16 Simple Bra Storage Hacks

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Storing bras is not as simple as putting them into your drawer. Folding them in the middle can mess with the wiring and the overall brassiere shapes. If you are in search of a way of storing your brassieres, we’ve put together 16 simple bra storage ideas that will help you maximize space.

​16 Bra Storage Hacks

Although the best method depends on personal preference, there are different  ways of storing bras. Below are some space-saving bra storage ideas to inspire you.

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Bra Storage Ideas

Idea #1Line up brassieres in a compartment
Idea #2Use customizable drawer dividers
Idea #3Separate bras in shoeboxes
Idea #4Hook brassieres on racks
Idea #5Suspend brassieres on small rods
Idea #6Use wooden racks with hooks
Idea #7Use a coat hanger
Idea #8Suspend brassieres on a tie and belt organizer
Idea #9Put brassieres in shoe organizers
Idea #10Assign a whole clothes rack for brassieres
Idea #11Put brassieres in shelf organizers
Idea #12Place in a brassiere case
Idea #13Use a box
Idea #14Put brassieres in clothespin bag
Idea #15Hook on PVC pipes
Idea #16Keep brassieres in sock dispensers
Ideal #17Create room for fabric bins
Ideal #18Keep in clear closet bins
Ideal #19Fold all lingeries together
Ideal #20Arrange based on size
Ideal #21Use fabric organizers
Ideal #22Use built-in compartments 
Ideal #23Use a color-coded system 

1. Line Up in an Underwear Drawer

Ensure every cup leans inside one another. If you have multiple bras,  fit or stack them together in one wardrobe.

However, these compartments aren’t as good as hanging drawers that allow you to sort out your brassieres plus undergarments and arrange them nicely.

2. Buy Customizable Drawer Dividers

These underwear compartments allow you to arrange brassieres and underwear in a rectangular way and still have sufficient area to arrange other lingerie pieces like teddys.

Rack full of bras

3. Use a Shoebox as Drawer Organizers

You can also fit a small shoebox in the drawers if you don’t have enough containers to arrange your undergarment. Similar to hanging, shoeboxes can form compartments to set apart and organize your bras and underwear.

4. Suspend on Racks

If in search of a way to arrange your sports bras perfectly, attach racks at the back of your bedroom. Slip one cup through the center, and let the middle of the sports bra suspend from the bottom.

5. Install Small Rods in Your Wardrobe

Attach one to your bedroom or wardrobe doorway and arrange your favorite underwire bras on them. Suspend from the middle of the brassiere and then line them up.

6. Make a Brassiere Hanger Display

​Use wooden racks with hooks and then suspend the garments vertically. Organize your underwire push up bras​ and underwear properly to have a beautiful DIY brassiere display.

7. Use a Coat Hanger

​Put your padded bras straps on any coat hook and fasten the clasps to prevent your straps from falling down the sides.

Top view of a row of bras in a rack

8. Suspend on Tie and Belt Organizers

​These organizers are long, parallel hooks that allow you to suspend all your bras from their straps or from the middle of the band when clasped.

9. Organize in Pockets of Shoe Organizers

Shoe organizers are made of soft fabric and can be hung on your closet door. To maximize the length of the pocket, line your underwear sideways. 

10. Dedicate a Clothes Rack for Brassieres

If you have a larger room and a big wardrobe, another great organization hack is to search for holders and then dedicate a whole rack for your brassieres.

If you travel often, you can use a brassiere lingerie case to keep your undies better organized while you travel.

Different colored and styles of bras with foam and underwire on a pink background

11. Attach Shelf Organizers to Your Door

You can also attach shelf organizers at the back of your bedroom doorway for organizing and storing your bras. These organizers save more space when organizing undergarments.

12. Get a Brassiere Lingerie Case

Every woman needs brassiere cases because they don’t misshape bras. This organizer also has a carrying handle so you can bring it along when traveling.   

13. Use a Box

Another easy way of storing your brassiere is using the box. Unlike a tie and belt organizer that allows you to secure your brassiere from its strap, you can put your sports bra inside a small box and keep it in your wardrobe, or your bedroom corner.

