The Most Comfortable Underwire Bra in 2019

So many bras in the market promise to be comfortable when they're really not. Yet, we still wonder why women have deeply-ingrained trust issues. Kidding aside, you've probably learned not to fall for marketing buzz words when it comes to bras. It’s hardly convincing that underwire bras, known to chafe, pinch, poke, and dig into your skin, are comfortable. They can be more like unpleasant!

No one can guarantee one most comfortable underwire bra, or any kind of bra for that matter. It will differ from woman to woman. However, it's good to be aided by guidelines, in case you're taking on the search for underwire bras by yourself.

Our Top Reviews of Comfortable Underwire Bras

The underwire bra has been around for years, and it shows no signs of losing its market. There are different reasons why women continue to buy them.

If you're a fan of the underwire, be sure you're wearing ones that are comfortable. Our top picks from Maidenform, Warner, and Prima Donna take an irritable feature and turn it into a benefit for whatever body or breast type you have.

Our Top Recommendation

If you want our final vote (without all the reading), the ​Warner This is Not a Bra Full Coverage Underwire Bra wins for Overall ​Most Comfortable Underwire Bra.

​Maidenform Women's Embellished Comfort Devotion Bra

First off, Maidenform's Comfort Devotion Bra is almost like a full coverage bra, but with a plunging effect. The low V neckline highlights a cleavage that the push-up underwire reinforces from the bottom up.

This bra's purpose is for women who have a lot of boob to cover and lift, but still want enough of it to be on show. For what it's worth, this bra does the job done mostly for average-sized women and some plus size ones.

If you’re on the smaller end of the spectrum (A cup), you can try seeing if you have a comparable bra size in a B cup by sizing down your band size. However, this bra does reportedly fit true to size. If you are a cup size such as 30-32A, this may not be the best bra for you.

Its band and cup sizes cover mostly traditional sizes. But, they also carry some extended ones for women who fall in-between average and plus size. The bands range from 32-40, and the cup sizes go from B-DD.

  • ​Full coverage plunge design
  • ​32 - 40 band, B - DD cup
  • ​Hook and eye closure
  • ​Cloud foam underwired cups
  • ​Back and side smoothing wings
  • ​Wide shoulder straps for support

While this bra does include underwiring, the underwire is sealed within the cloud foam cups. This acts like a pillow for your breasts with a soft, suede feel.

If not for that, this bra also has a smoothing effect in the back and sides so it's not showing or traced through your clothes. From lifting to aesthetic functions, this bra does both discreetly so.

Why Buy?

​A sexy ​neckline with great coverage.

​Warner Women's This is Not a Bra Full Coverage Underwire Bra

Voted the “Most Comfortable Bra” according to the New York Times. With over 2,100 reviews, Warner's This is Not a Bra Full-Coverage Bra is our pick for the most popular of the 3 bras reviewed.

If we're talking about shape, you can't go wrong with a t-shirt bra. Designed for everyday wear, it's made with comfort as its highest priority. It shows an example of the extraordinary ways brands do underwire bras that maximize comfort.

Like Maidenform's bra, this one features a shapely band that fits snugly onto your breastbone without digging into the skin so much.

It is made with a satin comfort wire system which means the wires are encased in a satin material for extra comfort. This helps to prevent digging and poking for as long as possible.

  • ​Full coverage cup design
  • ​32 - 42 band, A - DDD cups
  • ​Hook and eye closure
  • ​Satin comfort wire system
  • ​Smooth, almost seamless fabric
  • ​Adjustable shoulder straps

This bra also has a wider range of size selections that reach some plus sizes. This means there are suitable options for more women of different sizes. The bands range from 32-42, while the cups range from A-DDD.

As a t-shirt bra, the cups are light but they're made with a stretchy material. It covers the entire breast to prevent your boobs from spilling over the cups.

Why Buy?

A comfy underwire bra made for everyday use​.

​Prima Donna Women's Madison Full Cup Bra

Prima Donna's Madison Bra is more like a combination of the previous bras. It marries the emphasized cleavage feature of the first and the full coverage style of the second in one attractive gingham print, lacy, and bow-tied bra.

