Victoria’s Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Push-Up Bra Review

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There are so many bra options on the market, so finding one that offers both comfort and style can feel overwhelming. Without knowing the features, women risk disappointment from an ill-fitting, uncomfortable fit that fails to live up to expectations.

After wearing this t-shirt bra for a long time, I’m sharing my Victoria’s Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Bra review to help you see if it suits your support and shaping needs.

Victoria’s Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Push-Up Bra Review 

VS is famous for stylish creations for different personalities. One popular choice for women when it comes to perky breasts is the Pink Wear Everywhere Bra.

While this is available in wired and non-wired versions, the design gets the spotlight in this review.

Key Features

  • Structured underwire cups
  • Double bump padded cup
  • Convertible straps
  • Hook-and-eye back closure
  • Polyester and cotton blend
  • Partially made from recycled materials


  • Lots of designs to choose from, including plain and printed designs
  • Convertible straps allow you to wear it conventionally or cross-back
  • The no-show cup design hides the bra well undergarments


  • Heavily padded cups may create overspilling, especially on bigger cup sizes
  • The slim back strap does not conceal bulges

What To Expect

The bra creates a nice, defined cleavage. Ladies with big cup sizes may not appreciate its thick pads, though.

However, it does an excellent job of giving the right boost and support. It is super comfy despite the heavy pads and underwire.

Graphic image of a blue bra that describes how push up bras are usually made with underwires and heavily padded cups

The straps are completely adjustable so that you can get the right fit and support that you need without the hassle. Meanwhile, the fabric designs allow you to choose between printed or plain to complement even the sheerest outfits.

Bra Features

Thick padded demi cupsEnhance breast volume
Polyamide and elastane blendSmooth fabric
Convertible strapsReconfigure the straps to improve the fit
Wired bandBreast shaping

Style, Design, and Fabric

This chic demi bra is comfortable to wear with its nylon and spandex material. You have a lot of choices when it comes to fabric design, including abstracts and florals. Some designs are even accentuated with lace material, which adds sexiness to the style.

Straps are thin, yet you can count on them to give the right support, unlike the PrimaDonna Madison Full Cup Bra. They are completely adjustable and versatile with their convertible design.

You may find the cups heavily padded. Despite that, you will appreciate the neat edges of the cups that leave no trace under your clothes, unlike the Playtex 18-Hour Ultimate Bra.

Fit and Comfort

You can expect this Pink Wear Everywhere Bra to be comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time. While the thickly padded cups may not qualify it as a good everyday bra, it is a great choice if you want an option for those days that need some good lifting.

Underband Support

Whether you have small or large, heavy breasts, wearing this t-shirt bra will make you feel confident and supported. The secure design guarantees the right amount of lifting and shaping, giving shallow breasts a naturally rounded look.


The overstuffed cups may be the only major downside of this design. While everyone has their preferences regarding padding, not even everyone in the smaller cup sizes category will appreciate this feature.

  • If you are big-chested, then you might not like the thick pads of this bra. It would be like adding a couple more sizes.
  • The effect will emphasize your cleavage even more and could also cause a muffin top. Given the situation, this can ruin any tight-fitting outfit.
  • As for the ladies with smaller cups who do not mind wearing thick pads, this option should not be a problem. The no-show cup design would create smooth silhouettes, which means you can wear it under fitted T-shirts or dresses with a low neckline anytime.
Victoria's Secret Pink Wear Everywhere push-up bra

Shoulder and Back Straps

Both shoulder straps are completely adjustable, allowing you to choose their tightness.

  • While the straps are sewn in front, you can always convert them to a cross-back style to suit an outfit. While the wings may be broad, they narrow through the closure.
  • They stretch well and feel light around the ribcage. However, they are snug enough to hold the cups in place.
  • On the other hand, do not expect this bra to hide those bulges on your back, especially if you are full-figured or curvy.
  • Because the straps are adjustable, you will still be able to wear it snugly in the next few years.


With the underwire doing its job well, wearing this bra will make your girls look fuller without any stabbing. This gives you the advantage of being able to use the bra the whole day without feeling bothered by frequent adjustments because of discomfort.

With the underwires spread wide at the bottom of the smooth cups, your breasts get even support and lift. You are familiar with the feeling of relief when you take off a bra at the end of the day. That is not likely to happen with this t-shirt bra.

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Victoria's Secret pink wear everywhere push-up bra


The area where the hook-and-eye sits is padded, preventing you from feeling any discomfort when you lay your back against a surface. You can adjust the bra in three sizes, which gives you the freedom to choose the right fit.

This way, you avoid the itchy marks around your ribcage when you take the bra off.

Lift and Cleavage

Unlike some push-up bras that depend only on the underwires or pads, this t-shirt ra uses a combination of pads and underwires for creating cleavage, just like the Lily of France Extreme Ego Boost Bra. The result is that you get perkier boobs with a cleavage that stands out.

While this creation would be more flattering on smaller breasts, it is a good choice if you want to redefine the shape of your girls to match an open-neckline outfit. If you have saggy breasts due to weight loss or breastfeeding, you will benefit greatly from this bra.


The materials, including the underwire, may be delicate, so remember to hand wash and not tumble dry this bra. It could last for a long time, given the seams and the other components are finely sewn.


With the combination of nylon and Spandex, the bra’s synthetic fiber is exceptionally stretchable. Imagine this is a common fabric combination in garments like swimwear and athletic. It remains breathable because the fabric stretches as you move. 

Despite the stretchiness, this guarantees the bra’s ability to retain shape. Even after years of wearing it, the cups keep proper shaping to ensure the bust remains contoured and lifted.

Size Range

The VS bra is available in cups A to DD. Meanwhile, band sizes range from 32 to 40 inches. Whether you have a petite or an apple-shaped body, you can find the right band size to fit your bust nicely.

Color and Design

The bra comes in pure black, beige, white, red, French rose, gray, coffee brown, lilac, cappuccino, plaid, and jade green. You may also get the bra in plain colors with minimal VS logos. It’s crucial that you consider getting a bra color close to your skin tone so it won’t show underneath light-colored garments.

What I also love about this style is that you can easily pair it with other VS undergarments, including boyshort, cheeky, and thong panties.

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Related Questions

Who Should Wear the VS Pink Wear Everywhere Bra?

Ladies with small to medium-sized breasts should wear the VS Pink Everywhere Bra. Its padded demi cups can improve breast size discreetly.

Do VS Models Wear Pink Everywhere Bras?

VS models often wear bras, including the Pink Everywhere bra. This bra enhances the bust by pulling the breast tissue inward for a more contoured cleavage.

Do Pink and Regular VS Bras Fit the Same?

Pink bras fit just the same as VS bras. The main difference is that Pink bras have flirtier, more revealing cup coverage than regular VS bras.

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The VS Pink Wear Everywhere Push-Up Bra makes it easy to achieve fuller-looking breasts with its overall design. While the thickly padded cups may be the issue, especially for big-chested girls, the rest of its components are designed to give you the right support and comfort.


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