How Big Are C Cup Breasts?

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Bra cup sizes are determined by two measurements: the distance around your torso in inches which will be your band size, and then the distance around the fullest part of your breasts. The difference between the band and bust size will give your cup size.  With a C cup, there is a difference of 3 inches. C cups are a very common size, and finding bras for C cups is fairly easy. In the article below we discuss exactly how big C cup breasts really are.

How Big Are C Cups?

A C cup is a fairly average bra size. There is a 3-inch difference between the bust and the band size of a C cup.

C cup size usually has a band size of 33 4/5 to 43 1/4 inches, and a 3-inch difference between the bust and the band

A C cup is a good bra size for women with a smaller frame. Having C cups on a little frame makes your bust appear larger. The best bras for C cups are padded bras, push-up bras and bras that provide additional support.

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How C Cup Compares With Other Breast Sizes

  • A cup and a C cup: C cup breasts are two cup sizes bigger than A cup breasts. C cups breasts are a whole two inches bigger than A Cups.
  • B cup and C cup: The C cup breast size is one cup larger than the B cup. A C cup is one inch bigger than a B cup. C cups also weigh a couple pounds more than B cups.
  • D cup and C cup: C cup breasts are one cup size smaller than D cup breasts, making C cups an inch smaller than D cups.

Comparing C Cups vs Other Cup Sizes

Cup Description Weight
A 1-inch difference between the bust and band0.5 pounds per breast
B 2-inch difference between the bust and band0.86 to 2.36 pounds per breast
C 3-inch difference between the bust and band1.13 to 2.63 pounds per breast
D 4-inch difference between the bust and band0.86 to 3.35 pounds per breast

How Do C Cup Breasts Appear

With a difference of 3 inches between the torso and bust, C cup breasts will appear to be different sizes on different women due to various factors.

On a woman with a 30 inch ribcage, C cup breasts will appear larger than they would on a lady who has a 40 inch ribcage. C cup breasts can look bigger or smaller, it all depends on the frame of the woman.

C cup bra sizes have a 3-inch size difference between the band and the bust measurements

Is the C Cup an Average Breast Size?

C cup breasts, such as 32C and 38C bra sizes are not entirely average. For example, The C cup size is considered larger in Japan as the A cup is their average breast size. In other countries, it is considered smaller. A 34 DD is the average breast size in the United States. The C cup is a very common size in the United States, though it is smaller than the national average size.

Related Questions

Is C Cup a Good Size?

A C cup is a good size if you want to wear camisole tops with built-in bras or use boob tape comfortably. It is among the most popular sizes because it’s not too small, yet not that heavy either.

How to Know if You Have C Cup Boobs?

To determine if you have C cups, measure if there’s a three-inch difference between the bust and band. Make sure to measure around your chest’s fullest part.

What Are the Best Bra Styles for C Cups?

The best styles for C cups include triangle, balconette, and push-up bras because they provide ample coverage and shaping. You can also try wearing bralettes or spacer bras.

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The C cup breast size is one of the most common breast sizes. C cups appear bigger on smaller frames, and smaller on larger frames. If you are a C cup bra size, you will have many styles and types of bras to choose from.


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