Playtex 18 Hour Bra Review

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It is normal for ladies to question whether a bra can provide good lift and support when it is wireless. This review of the 18 Hour Ultimate Lift Support Bra from Playtex will answer the same question and even reveal more about how great (or not}) this bra is. 

Playtex 18 Hour Bra Review

It is impressive how Playtex 18 Hour Bra is so comfortable even when worn for long periods. Do not expect the lift like when wearing push-up bras, yet for its design, it’s the perfect bra for creating perky girls.


  • Wide, padded straps allow for comfort for long hours
  • Partially separated cups do not create the ‘uni-boob’ effect
  • Soft and comfortable undercup lining with no discomfort
  • Full cup and wide strap design provide plenty of coverage and support


  • Not padded; thin lining might make your boobs noticeable under clothes during cold weather
  • Wrinkly fabric on the upper area of the cups
  • Might need an extender with the band a bit short
  • Strap adjustment lacks tightness

Main Features

Between a full-figured woman and a petite woman, the Playtex 18-Hour Ultimate Support Bra will fit the former better. This bra may not be for you if your boobs have lost elasticity and droop.

Graphic image of a blue bra that explains that full coverage bras have cups that cover the whole breasts and have seamless design

Playtex Ultimate Lift and Support Bra Features

Full-coverage cupsCover the chest completely to avoid spillage
Wide padded strapsPrevent strap marks
Wireless bandPrevents digging and poking into the skin
Spandex fabricImprove elasticity and recoverability
Lift panelsContour the cleavage

Design, Style, and Fabric

This full-cup bra features the TruSUPPORT design by the brand, which claims to provide back support while also improving posture. Unlike other bras, it uses a floral jacquard fabric on the outside and 100% cotton for the cup lining.

  • With its full cup design and wide sideband, this bra is somewhat comparable to maternity and nursing bras, like the Anita Maternity Microfiber Underwire Nursing Bra
  • The Playtex Ultimate Lift Bra is a conservative version. It has full cups with a high middle section. This is not something you would wear under outfits with a low neckline.
Woman wearing a pink full-coverage bra and blue denim jeans standing near a white wall

Fit and Comfort

Choose your normal size for this bra. Although it is comfortable to wear even for long periods, you may have problems with the fit. On the other hand, it is quite surprising how a no-underwire bra like this gives good support and lift.


Compared to other bras, the cups are undoubtedly soft to the touch. These features make it the perfect bra that is comfortable to wear, even for a long time, with no discomfort or itching.

  • You should also know that the cups are lined. Without enough padding, you have to be more careful wearing the bra in cold weather. 
  • You will also notice the parallel stitching along the outer side of the cups. With the TruSUPPORT technology, these detailed linings provide lift and somehow contour the breast into a flattering shape.
  • While the full cup design and wide strapping together provide efficient lift, the cup fabrics may not look as flawless on the outside, with some wrinkling formation on the top part.

It is okay to assume that there is more room in the bra cups that need filling. If you’re a woman with fuller breasts, you are less likely to experience this as the fabric gets stretched out a bit more.

Adjustable Straps

The front part of the wide straps is padded, giving you comfort to last the entire day. The back part of the bra, though, is the typical comfort straps you would see in other bras like the b.tempt’d’d Push-up Bra.

  • There is a difference in the strap width between the front and the back, which is wider in the front. 
  • The wide, adjustable width avoids strap slippage.
  • However, while these help lift and carry the weight of the girls, unfortunately, they tend to get loose. You would need to adjust and tighten them time after time. More often if you are in the bigger cup class.
Brown full coverage bra with wide straps and wireless band on a blue blanket


In contrast to other posture bras, the soft bra doesn’t have uncomfortable wires. However, wearing this bra makes for fuller-looking boobs or cleavage, and it does give just the right amount of lift and contour.


On the downside, the bra band runs a bit short. The last thing that you want to do is make adjustments to the cup size so you can get a longer band. Just like ordinary bras, you use a hook and eye to lock this comfortable bra for excellent support.

You might need to work with an uncomfortable extender if you have a wide band size. On the positive side, the sidebands are wide. They help conceal the bulges, especially along the armpit. 

Support and Lift

Based on my review, do not expect a lot of lifting. It is not wired, and it does not have thick, contouring pads that will produce those head-turning cleavages, unlike the Victoria’s Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Push-Up Bra.

However, for a simply lined bra with no underwire, it does a good job of creating a perky breast look.  The full-cup bra also deserves recognition for not creating the uni-boob effect, which no full-figured woman would like under a shirt.

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The Playtex bra will give you 18 hours of lifting and supporting with no discomfort. Be sure to get the bra in your actual size, and this could be the perfect bra for exceptional comfort and posture enhancement.


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