How Big Are C Cup Breasts?

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People usually have mixed opinions when it comes to C cups. C cups in some countries are considered bigger in others it’s an average size. If your breast size falls under the C cups, then you know that finding a C cup is never hard. So, how big are C cups?

How Big Are C Cups?

A C cup is not a large bra size, and its measurements can fall from small to the average size of a brassier. A C cup ranges from 33 ⅘ to 43 ¼ inches. There is a 3-inch difference between the bust and the band size of a C cup.

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A C cup is one of the good bra sizes for women who have a small frame and smaller bust. The best bras for C cups are triangle-shaped, padded bras, push-up bras and ones that provide additional support.

How C Cup Compares With Other Breast Sizes

  • A cup and a C cup: C cup breasts tend to be two cups bigger than A cup breasts. Assuming that the rib cage measurements remain the same, the overbust measurements will increase by two inches to move from an A to a C cup size.
  • B cup and C cup: The C cup breast size is one cup larger than the B cup. If the ribcage doesn’t change, the overbust will increase with an extra inch. C cups also weigh a couple pounds more than B cups.
  • D cup and C cup: C cup breasts are one cup size smaller than the D cup breasts. Supposing there is no change in the ribcage, the overbust will be one inch less.

How Do C Cup Breasts Appear

With a breast size difference of 3 inches between the underbust and overbust, C cup breasts will appear different on different women due to various factors.

For example, a woman with 30 inches around the ribcage and a 33 inch breast size, another lady measures 40 inches around her ribcage and 43 inches breast size. In this case, the first lady is 30C while the other 40C.

Both women will wear C cup bra sizes; however, the only difference is that one woman has larger breasts because of the rib cage sizes. C cup breasts can appear bigger or smaller depending on the body frame of the woman.

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Is the C Cup an Average Breast Size?

C cup breasts, such as 32C and 38C bra sizes are not entirely average. For example, The C cup size is considered larger in Japan since the A cup is their average breast size. The reason most people find a C cup large in Europe and the US is its average breast size.

The C cup breast size is not the largest either, since we have bigger breast sizes like D, E, F, and G.


The C cup breast size is one of the common breast sizes today. A C cup appears bigger on slim bodies, and for those with fuller bodies, a C cup will not be noticeable. If you are a C cup size, ensure that you get the right bra that boosts your self-esteem.


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