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PrimaDonna Madison Full Cup Bra Review

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Given that comfort is the first thing you look for in a bra. Yet when you want something comfortable and elegant at the same time, then you better be doing your homework real good, especially for an expensive brand. Here is a PrimaDonna Madison Full Cup Bra review to help you know how far this bra would impress.

PrimaDonna Madison Full Cup Bra Review

The brand name alone makes sure it is all about class. PrimaDonna is famous for carefully crafted, elegant bras and lingerie. Each of their creations showcases sophistication and character. However, along with its high fashion standards comes a hefty price tag. 

Prima Donna Women's Madison Full Cup Bra, Caffè...

One example is the PrimaDonna Madison Full Cup Bra. For its price, you definitely should consider every point well before you give it a go. Here are things you should know about this stylish bra and hopefully, this helps you decide if it is worth every penny. 


  • Stretchable lace on the top part of the cups eliminates gapping issues
  • Adjustable shoulder and back straps allow for a comfortable fit
  • Full cup design offers a wider coverage and reduces side bulges and overspills
  • Underwires give natural-looking lift without the uni-boob effect


  • Thin shoulder straps lack sufficient support against bouncing
  • Lace fabric may cause itching discomfort 
  • Very expensive
Prima Donna Women's Madison Full Cup Bra, Caffè...
  • 80% polyamide, 20% elastane
  • Country of Origin: Imported
  • Care: Hand wash only. Do NOT bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean.

What To Expect

PrimaDonna Madison Full Cup Bra gives full coverage and leaves enough depth at the center. This way, your clothing choices are not just limited to several styles considering the neckline. When speaking of comfort, this bra will not fail you, too. There are little to no issues on stabbing when it comes to the wires.

This classy Primadonna bra will compliment most of those ladies with full cups. However, its stretchable lace design allows it to fit securely even when you are small chested. You should also know that there is a slight difference with the back closure between smaller and bigger sizes.

Woman wearing a Primadonna madison full cup bra


This bra consists of polyamide and elastane, yet most of its components consist of the former. Elastane is lightweight while polyamide is breathable and waterproof. Together, they make great materials for a comfortable bra.

While the rest of the parts of the bra consist of these materials, the top part of the cups are lace. It is not your ordinary lace which only adds to aesthetic appeal, though, more like an accessory for improving containment and support.

Design, Fit, and Comfort

With all honesty, for its price, this bra is nothing better than many bras when it comes to comfort. Yes, this is a comfortable bra overall. It fits well when you wear the correct size. 

You would hardly get any stabbing or pinching discomfort despite it having underwires, and we guess it is fair to say that this can be your everyday bra.


This Primadonna brassiere has full coverage cups. If you want to hide bigger portions of your breasts and still look sexy, then this bra does the job well. In fact, you will also love how the full coverage design hides the bulges and overspills near the armpits. 

The cups have very light padding, yet this has nothing to do with the way they hold and contour the breasts. Thanks to the elastic lace again because they help contain the girls with no gapping problems. 

You may experience some slight itching, which we believe is a pretty normal occurrence with lacy fabrics.


You should also expect this bra to have sturdy wires that extend at decent height in the middle of the chest. If you prefer your cleavage to have just the right amount of perkiness, then this is your go-to bra. While these wires lift and support, they do not forget to retain the natural shape and form of the breasts.

Primadonna Madison full cup bra

Yes, it is normal to worry about stabbing or poking when you are wearing a wired bra like the Elomi Matilda Plunge Bra, yet with a PrimaDonna Madison Full Cup Bra, you can skip this because the underwires go well covered in padding. You could last an entire day wearing this bra, unlike the Freya Fancies Underwire Longline Bra.

Shoulder and Back Straps

The thin shoulder straps are perhaps one of the slight issues of this PrimaDonna bra. While they add sexiness to the overall style of the bra, they may not be reliable enough to carry the weight of the girls. This should not bother girls with small to average cups, yet for larger cups, this can be a red flag.

On the other hand, these shoulder straps are adjustable. This can help with the slight bouncing and jiggling. You just have to adjust them to a comfortable fit to ease these issues.

Moving on to the back straps which are also adjustable, they would not provide as much concealing because the straps are not wide enough to cover the bulges. Unlike some bras with narrow back straps, they do not dig in or cause chafing. 

When they do, then perhaps you are in the wrong size.

Going further, the difference in the closure between the smaller and bigger sizes should also be mentioned in this Prima Donna bra review. Smaller sizes only use two hooks for closure, but you get three in bigger sizes.

Is This Bra Worth It?

We all want that bra that meets expectations in terms of comfort, style, and support, at the most reasonable price possible. The biggest disadvantage of this bra is the price, which is undeniably expensive, similar to the Enell Full Coverage High Impact Sports Bra.

Disregarding the price tag, we don’t see a reason why this bra shouldn’t be a good choice.  It is comfortable overall and has an elegant look and feel with its carefully crafted design. It forms natural-looking perkiness and invisible silhouettes that are major factors in decision-making.

For us though, this will best compliment ladies with full cups, although you don’t have to worry when you belong to the smaller sizes because the stretchable lace ensures no gapping issues with the right size.


This PrimaDonna Madison Full Cup Bra deserves applause for its style and design. The cups along with the wires and straps are well crafted that they are comfortable to wear for long periods. Setting aside its price, it qualifies as a good everyday bra.

Prima Donna Women's Madison Full Cup Bra, Caffè...
  • 80% polyamide, 20% elastane
  • Country of Origin: Imported
  • Care: Hand wash only. Do NOT bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean.

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