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How Big Is a 34D Bra Cup Size?

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If you have big breasts, you know the challenges you face before getting that perfect bra. At times you may even find one bra out of the ten you had chosen. That’s why it’s important to know the exact cup size and on that note, let’s find out how big is 34D?

How Big Is 34D?

A bra size of 34D means that your underbust size is 30-31 inches, and your bust size is 37-38 inches. If you wear a D cup bra, then it means that your bust size is 4 inches larger than your underbust size.

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Even if D cups typically extend 4 inches from your rib cage, not all D-sized breasts look the same. A 34D breast size is a sister size to 32DD and 36C. Ladies with a bigger band size will have cups that may appear bigger and broader than those with a smaller band.

The Appearance of 34D Breasts

Kate Upton made headlines when her 34D breast size was voted as the ideal size by 75% of women polled.

34D breast sizes are larger compared to a C, which many consider to be “average”. A 34D breast cup size will appear moderately large to relatively big, based on the shape of your body.

  • Ladies with more tissue on their lower body part than the upper body part will appear to have smaller breasts.
  • Conversely, ladies with a 34D cup size and have flat tummies will have their breasts projecting from the sides, and their busts will be noticeable. Women with an apple shape have a lot of tissue around their stomach area, making the breasts end up looking smaller.

For women with petite frames,34D breasts appear to be bigger since their ribcage is very small.

Comparison of 34D With Smaller Sizes

Because 34D is a large size, some women may at times wish to have smaller breasts. It is one of the reasons most ladies are opting for breast augmentation or surgery.

Larger breasts tend to be heavier than smaller breasts, and they are pretty challenging to carry around. For this reason, additional support for bras is necessary. With a 34D breast size, you will need slightly thicker straps to support the extra weight.

Failure to have thicker straps thin straps will dig into your shoulders, and they will end up leaving permanent indentations, scars, or bumps.

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How 34D Boobs Looks With Clothes On

Cup sizes like 34DD and 34D, and 36D breast sizes are considered quite large, and this means that you are required to dress well to accommodate them perfectly. You can use minimizer bras if you need help doing your buttons up on any button-up shirts.

Women with bigger breasts always have a hard time trying to get pretty bras. Due to the increase in average bra sizes over time, manufacturers can offer bras that are perfectly fit and pretty.


The appearance of 34D breasts will vary depending on the shape of the woman, the bra type, and clothing preferences; if you want your 34D breasts to be bigger, then wear a fitting shirt with a push-up bra. If you wear an oversized shirt without a bra, they will look smaller.

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