It offers even more sizes that span a wider range of both band sizes and cup sizes. The bands range from 32-46, while the cups range from B-I. Similar to the Maidenform bra, the smallest size they offer is 32B. If you’re an A cup, you may want to see if you have a comparable size with a B cup.

Since it creates bras for plus size and full figured women, you can be rest assured that it takes advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure the durability of this bra, even the ones meant for smaller-breasted women.

The underwires, for one, are encased in a cushion made with the primary material of the bra. Simultaneously, the cups are separated in 3 parts. This supports and lifts the breasts from all sides and angles, while being unlined to create a rounded shape.

  • ​Three - part, full coverage design
  • ​32 - 46 band, B - I cup
  • ​Hook and eye closure
  • ​Unlined
  • ​Floral lace decor along bust line
  • ​Wide, adjustable ​stretch straps

The top of the cups are stretchable to accommodate your size. This is especially helpful for those whose size doesn't necessarily match in the band and the cup. The curved shape of the band also makes it sit firmly around your sternum.

Compared to the other two, this would be your safest bet for durable underwires, light foam, and adequate band fit.

Why Buy?

​A supportive comfort bra ​with timeless design.

​Our Pick for the Most Comfortable Bra

In the end, we prefer Warner's This is Not a Bra Full-Coverage Underwire Bra. With its classic design and extreme comfort in the band and cups, it’s a great bra to add to your collection.



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​Maidenform Embellished Comfort Devotion Bra

​Warner This is Not a Full Coverage Underwire Bra

​Prima Donna Madison Full Cup Bra

Features to Consider for Comfortable Bras

If you've ever bought into bras brands saying they are “comfortable” but ended up disappointed, the word gains a doubtful and questionable meaning when used in this sense.

You might have grown skeptical. It's probably best not to believe claims of comfort as easily. Instead, get to know what a comfortable bra really entails for you.

In general, when looking for a good bra with underwire, it should contour to the natural shape of your chest. Additionally, the bra should lift your bust upwards and create a nice, rounded shape.

Woman posing against a white wall in the house wearing a black lace bra and some gray leggings

​Durable Underwires

​One of the most common concerns about underwires is that they chafe your skin in its early life. They then start to poke after a few times of wear and wash.

The thing is, you don't know this in your initial fitting. It might fit right in the fitting room, but gradually loses its comfortable quality until it borders on pain.

Brands now use different strategies to make comfortable underwires. Either they're hidden under the cups, lined with a cushion inside, or positioned outside the cups. It's just a matter of personal preference and aesthetic, but ​bras with comfortable underwires are usually found in top rated push up bras.

​Light Padding or Soft Foam

​Though not applicable to all, most underwire bras do more things other than support. They lift the breasts, position the weight of them towards the front, and reinforce a rounded shape or whatever shape your breasts naturally are. This is usually a job for the cups.

If you have big breasts, you might only need light padding that will hide the outlines of your nipples and do the latter. Otherwise, if you're a small-breasted woman, you can choose either light padding or a soft but thick foam for extra volume.

​Right Band Fit

​Majority of the female population, in this country at least, don't wear the right size bra. With underwire bras, it's more crucial to get this right because the firm structure and hard wire have more tendency to make you uncomfortable. As mentioned, they usually chafe, poke, and dig into the skin.

To know you have the right fit of the band, it must be able to stay parallel to the ground, all while preventing bulges at the back and at your sides under the arms. This means it's tight enough around the sternum without putting too much pressure on it.

Who Comfortable Bras are Meant For

​One of the probable reasons for the underwire bra’s popularity is its versatility for women of all sizes. Whatever body you have, the lifting properties of an underwire bra is hard to miss.

For women with small breasts, it's obvious. Those who might be flat in the chest, instantly have a prominent pair – cleavage included.

On the opposite, large-breasted women have a reliable support to hold their heavy breasts, which would otherwise be uncomfortable bordering on painful.

Woman in a blue bra and black pants sits on a couch while giggling


​You can stop looking for the best underwire bras now because these 3 offer a different variety of features for whatever size or aesthetic preference you have. Comfortable still means different things to everyone. And, with every purchase you make, it's safer to proceed with that in mind.

Nevertheless, don't fall for what they say is comfortable. At the end of the day, you're the one who's going to wear the bra anyway. Give the word comfortable your own definition.

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