What Is a Shelf Bra (And How Do I Wear One?)

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There are many types and styles of bras on the market: Push up bras, full coverage bras, bralettes… the list goes on and on. The name of the bra style usually gives you a clue as to what the bra does, but sometimes you are left wondering what they could possibly be.

​What Is a Shelf Bra?

There are 2 types of bras: built-in bras and platform. These bras are very different from each other. Built-in bras can be found within camisoles and tank tops, and oftentimes, built-in bras are great for smaller breasts and can be a girl’s first bra. On the other hand, platform bras are more risque than built-in bras, only cover a small portion of your breast, and are typically worn as lingerie.

​Built-In Bras

Built-in bras are the extra layer of fabric found within whatever outwear it may be attached to (i.e. camisoles or swimsuits), usually as a singlet. The support system on built-in bras consists of an elastic band that replaces the underwire in underwire bras.

Built-in bras employs compression and sometimes padding to stay in place and support your breasts. Most built-in bras are extremely comfortable, which makes built-in bras a great option to wear regularly.

You will want to ensure the elastic band are adjustable straps are thick enough to stay in place throughout the day. It may roll up under your breasts after a couple of hours of wear if it’s too thin.

The back band is a small piece of fabric, and has one or two cups stacked on each other, and has no underwire are the things you look for in a shelf bra

​​​​My favorite ​built-in bra ​is​​​ the Hanes Women’s Stretch Cotton Cami with Built-in Bra. ​​​

​​This bra camisole combo is comfortable, has adjustable bra straps, and pairs well with pretty much everything. It’s very affordable and comes highly recommended. 

Platform Bras

Rather than being built-in into a top like the first bra I discussed, this bra stands alone, like a normal bra. It closely resembles an open-cup bra due to the number of breasts it exposes. The main difference is that not all built-in bras expose the nipple as open-cup bras do.

Let’s break down the anatomy of a built in bras:

Platform and built-in bras are examples of the different types of shelf bras

​Built in Bras Band Structure

The Built in Bras band can be either thin elastic bra straps, or have a hook and eye closure. More often than not, the back part of the band is a small piece of fabric.

​Cup Structure

The main cup in built-in bras is usually molded to the quarter half of the breast. The second cup usually is a rigid fabric such as lace, or nylon. It is used to prevent any spillage while still providing a seductive appearance.

​​​My favorite ​​platform bra ​is​​​ the Rosme Women’s Balconette Bra, which is a supportive underwire bra with gorgeous lace details.

Advantages of Each Bra Type

A bra has the following advantages:

  • Comfort Some built-in bras may have padding, but generally, built-in bras are not built like a normal bra. There may be light support but there’s also no poking, chafing, and painful tightness that can happen with a normal bra.
  • Compression
    Built-in bras support your breasts through compression.  This style of bra doesn’t have separate padded cups as regular bras do, so it compresses and holds your breasts closer to your chest to keep them in place.
  • Economy
    I love all the convenience and economy of an all-in-one outfit. A built-in bra might not be a whole outfit, but it’s a top with a built-in bra. It combines two layers into one. That’s one less extra layer of clothing to worry about!
  • Versatility 
    Camisoles are not the only garments you’ll see a bra in. They’re also in tankinis, bikini tops, leotards, and tank tops and can support you under your outdoor wear. They’re also versatile. They can be dressed up appropriately for more conservative settings, but can also be sexy and demure for sleeping and lounging purposes.
  • Widely Available
    Built-in bra camisoles can be found at almost all places where bras and clothing are available. They can be bought from your neighborhood general store, high-end department stores, and even online.
A woman wearing a black shirt and blue denim jeans is holding a white lace shelf bra and standing near a blue couch

Advantages of the Platform Bra

When on the hunt for a new bra, keep in mind what this seductive garment can offer you, such as:

  • Fuller Breast Appearance
    Smaller padded cups sizes could benefit from the full-breast look that quarter-cup bras can provide, especially when you buy one with the two-cup system. The molded central cup pushes smaller breasts up, and the second quarter cup rounds it all off. This ensures a smooth, supple look under your clothes.

Comparing Shelf Bras to Other Bras

Bra Style Coverage Support
Shelf Quarter to full-coverageElastic or underwire
Platform Open or half cupElastic
Camisole Full-coverageElastic

When and How to Wear Shelf Bras

There’s a time, occasion, and matching garment for every bra. These bras are no exception, however versatile they may be.

Know when to wear a shelf bra

How to Wear a Built-In Bra

These built-in bras are meant for everyday wear or low-impact activity. Don’t expect it to withstand an hour-long session at the gym, but it will be perfect for your walk in the park, or lounging around your house. 

How to Wear Platform Bras

Fit is almost everything when it comes to a great bra! When attempting a quarter-cup bra for the first time, don’t be afraid to grab sizes outside your range.

When a platform bra is worn underneath a V-neck or low cut shirt, the delicate lace of the bra can be seen at the neckline like you would see when wearing a bralette.

Related Questions

What Is a Hidden Bra?

A hidden bra is a built-in bra woven into swimsuits or bikini tops. It provides additional coverage and light support without making the swimsuit too bulky.

What Are the Disadvantages of This Type of Bra?

The biggest drawback of this bra is that its padded cups lack the rigidity and firmness of those seen in normal bras. In effect, it may not help you form perkier breasts.

Is This Bra the Same as a Camisole Bra?

No, this type of bra isn’t the same as a camisole bra. These bras focus on the breasts, whereas a camisole bra can cover the torso.

What Is a Shelf Bra? (Hint - There are Two VERY Different Types!!!)


As you can see, the 2 types of shelf bras are pretty different. The built-in bra is comfortable good for everyday wear. The platform bra is meant for more seductive occasions, with way less coverage than the built-in bra. Most women reserve the platform bra for their lingerie collection.


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