Enell Full Coverage High Impact Sports Bra Review

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Perhaps one of the worst feelings during a workout is being in a sports bra that does not give you the right fit and support. Enell Full Coverage High Impact Sports Bra is ideally for big-chested women, yet would it stop the bouncing and jiggling?

Enell Full Coverage High Impact Sports Bra Review

The Enell Full Coverage High Impact Sports Bra is not a cheap bra. Chances are that you would have second thoughts or do good research on whether it fits the bill or not. Here are some honest opinions to help you get to know the sports bra well.


  • High-quality spandex fabric gives the right fit and comfort
  • The convenient front closure makes it easy to wear the bra
  • Breathable fabric helps keep the body dry and cool
  • The back design and thick straps provide good support


  • Front seams look obvious under clothes
  • Non-adjustable
  • Expensive

What to Expect

This Enell sports bra is good for big-chested women. While it often receives good feedback from users, you have to know that wearing the correct size is the key to getting its best fit. You should also know the correct way to measure your size according to the Enell size chart.

Graphic image of a blue bra that describes that sports bras should have moisture wicking fabric and wide fitted straps

Overall, this sports bra deserves a round of applause for being able to contain the girls well. Its entire design and fabric both contribute to a secure fit. And because it consists of stretchable and breathable materials, it remains comfortable even with demanding movements.

Enell Full Coverage High Impact Sports Bra Features

Full coverage cupsContain breast tissue completely
Spandex fabricMaximum stretchability and recovery
Front claspsConvenient way of wearing the bra
Wide backSmoothen back bulges and distribute breast weight
Thick shoulder strapsAlleviate pressure on the shoulders


You won’t get the right fit and support unless you wear the right size. Unlike how you measure your bust for an everyday bra, you should measure the biggest size of your bust for this sports bra. Then, make another measurement around your body, right under your breasts.

From there, you can refer to the Enell size chart to know which size is for you. It is worth mentioning again that this activewear is intended for big-chested girls only, cup sizes of C and above.

Woman wearing an Enell full coverage high impact sports bra

On your first few uses, this Enell Full Coverage High Impact Sports Bra may feel small for your actual size, yet this is completely fine as this bra is designed this way.

That said, if you think you are not comfortable with the size being too tight, then you can go for a bigger size. That being said, you should also know that this sports bra is not adjustable.

Should you choose a bigger size, there would be no way to tighten it once the fabric has stretched. 


It is an advantage that this bra is using Lycra Spandex as workouts require high-impact movements. Being more durable and stretchable than ordinary Spandex, this would allow you to keep up with the beat without worrying about tears and discomfort.

Despite the thick fabric though, Enell Full Coverage High Impact Sports Bra remains breathable. If you hate the feeling of bathing in sweat during workouts, then this is a good sports bra to wear. It will help keep you cool and dry even for long periods of strenuous activities.


The full-coverage design of this bra does not reveal too much of your skin in the front and back parts. Perhaps you would agree that for a larger size, it is more comfortable to exercise when you are not exposing too much of your skin and that makes this bra a good choice to wear.

If not on its own, you can just wear it under a workout shirt and be more carefree of your movements. It uses a breathable fabric anyway. The possible issue is the front seams which can be seen under a shirt. 

Securing a lot of hooks and eyes on your back is a struggle especially if you are full-figured or overweight. With this sports bra, you would appreciate that it comes with a front closure. You do not just skip the struggle, you save some time as well.

Woman in a black sports bra and black leggings wearing black rubber shoes using an elliptical machine inside the house

Fit and Comfort

One of the usual complaints about sports bras is the lack of snug support. Needless to say, this is a major consideration in any activewear because this is where your movements would depend. When it is too tight, it could be difficult to breathe.

On the other hand, wearing a bra that is not tight enough will cause your girls to bounce and jiggle. In return, you would have to limit your movements to adapt to the bra. Fortunately, with Enell Full Coverage High Impact Sports Bra, you would not find this a problem.

Front and Back Support

This Enell bra is a reliable way to keep the girls in place when you do active workouts. The bra is engineered to make the best comfortable fit required for high-impact movements. The cups – though are not padded and wired – are molded in Spandex. 

If you have big breasts and they have lost shape already, wearing this Enell sports bra will provide the appropriate support and lift that they need. And while your girls are contained pretty well, you would not experience the uni-boob effect.

On the back part, this bra uses a movement control band. These wide bands help support your back to reduce stress and improve posture. If you often struggle with back pain, then strong back support as this could be what you need.

Shoulder Straps and Band

The thick shoulder straps help support the weight of the girls and keep them in place, unlike the SPANX Bra-Llelujah Full Coverage Bra.

It is amazing how a bra so body-hugging as Enell Full Coverage High Impact Sports Bra does not leave any stabbing or digging pain, just like the Syrokan Max Control Underwire Sports Bra. The band will never fail you, too, unlike the Anita Momentum Sports Bra.

If your workout routine often involves hitting the arms up into the air, then you have nothing to worry about.

The band remains secured and does not tend to roll upward. Most sports and running bras will leave red marks on the skin when they are too tight and wearing Enell may not exempt you from experiencing light marks, too.

This is especially true if you are wearing a smaller size or are wearing the garment for the first time. Yet, this would not be an issue. 

Related Questions

When Should You Wear the Enell Full Coverage High Impact Sports Bra?

You should wear the Enell High Impact Sports Bra when doing high-intensity activities such as sprinting or cardio. It’s perfect for anything that will make your breasts bounce wildly if there’s no support.

How Tight Should a High Impact Sports Bra Be?

A high impact sports bra must fit tighter than a regular bra yet shouldn’t feel like it’s restricting your breathing. While it must be snug, you should be able to fit two fingers between the band and your bust.

Which Sports Bra Is Best for High Intensity Workout?

High impact sports bras such as the Enell Full Coverage Sports Bra are best for high-intensity workouts. These bras have forgiving fabric, breathable cups, wide shoulder straps, and an elastic band.

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Enell Full Coverage High Impact Sports Bra is ideal for ladies with big cup sizes. Its overall design including the wide shoulder straps, good back support, breathable fabric, and full front coverage, make this bra a good choice for doing strenuous physical work. 


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