What Is a Cage Bra?

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When searching for bras with unique designs, a provocative style called cage bra may be something that could attract your attention. However, what is a cage bra? For this article, I’m explaining what cage bras are, the benefits, and how you can style this sexy piece of a bra.

What Is a Cage Bra?

A cage bra has a harness-like front pattern that resembles a cage, encapsulating the breasts using several straps. Some have minimal cup coverage, a thin band, or a cage back. Overall, these features draw attention to the chest, allowing you to wear the bra on its own.

A black cage bra was worn by a woman standing in the kitchen

This strappy bra can make a great addition to your wardrobe. Its provocative style can match your fun and flirty personality. Despite that, cage bras still function like a typical bra, yet with the extra flair.

How Does a Cage Bra Work?

A cage bra primarily uses straps and thin, sleek wires to form a cage pattern connected to the cups. This gives the bra a cage-like shape on the front side and ensures the whole bra stays in place.

Note that it is more of an accessory bra than a supportive one. While it mainly uses straps to highlight the breast, it still has the common features of a regular bra.

Graphic image of a blue bra that explains that the best cage bras improves bust shape and make outfits creative
  • Straps: Straps are the primary features of this bra as they aim to spice up outfits instantly. Some only include a single additional strap in the middle, while others have crisscross straps in front and back. You can still use a bra clip to change the strap’s position.
  • Band: Choose a cage bra with a band if you need breast support and lift. Some have thin bands, whereas others are non-existent.
  • Cups: Cage bras may have smaller cups than your ordinary bra, with some even so small that you may need to use a nipple cover. Think of it like the half-cups of a demi bra or the three-quarter style of plunge bras. Meanwhile, there are strappy ones with molded cups for large breasts.
  • Paddings: Some include paddings so you can use them as an everyday bra without worrying about nip slips. This can also add volume to the breasts. Meanwhile, some offer removable paddings to transform the bra into a see-through design.
  • Closure type: This bra normally only needs you to pull it over the head to wear, which won’t let you use a bra extender. On the other hand, some have a front clasp or back closure for convenience.
  • Material: Most bras with a strappy style consist of nylon or spandex for elasticity to adjust the tightness according to your bust shape. Despite that, they remain comfortable on the skin without sacrificing style. They may also come with lace, mesh, metal rings, and leather straps.

What Are the Types of Cage Bras?

A cage bra is a kind of bra that uses several straps to accentuate the breasts. Some have cage-like patterns on both sides or extra straps at the back. Since there are also different types of this bra, you’ll have many ways to wear and style them to channel your inner goddess.

A woman wearing a black cage bra and black jogging pants standing near a white wall
  • Single-strapped cage bras: Start with a single strap if you’ll be using this bra style for the first time and you want to observe more of its feel on the skin. Consequently, this makes it an ideal bra to wear with a camisole to give modest tops a subtle appeal.
  • Harness-style: This bra with more harness-like straps can transform your sporty outfits into sexy athleisure in no time. It would also make a powerful impression under sheer tops for partying.
  • Multi-strapped bralette: This playful style works great for those who want more front coverage. Wear a strappy bralette if you need more support and some lace detailing while flashing some seductive straps and embellishments.
  • Sporty: A phenomenon called enclothed cognition implies that your clothing can trigger positive effects and encourage you to perform well. A sporty cage bra that’s equally functional and sassy can help you look and feel good, boosting your confidence to finish workout routines. The strappy cross-back design can also reduce shoulder pressure.
  • Choker cage: This bondage-inspired bra incorporates a choker for the neck as an accessory. A choker cage bra also accentuates the neck and torso, especially if you have a longer, slender neck.
  • V-shaped: Suppose you love wearing tops with square or v-necks. The symmetrical straps of V-shaped cage bras can provide just the right amount of drama for your street-style wardrobe.

What Are the Benefits of Cage Bras?

A typical strappy bra doesn’t provide the same level of support as a full-coverage bra for large breasts. However, cage bras, especially those with underwires, can provide ample support and other benefits.

  • Bring out sensuality and charisma: Unlike other bras that you want to hide the straps when worn, you can flaunt the strappy design of this bra. This draws attention to the chest while defining the bust beautifully.
  • Improve bust shape: Even if you have a slender frame or small, sagging breasts, the straps of the bra can encircle the breast to accentuate it and frame your bust in the right places. If you have asymmetrical or uneven breasts, a bra with harness-like straps can also balance them by adding symmetry to your figure.
  • Make creative outfits: Are your everyday or party outfits getting dull? Use the bra’s straps to adorn the chest and transform your otherwise regular ensemble.
  • Provide an edgy yet feminine look: Cage bras can make your outfit balance ruggedness and delicateness. If there’s a leather harness in front, it’s best to style it in casual clothes like plain shirts, trendy jeans, a chiffon blouse with ruffles, or a maxi dress.
A woman smiling and wearing a black cage bra standing in the kitchen

When Should You Wear a Cage Bra?

Cage bras are pretty versatile, letting you wear them however you want. These strappy delights aim to decorate and draw attention to the chest. The beauty of using this type of bra is that you can style them with classic or modern clothes, enabling you to wear them on different occasions.

  • When looking for a lingerie alternative: Lingeries often have a softer look and feel on the skin. Cage bras are excellent substitutes if you’re looking for a bolder aura. Perfect for date nights, honeymoons, or special occasions with your partner.
  • When in need of a costume: Are you planning for a boudoir shoot to celebrate a birthday or a milestone? This kind of glamor photography often radiates intimacy and sensuality. What better way than to go out of your comfort zone and use a gorgeous undergarment like cage bras?
  • When you want to embrace body empowerment: Some ladies use bras to improve disproportionate aspects of the breasts. Learning how to love the breasts can take some time for others. If you’re looking for a way to appreciate your natural flaws and beauty, this bra can highlight the bust and help you take the first step.
  • When it feels too hot to wear regular bras: One of the best things about this bra is that you don’t necessarily have to wear a shirt or cover-up. It can serve as a crop top or a standalone top. This can make hot and humid days refreshing, especially when lounging by the beach or rocking at a concert.

Comparing Cage Bra to Other Bra Styles

Style Structure Coverage Best For
Cage bra Can be wireless, wired, with a band, or without a bandCan have semi or full-coverage cupsSpecialist occasions, an alternative to lingerie
Regular bra Can be wireless, wired, with a band, or without a bandMostly full-coverage cupsEveryday use, work
Sports bra Mostly wireless with a bandMostly full-coverage cupsExercise, errands
Bralette Mostly wireless without a bandMostly unmolded cupsEveryday use, lounging

Related Questions

Who Should Wear a Cage Bra?

Anybody can wear a cage bra as long as it’s well-fitting. Ladies with smaller breasts can use the straps to encircle the breasts and make them look curvier. Those with asymmetrical boobs can use the straps to add symmetry to the bust.

How to Style Cage Bras?

Similar to bralettes, cage bras can double as tops. Aside from that, you can wear it underneath low-plunging tops or layer the bra with oversized sweaters.

Can I Wear a Cage Bra Every Day?

You can generally wear a cage bra every day as long as it suits the style of the clothes. Be sure that the type of cage bra you choose provides the necessary coverage, lift, and support.

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A cage bra is a type of bra that uses several straps or harness-like patterns to encase the breasts. Choose different bra patterns and fabrics to build your wardrobe. Once you have it, you can experiment and pair it with other trendier and fancier garments to glam up.


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