Freya Fancies Underwire Longline Bra Review

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Ladies with big cups and small bands would agree that it is essential to have a bra with good front and back support. Design and comfort should never be left out as well. This Freya Fancies Underwire Longline Bra Review will give complete honesty on whether this product is that kind or not.

Freya Fancies Underwire Longline Bra Review 

Freya Fancies brings to life stylish, gorgeous bras featuring lace fabrics in bold colors. On the seat today is this Freya Fancies Underwire Longline Bra. It compliments most of those body types with big cups and small ribcages.

Its wideband ensures support while eliminating unpleasant curves under the bra line.


  • Features a longline design that conceals the bulges under the bra line
  • Thick straps allow for more lift and support
  • A comfortable underwire and full cup design ensure good breast support and lift


  • Band tends to roll upwards with changes in movement and posture
  • Fabric feels light as if it would not last long
  • Can be a pain to wear with 5 back latches to finish

What to Expect with the Freya Underwire Longline Bra

If it is about sexiness and lace, you will never go wrong with a Freya bra. Freya offers different bra styles and designs to meet specific personality types while also carefully incorporating good fit and comfort.

Freya Fancies Underwire Longline Bra Features

Longline bandSlims the waistline while offering bust support
Thick strapsKeep cups in place and prevent marks
Full coverage cupsContain breast sizes from B to GG
Lace fabricLightweight yet aesthetic feel
UnderwireContour breast tissue

Style, Design, and Fabric

It is no longer a surprise that most Freya bras use lacy fabric so this is the first thing to expect with this longline full cup bra with underwire. The intricately crafted lace looks gorgeous indeed. Behind the pictures though is another story.

A woman wearing a pink lace wired longline bra and black leggings looking at the window

Up close and personal, what seems to be sturdy and quality material feels flimsy. The fabric itself feels light and fragile. This would make you want to be extra gentle when you wear or wash this bra.

When speaking of the bra design, it is amazing to see such obvious gorgeousness in a longline bra as this. By the way, this bra is a Freya Utopia-inspired bra. It is sexy despite the wideband – something that other longline bras fail to meet.

The Freya Fancies Underwire Longline Bra nailed it if it is about the overall style and design except for the seemingly low-quality lace fabric.

Fit and Comfort

There should be no problems with the fit if you buy the right size (the UK sizing by the way) It is true to its size, yet I’m convinced that this will flatter petite ladies with big chests more than ladies with a larger body frame. Comfort also deserves a thumbs up overall.


Despite being a full cup bra, this Freya creation features a scalloped trim and a low plunge design. So if you are looking for a bra for your party dresses and tops with low necklines, this is a good choice. It covers the breasts well yet leaves enough openness to reveal the cleavage. 

Graphic image of a blue bra that explains that longline bras should be worn with bridal wear, strapless gowns, and plunging tops

Contrary to what is stated in the product description, Freya Fancies Underwire Longline Bra is partially lined, not padded. That said, your girls could not depend on the pads to do a lot of lifting and contouring, yet would have to rely on their natural shape.


The straps of the Freya Fancies longline bra are wider than most bras in this personality, unlike the PrimaDonna Madison Full Cup Bra. Maybe this feature does more good than harm as the straps provide extra support and lift.

You would also notice that the non-convertible straps are in a no-slip design and are adjustable.

You would also notice that the non-convertible straps are in a no-slip design and are adjustable. This bra is a good choice if you love wearing sleeveless tops. You get rid of the hassles caused by slipping straps. In addition, straps showing ruin the look of an outfit.


Freya Fancies’ wideband is covered in lace, too. Although the lining is either nylon or elastane, you might find it a bit strange that it is not as tight around the rib cage as other longline bras are on the first few uses.

This one feels light as if it lacks enough hold. Perhaps this is the reason why the fabric does not cause itching and is comfortable to wear all day. Anyway, you can always adjust the latches to tighten them.

Regardless if it is tight or what, it’s a plus that it conceals the bulges underneath the bra line. So if you need to hide some back fat for an outfit, this bra will help do just that. The latches also allow you to adjust the fit that is most comfortable for you.

However, it is important to mention in this Freya bra review that the band has the tendency to roll upward when you sit or slouch. This is more likely to happen if you have a bigger body built.

A person holding a white longline underwired bra with thick straps standing near a blue couch


The underwires follow the full cup style of the bra, which gives full coverage to the bottom part of the breasts. With the underwires extending at a wider angle, there is not much squeezing and lifting to expect.

It does not cause discomfort, you would not mind wearing it all day, just like the Playtex 18-Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Bra.


It is common for bras to use hook-and-eye for closure, but I feel this one overdid the technique. Five pairs of hook-and-eye at the back may be essential for its wideband, but it is hard to deny that locking all five eats too much time. The best bet is to practice accuracy.

Lift and Cleavage

Let me be clear that this is not designed to be a push-up bra, unlike the Victoria’s Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Push-Up Bra. You will not be impressed if you are looking to have fuller-looking breasts with a more defined cleavage with this bra. 

Freya Fancies’ underwires slightly lift the girls. Do not expect it to do wonders as the cups are not padded, too. 

With the right size, anyone can wear this, but it is more flattering on ladies with naturally big breasts and small band sizes. This will also help a lot if you have saggy breasts that need some redefining.


If you are going to judge its quality by touch, then you can get a bit disappointed. For $60, you would think you deserve more weight, more thickness. The flimsy fabric gives it the impression that it will not withstand a lot of washings. 

Handwashing Freya Fancies Underwire Longline Bra for some 10 times proved a difference. Somehow, the lace and stitches are still intact. Of course, always avoid using the spinner to dry, too.

What Is a Longline Bra? (And What Situations To Wear One)

Related Questions

What Is the Point of a Longline Bra?

A longline bra slims down the abdomen while guaranteeing chest support. It provides more coverage for the midsection since the fabric or band extends down to your waist or hips.

Who Should Wear the Freya Fancies Longline Bra?

Anyone can wear the Freya Fancies Longline Bra. You can wear the bra regardless of your breast size and shape as long as you follow your band and cup measurements.

How Do I Keep My Freya Fancies Longline Bra From Rolling Up?

The best way to prevent your Freya Fancies Longline Bra from rolling up is to choose your actual band size in the first place. You can also use fashion tape to hold down the band.


Overall, this gorgeous, lacy bra will look best on petite girls with naturally big cups and small ribcages. Hopefully, this Freya Fancies Underwire Longline Bra Review was able to give you an unbiased insight and would help you decide whether this is a must-have in the collection or not.


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