Plain design and colorful lace bras with big straps on a pink background

14. Use a Clothespin Bag

These small bags are ideal when you’ve a cramped bedroom, limiting you from keeping your brassieres, underwear, and socks. Label the bags by clothing type for easy organization. 

15. Arrange Inside PVC Pipes

PVC pipes can help DIY enthusiasts have an organized brassiere closet. Cut a few pipes into the same size and use them to keep your undergarments.

16. Use Sock Dispensers

Keep your sock dispenser in your bedroom and then organize on it clean rolled brassieres or pants. It’s a great pick if you want an organizer for a cramped bedroom or if you can’t match socks with the sports bra in the morning.

17. Create Room for Fabric Bins

Fabric bins are containers made from fabric materials, such as cotton, canvas, or polyester. They are rectangular or square in shape and have reinforced sides and bottoms to help them hold their shape. 

Sort your brassieres based on type, style, or color; fold or stack them neatly and then place them in the bins. You can line the bins with soft fabric or use compartment dividers to avoid mixing the different categories.

You can also place frequently used bras towards the top or front of the bins for easy access. Label the bins and keep them in a closet shelf, wardrobe, or dresser drawer.

18. Store in Clear Closet Bins

Clear bins that pull out in a closet are a versatile storage solution that you can use to store garments, helping to keep your closet organized and clutter-free. You can use one of the bins to keep your brassieres flat and nestled together.

19. Fold Underwear and Bras

The aim of this storage hack is to optimize your storage space and keep both items organized. The fold-up method is a straightforward procedure as you only need to lay the undergarment on a flat surface, then take one brassiere strap and fold it over the other strap so they are touching each other.

Fold the bra in half at the center of the brassiere band and ensure the straps and cups are inside the fold. Find a suitable location to store the stacked bras with underwear, such as a shelf, or fabric bin.

Diagonal view of  red lacy bra on a rack

20. Arrange Bras Depending on the Size

Due to hormonal changes in different stages of life that women go through, such as menstrual cycles and breastfeeding, you might need different bra sizes in your corset. If so, you can use bins to arrange your bras by size.

This relieves the hassle of digging through your drawer for a specific bra size. When organizing your bras by size, it is advisable to tuck the cups together to help maintain the shape of the brassiere.

21. Use Fabric Organizers

You can separate each brassiere using fabric organizers, as they are usually designed with compartments, pockets, or dividers to help you sort and keep various items, including bras. Simply fold every brassiere in half and then roll.

22. Use Built-in Closet Drawers

Considering that closets feature different designs, consider a design that features built-in drawers that you can use to store your bras, undies, scarves, and belts. It helps keep your accessories out of sight, yet they can easily be reached.

They are flexible and collapsible in nature, making them easy to fix in various spaces, including closets or shelves. Just fold your brassieres in half and nestle the cups together when organizing them.

23. Come Up With a Color-Coded System

A color-coded system is a method of organizing brassieres by assigning different colors to different bras. Arranging brassieres by colors enhances the ease of finding a specific bra by looking for its corresponding color.

Usually, this method is used in conjunction with other hacks such as the use of bins or hangers. For instance, use blue bins for everyday brassieres, pink bins for sports bras, and purple bins for special occasion bras.

In the same way, you can use blue hangers or attach blue tags to everyday bras, pink for gym bras, and purple for special occasion bras. This visual cue will make it easy to identify the category at a glance.

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What If I Don’t Have Hanging Space Left In My Closets?

If you’re running short of storage space, you can use storage boxes with lids as additional storage outside your cupboard and keep your house tidy. Use them to keep brassieres, and underwear. You can also stack your brassiere and other undergarments to maximize space.

How Can You Maximize Your Wardrobe Space?

Utilizing the vertical space in your wardrobe to its fullest potential. You could, for instance, use hanging closet organizers. They perform a better job of sorting undergarments so you can maximize the area in your wardrobe.

Is It Better to Hang Brassieres?

It’s better to hang each brassiere to keep the cup design in pristine condition. Make sure not to use the straps as it can damage the material.

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Whether you opt to put your brassieres in a shoe organizer, drawer organizers or labeled bins, most of these bra storage ideas are simple and doable with things you already have. Try them out to enjoy organizing your garment and keep your bedroom tidy.


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