Syrokan Max Control Underwire Sports Bra Review

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Not all sports bras are created equal. Some designs suit only a specific body type. When it comes to a sports bra, you need more reliable support to get through your routine exercises if you are a plus size. 

If that’s your case, let this Syrokan Max Control Underwire Sports Bra Review show you if this is a good sports bra for you.

Syrokan Max Control Underwire Sports Bra Review

Syrokan is a famous provider of a wide range of affordable sports bras and activewear that offer maximum support. Many people consider their creations as cheaper versions of expensive brands. A great example of this is the Syrokan Max Control Underwire Sports Bra.

This Syrokan sports bra’s design is very much alike one of Wacoal’s sports bra versions. 


  • Underwires sewed outside eliminate stabbing pain
  • Thick shoulder straps adjust to different sizings 
  • Uses moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry


  • Thin cups make the nipples show
  • Extra material on the cups causes wrinkling
  • Underwires extend too high on the chest

What To Expect

This sports bra’s design is full-figured for plus size women, similar to Glamorise Double-Layer Custom-Control Sports Bra. It is not a stylish sports bra with padding and cleavage-enhancing features.

Graphic image of a blue bra that explains that sports are normally made from moisture wicking material and snug fit

It has a conservative front with thick shoulder and back straps. However, it does a good job as a supportive plus-size bra. Thanks to its outer underwires and sturdy fabric.

Syrokan Max Control Underwire Sports Bra Features

Double-layered seamless cupsEnsure breast containment
Moisture-wicking fabricEliminate sweat and moisture
Wire sewed outsideAvoid digging and stabbing pain
Thick shoulder strapsAlleviate pain and adjust the fit


The fabric used for this sports bra is polyamide and Spandex, with the bigger part being the former. Together, they create a sports bra material that is soft and stretchable, which makes the bra comfortable to wear during intense activities, even for long hours.

Both Spandex and polyamide aren’t impressively breathable. However, they have great resistance against breakage. If your exercise requires a lot of strenuous movements, then this sports bra is a good choice. The materials expand and recover quickly without any discomfort on your end.

Woman wearing a Syrokan max control underwire sports bra

Everyone hates the feeling of soaking in your sweat. With this bra, this is not something that you will have to bear for as long as you are doing your activity. Especially in the cups area, the fabric drives sweat away from the skin instead of just sitting around the fabric.


The Syrokan Max Control Underwire Sports Bra will not take you anywhere if you are looking for sexiness. Even the colors they have for this bra are just plain ones. This is not something you would like to wear without anything on top, too, and you will know why later.

However, if you care about serious workouts more than style, then this creation will not disappoint. This sports bra is supportive in all corners when it comes to doing high-impact movements, just like the Anita Momentum Sport Bra.

It has thick straps that don’t slip, underwires that lift and hold, and a full-coverage design that avoids peeking and slipping issues.


You might need to try your luck a couple of times at least to get the right fit. This is a plus-size sports bra for high-impact activities like this Enell full coverage workout bra. However, the smallest size they have is C. 

Syrokan Max Control underwire sports bra

I do not see any problems with the overall design of the bra except for the excess material on the cups, which looks as if they have the wrong measurement. Ladies with bigger breasts may not bother since they would likely use all the room in the cups.

For smaller sizes though, this unused space can be a disappointment. It would not be nice to see some wrinkling due to excess material. This is not an ideal sports bra to wear by itself.

The option is to wear it under a loose shirt if it is not going to give a smooth appearance under fitted clothing. Still, not saying this to discourage you, just giving a heads up so you don’t get surprised if you fall on an awful fit.

Fit and Comfort

Overall, Syrokan Max Control Underwire Sports Bra is comfortable to wear. With the right fit, you would not experience a lot of jiggling and bouncing. Despite being snug, you would barely feel it there. 

Shoulder and Back Straps

You should not feel worried about digging pain with this Syrokan sports bra. The thick shoulder and back straps that stretch well give you enough allowance for extra movements. 

Going deeper, Syrokan Max Control has longer shoulder straps than the Wacoal version and has more loops for adjustment. The back straps are also adjustable, you can choose from 4 settings.

Its ability to adjust to a snug fit anytime makes it a great choice if you always experience weight fluctuations.


Do not expect this bra to give you perky breasts. While they give a nicer shape and reduce the saggy appearance, they support and hold breasts in place more than anything else. 

Also, this sports bra is for you if you hate the uni-boob effect. This SYROKAN bra has underwires that extend up to your chest’s middle section. There is enough space between the wires that keeps your breasts partially separated.


You would think that this is not a long-lasting bra by how it looks in person. After many washes though, the fabric and stitches remain intact. While this is a sturdy bra, remember that you should follow the instructions for washing to make it last longer. 

What Sets It Apart?

The shoulder straps are removable from the back. You will find this feature useful if you engage in activities like karate or boxing. How? This is a convertible sports bra.

The way you can unclip the straps from the back and criss-cross makes it a versatile undergarment. This is a great way to free your shoulders, too, so you can move your arms freely based on your needs.

Related Questions

Who Should Wear the Syrokan Max Control Underwire Sports Bra?

Active ladies with full busts should wear the Syrokan Max Control Sports Bra. Its double-layered cups and four-way stretch provide high support while minimizing pressure.

When Should I Use the Syrokan Max Control Sports Bra?

You can use the Syrokan Max Control Sports Bra for high-intensity activities. The contoured cups and wired band reduce breast bounce so you can comfortably move without worrying about spillage.

Are Syrokan Bras True to Size?

Yes, Syrokan bras are true to size. The Syrokan Max Control Sports Bra is available from 34C to 44H.

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The Syrokan Max Control Underwire Sports Bra looks almost the same as one of Wacoal’s sports bra creations. Less the padding, this is also a supportive workout bra with a full-coverage design and impressively functional straps and underwires. All of these great features at a cheaper price.


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