invest in one not only to store your bras at home but also take them with you on your travels.

These cases are also made with attractive designs that make storing your bras really fab and decorative!

16. Use Storage Boxes

We’re talking about storage, after all, so the obvious default solution would be to use storage boxes. Most of them come at affordable prices. They will save you both money and time in the long run as you preserve your bras.

One good thing about storage boxes is that you can store them anywhere. They work inside your closet, the corner of your bedroom, or even under your bed. This can then help you save space as well.

17. Fold Your Sports Bras

In addition to the usual bras we have discussed before, if you have sports bras in your closet and they’re all too cluttered, there is a better way for you to store them. Folding them and storing them on top of each other in one drawer is an option. This wouldn’t take too much time and could also save you more time and space.

Why Store Your Bras

The easy way out is to crumple up all your bras in one or two drawers in your closet to leave them cluttered and tangled. After all, they are a part of the underwear section that you don’t necessarily have to showcase to anyone but you.

Assorted bras piled up in a store

But, it is always a great thing to take some time off to organize your bras properly in well-chosen storage places. Here are some of the reasons to convince you why you should try at least one of the bra storage hacks mentioned above:

  • Storing them properly helps you preserve the shelf life of your bras. Investing in high-quality bras that would make you comfortable and support your bust all day would be rather useless if they’re going to be misshapen and unused in just a short time. Storing them properly would avoid the damage of the cups and other parts of the bra.
  • It will help you maximize your space. Organizing your bras in a certain drawer or hanging them by the closet door will provide you with extra space for you to store other important things.
  • It will help you avoid difficulty in finding things you need. When you are in a hurry in the mornings, it would be such a hassle if you can’t find the bra you are looking for. To solve that, it is better to use these bra storage hacks. You will have an organized storage for your bras. Your morning routine will get easier.
  • It will help make your closet look more aesthetically-pleasing and organized. Even though lingerie and bras are not supposed to be the main part of your closet, it still goes a long way to have a storage hack or system in place. You would not have to keep decluttering and cleaning your closet every once in a while.


​Most of these bra storage solutions are easy and doable with things that you already have so you can save both time and money. Sure, you could also buy lingerie cases as recommended, but that could be more for safekeeping bras while traveling than for actual home storage. You can “hack” your way to more space while correctly storing your molded cup bras as recommended in this article.

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