How Big Is a 36C Bra Cup Size?

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All cup sizes are not created equal. A 42C bra is not the same size as a 30C bra. The size of the cup is influenced by the band size. As the band size changes, so does the cup size. In this article we discuss everything you need to know about the 36C bra size.

How Big Is 36C?

If your bra size is 36C, your band is typically 32 to 34 inches, and your bust measurements are 38 to 39 inches. Since you are a c cup, your band size is typically three inches smaller than your bust size. Your sister sizes are 34D and 34B.

If you have a 36C bra size, your bust size measures around 38-39 inches with an underbust ranging from 32-34 inches

Is 36C Breast Size Bigger or Smaller?

Generally, a 36C breast cup size is not considered to be bigger. This bra size is more on the average side.

Although it is not significantly large, 36C breasts are larger than 32C and 36B cup sizes.

36C breasts are larger than 32C and 36B cup sizes, and are smaller than 36D, 38C and 40C. Women with a 36C bra size tend to have a bigger bone structure than those with 34C or 32C breasts. However, the 36C chest tends to look much bigger and more prominent on slender women.

How Do 36C Boobs Look?

36C breasts tend to appear larger compared to C cup bras with smaller band sizes.

Your body shape and physique will determine the appearance of 36C breasts. On women who have bigger hips with 36C breasts, their breasts will appear smaller.

36C breasts will appear larger on women with smaller, more petite frames.

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What Is a 36C Bra Equivalent To?

A 36C bra is equivalent to 34D when sizing down and 38B when sizing up. A 34D Sister sizes for 36C bras are 34D and 38B. A 34D bra has a smaller band and larger cups than a 36C. A 38B bra will have a larger band and smaller cup. To determine which sister size would fit you best, see how tight you need to fasten your current bra. If you have to use the tightest hooks, try the size 34D and if you use the loosest hook, go for the 38B.

Ways to Make Your 36C Breasts More Noticeable

If you would like to make your 36C breasts appear larger, there are several things you can try. The appearance of your 36C chest will largely depend on:

  • Your body shape
  • The design of your bra
  • Clothing preferences

Your 36C breasts will look bigger if you wear push-up bras and tight tops. Wearing oversized tops or going braless will leave your 36C breasts looking smaller than their actual size.


Wearing the right bra size will help support, lift and shape your bust. A 36C bra size is an average size, and there are many bras styles available to help you get the best fit.


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