Glamorise Double-Layer Custom-Control Sport Bra Review

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You need good support with every demanding physical activity. That support should be doubled when you are a plus size. A reliable sports bra should be one that can keep up with all the bending over, running, and jumping.

Is this Glamorise Double-Layer Custom-Control Sports Bra one that full-figured women can rely on?

Glamorise Double-Layer Custom-Control Sports Bra Review

Glamorise has over 100 years of giving plus size women variety for good sports bras and activewear. While they may have many great choices, remember that body figures are unique in their way. You could end up with one that would not meet your expectations no matter well fitting it is on others. 

This Glamorise Double-Layer Custom-Control Sports Bra review will help you get to know this particular product better. Hopefully, this will help you decide whether this sports bra deserves a try or not.


  • Breathable and moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry
  • Double-layer front support ensures maximum containment
  • Front cover and back strap adjust according to the desired fit
  • No-slip shoulder straps avoid distractions during workouts


  • Sizing is a bit complicated, often smaller than normal size
  • Shoulder straps do not adjust and stretch
  • Low-cut underarm design creates overspill
  • Creates wrinkling appearance under clothes

What To Expect

Glamorise Double-Layer Custom-Control Sports Bra is for full-figured, plus-size women. Unlike most sports bras, this one’s got two layers of front support to keep the girls in place. While sizing can be complicated, it is snug and comfortable with the right size.

Graphic image of a blue bra that describes that sports bras should have a snug fit and wide straps

If you hate the stabbing pain caused by underwires, then this sports bra is for you. However, it does not promise to give a smooth silhouette if that is what you expect. Overall though, it is a good sports bra that is great in reducing the bouncing and jiggling, just like the Enell Full Coverage High Impact Sports Bra.

Glamorise Double-Layer Custom-Control Sports Bra Features

Moisture-wicking fabricProvide relief from sweat and rashes
Full coverage cupsGuarantee breast containment to avoid spills
Double-layer frontEnsure maximum coverage and bust support
Cushioned bandLift and support breast tissue
WirelessEliminate skin poking and digging


Sports bras have to be breathable and they should keep you dry, too, to make your tough activities as hassle-free and comfortable as possible. Fortunately, you can count on this gear to give you just that. It is made of polyester, elastane, and polyamide.

With these fabrics known to be elastic and durable, they make this sports bra ideal activewear for different types of sports and exercises. Plus, you will appreciate how you will feel dry the entire day with its fabric that keeps moisture away.

However, here is one clarification: the Glamorise Double-Layer Custom-Control Sports Bra has some components that don’t consist of stretchable fabric. The shoulder straps do not stretch as well as the outer bust band yet you can adjust it for a comfortable fit.

Woman in gray sports bra with a camouflage design and black leggings using blue dumbells outside the house


I believe that this sports bra has a lot of great features that are both unique and useful. Before I continue reviewing those things, let me start with the overall design of this activewear. 

This sports bra by Glamorise features a full-coverage design. If you prefer the girls covered and contained well, then this can provide that. You would not have to worry about overspills at the top and the girls accidentally peeking.

While you could have no problems with the top part, the sides, unfortunately, are a bit low. That’s where some overspilling may occur. You will not get a lot of concealing with this bra due to its side’s low cut design and narrow backstrap width.

The absence of wires should not bother you. It features the Magic Lift design, which ensures good support and containment. So how does this work?

Magic Lift Design

The Magic Lift design consists of 2 layers of sturdy fabric. Even though this sports bra does not have underwires, the inner cups provide sufficient hold of your breasts. They work as an ordinary bra but are tighter. 

On top is the bust band which works well in giving additional support and lift needed to sustain strenuous movements. Now, what is more, impressive is that this is adjustable from the straps. You will find this very useful if you engage in different exercises with varied movement intensities.


With this bra, the key to getting the right fit and comfort is by wearing the right size. I will be honest in saying that it could be a challenge to find the right size because the bra sizing for this particular sports bra is smaller than usual. 

The band is smaller most of the time, based on user reviews, too. By smaller, it means short by several inches and that is already in its stretched state. You might need to adjust to a bigger size or you could be dealing with digging and chafing.

However, when you choose a size bigger, then you could suffer on the part of the cup. It will be less snug and some wrinkling may occur, similar to the Syrokan Max Control Underwire Sports Bra. The way I see it, you should get this sports bra from a reputable seller.

User experience on sizing is not always negative, which means some sellers may not have their products labeled correctly or are offering substandard. 

Gray sports bra with adjustable straps and wide band placed on a pink background

Fit and Comfort

With the right size, you’d have almost no complaints with this sports bra. It is snug but comfortable on all sides. Even though the shoulder straps are not stretchable, you can easily adjust them to fit a need. The same goes for the bust band and back straps. 

That being said, this is a nice sports bra to have because of its versatility. You can simply loosen the bust band and straps to make the sports bra fit for activities that require a lot of stretching like yoga. Otherwise, you can tighten the band and straps for extreme sports.

Also, thank this sports bra for not having underwires that stab. The cups alone provide good support and lift without discomfort allowing you to focus more on your movements.


This sports bra seems to be a long-lasting piece of activewear, just like the Anita Momentum Sport Bra. Besides that it is finely stitched on all sides, some components do not stretch and therefore elasticity issues are not something to worry about over time.

Note that this can be machine washed too, which means the fabric used is not that sensitive at all. 

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Compression bras like the Glamorise Double-Layer Sports Bra are good for you, especially if you need exceptional breast support. The compression panels encourage proper blood circulation, ensuring oxygen and nutrients go to your breasts.

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Glamorise Double-Layer Custom-Control Sports Bra deserves a thumbs up when you care about comfort and fit more than anything else. Despite not having wires and stretchable shoulder straps, it can provide the support you need for a specific activity with the right size.


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