Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit T-Shirt Bra Review

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Finding a reliable everyday bra that you can wear for work and pleasure is a dream come true for many women. T-shirt bras are the usual go-to bras for occasions like these. This in-depth review of Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit T-Shirt Bra will help uncover the FAQs on whether this is a good fit for that or not.

Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit T-Shirt Bra Review

Most Calvin Klein bras receive good ratings at present for many reasons. Aside from the simple, modern design, many women prefer these bras for fit and comfort. One of these is the Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit T-Shirt Bra.

If you are wondering how well this T-shirt bra performs, then you have come to the right page. Here are some unbiased thoughts on this bra which I hope you’ll find useful once you make your choice.


  • Lightly lined cups ensure comfort without nipping
  • Smooth, silky fabric creates an invisible appearance under clothes
  • Wide, stretchable wings help conceal bulges
  • Underwires fit perfectly without stabbing or digging


  • Shoulder strap slides lack good hold
  • Glued seams instead of sewn

What To Expect

With all honesty, I believe that this Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit T-Shirt Bra is a good buy. In terms of comfort and support, this bra has its wires, cups, and straps carefully crafted to give you just what you need. There is more to the simple design that qualifies it as a good everyday bra.

Graphic image of a blue bra that describes that a t-shirt bra should have molded cups, seamless and have convertible straps

Whether you are big-chested or small-chested, this bra will provide snug support through its full coverage cups and wide, elastic bands. It looks great under clothes and it won’t cause discomfort in any way nor limit movements.

Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit T-Shirt Bra Features

Lightly lined cupsBreast comfort and nipple protection
Memory foam cupsPersonalized breast lift
Silky fabricSmooth feel on the skin
Stretchable side wingsPrevent side bulges and spillover
UnderwireLift and contour breast tissue

Fabric and Design

Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit T-Shirt Bra uses 28% elastane and 72% nylon, which are elastic and breathable. These characteristics undeniably make for a comfortable bra. Of course, by comfort, does not only mean it’s free from stabbing and digging yet should leave you feeling cool and dry as well. 

You will never go wrong with Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit T-Shirt Bra if you want to keep it simple yet updated.

Although this bra features a minimalist look, its silky fabric transformed the down-to-earth feel into elegance. The fine shoulder straps, gentle plunge cut, and outside underwires make for a simple yet sexy look.

Don’t forget the Calvin Klein print on one of the sidebands that add glamour in its own humble way.

Fit and Comfort

Let’s get straight to the point. To keep it short, this bra is worth recommending when it is about fit and comfort. Remember also that I have different body types, and what may work on many women may not work on you. However, with the right size, you should have no problems with the hold and lift.


With the cups in a well-crafted, full-coverage design, this is your ideal bra if you want coverage with no overspilling and gapping. You can’t ignore such attributes when this allows you to wear the bra under fitted clothing without the unpleasant silhouettes. 

Speaking of silhouettes, while this Calvin Klein T-shirt bra may be lightly padded, you shouldn’t underestimate it, unlike the Playtex 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Bra which has no padding. You can wear this bra and set aside worries on the headlights showing – not even in cold weather.

Choosing outfits to wear for a particular day should never be too limited. This bra’s low plunge cut also gives you the freedom to enjoy the day on a V-neck or any outfit with a fairly low neckline, just like the Elomi Matilda Plunge Bra.


Some underwired bras, like the Freya Fancies Underwire Longline Bra, will give you pain more than the support that I expected them to provide. Fortunately, with Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit T-Shirt Bra, the wires are outside, covered in padding, without compromising its performance.

When you want to have supportive wires that produce natural-looking perkiness, then this is that everyday T-shirt bra you’re looking for. The wires do the job well in giving the support, lift, and definition,  and the connector gets the shoutout for ensuring the right amount of gap between the wires.

Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit modern t-shirt bra

When you long to have each side of your breasts in their proper places and do not seem to look in union with one another, then this bra will give you just that.

Shoulder and Back Straps

While there is some hate in breaking this, the back straps may be stretchable. However, this elasticity may fade sooner than expected. If you value comfort and fit more than the longevity and durability of the fabric, then you would not mind at all, especially with the back straps being adjustable with hook and eye.

On the good side, the back straps are wide all the way from the sides of the cups which is helpful if you want to conceal some bulges.

Moving on, let’s take some time to mention how the shoulder straps perform. They are thin and you just cannot deny how they add sexiness and class to the overall design of the bra.

The first half of the shoulder straps do not stretch, though. The slides for adjustment are accessed from the back and they are set on the elastic end of the straps. 

Now, the issue is that the slides are finding a hard time keeping your adjustments in place. This is the biggest downside of the bra. You would have to tighten the straps over and over because they tend to slip with every demanding movement.

Overall, though, I still do not see why this will not be your next everyday T-shirt bra

Who is This Bra Meant for?

Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit T-Shirt Bra is not really a choosy bra. It would be flattering on anyone in any cup size. It is just that there could be some slight differences in definition between big chested and small chested women.

Obviously, bigger breasts have higher tendency of creating more defined cleavages. You shouldn’t expect any overspilling with the right size. Also, you should no longer feel surprised when you have to adjust the shoulder straps more frequently if you have bigger breasts.

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What Do T-Shirt Bras Do?

T-shirt bras provide a smooth line underneath clothing. They are typically seamless, so they virtually disappear under tight-fitting clothes.

Is a T-Shirt Bra Good for Daily Use?

A t-shirt bra is suitable for daily use because of its seamless and smooth structure. The styles of the cups, band, and straps are also pretty versatile for most outfits and breast shapes.

Are Calvin Klein Bras Worth the Purchase?

Yes, Calvin Klein bras are worth the purchase because they are meticulously tailored using quality fabric. The bras are also true to size, so you can use them for a long time.

What Is a T-Shirt Bra? (And What Features to Look For)


The Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit T-Shirt Bra will be flattering on anyone with the right size. It may be simple on the outside, yet this bra qualifies as an above ordinary choice when it comes to support, lift, and comfort. you’ll be making smooth silhouettes, too, with this choice.


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