How to Go Braless With D Cup Breasts

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It’s a common assumption that only women with smaller cup sizes (A-C) can go braless. This is simply untrue, as women with D cups can go braless too! Below I share a few tips on how to go braless when you are a D cup. 

How to Go Braless With D Cup 

Venturing into the world without a bra will feel noticeably different. You might be tempted to put on your sweater or cross your arms over your chest while walking. Some women say they feel as though they are being stared at simply because they don’t have a bra on.  

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Going braless doesn’t necessarily mean going completely support free. Going braless could mean switching from your everyday underwire bra to a soft bralette or supportive tank top. Below I list multiple methods to help you with going braless.

Ways to Go Braless With D Cups

Method 1Control or slow down your movements
Method 2Try bralettes
Method 3Use nipple covers
Method 4Apply boob tape
Method 5Use Band-Aids
Method 6Wear supportive clothing
Method 7Be confident

Take It Slow

Similar to wearing heels on the first day, going braless can be somewhat uncomfortable. This is because your breast tissues are not being supported, and energetic movements may cause pain. Try and adjust your muscles slowly by taking small steps.

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If you are used to wearing a bra all day, switch it up by to reducing the hours your wear a bra, or go braless on alternating days. In no time, you will find that your body has conditioned itself to being bra-free.

Try Bralettes First

A bralette is a bra that is lightweight and wireless, primarily designed for comfort. Bralettes are occasionally worn alone as tops and provide light coverage and support. Bralettes are made with a comfortable fabric, and unstructured without an inner cup sling or lining.

Use Nipple Covers

Nipple covers are soft patches that cover a person’s nipples and are typically affixed with adhesive. Some types of nipple covers include: 

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  • Silicone lift nipple covers: These are made of a soft silicone material and feature a small flap that adds a little lift and support for your breasts.
  • Heart nipple covers: These are designed with no adhesive in the middle to ensure little to no irritation around your nipples.
  • Silicone nipple covers: These covers completely hide your nipple with thin silicone gel. They are quite comfortable.

When Can You Use Nipple Covers?

  • When wearing a dress that regular bra would show through. 
  • When wearing a strapless or backless top or dress, you can wear nipple covers rather than a bra.
  • When you’re going braless!

Use Boob Tape

Boob tape is a lifesaver for those who have trouble keeping their breasts in one place. It is an adhesive fabric strip that keeps everything contained and in place.

  • Boob tape is comfortable: With boob tape, you can be confident knowing you no longer have to worry about any pain or discomfort in your shoulders, neck or back as boob tape is only used on the sides and front of your breasts.
  • There are no size considerations: Boob tape fits everyone. You can borrow your friends boob tape with no issues, unlike bras.
  • Boob tape lifts the breasts: Boob tape lifts and supports the breasts and can help give you great cleavage.
  • Everything stays hidden: Boob tape is super versatile. The tape allows women to support and contain their breasts under strapless and backless clothing without showing.

Use Band-Aids

If all else fails and you are fresh out of nipple covers or boob tape, you can use band-aids to cover your nipples in a pinch. This won’t be as comfortable as nipple covers or as supportive as boob tape but it works.

Wear Supportive Clothes 

If you want to free yourself from the shackles of a bra, you can try wearing supportive clothing like: 

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  • A tight-fitting bodysuit: Body suits are a great way to be stylish and comfortable. They can provide support and coverage, while making you feel sexy, all without a bra.
  • Corset top : A corset top ensures your breasts stay put while offering your back some support. The laces can be tied tighter to help lift your breasts and accentuate your curves, all without wearing a bra.
  • Supportive Tank top or Camisole: With the right garb, you can go braless without sacrificing your figure. Supportive tank tops or camisoles can lift your breasts and hold everything in place.

Be Confident

It can be hard to feel okay with going braless. For a long time, being a D cup condemned you to always wearing a bra. Then you reach a point where you realize that wearing a bra is rule made up by society. No one can force you to wear a bra. Comfort is king!

Ignore the voices in your head that make you feel like you’re not perfect for leaving your bra at home. Ooze that sexy confidence and show off those D-cup size babies! Hold your head high. You are worthy and enough.

Related Questions

How Can I Hide My Nipples When Going Braless?

You can use nipple pasties or covers to conceal your nipples when going braless. You may also consider using boob tape, although this may leave a sticky residue.

Is Going Braless Good for Your D Cup Breasts?

Going braless from time to time is beneficial because it will give your D cup breasts a chance to breathe and give your body a break from constricting apparel. Additionally, especially if you have sensitive skin, this aids in the healing of chafed skin.

How Does It Feel to Go Braless When You Have D Cups?

When you go braless, you may feel your D cup breasts sagging quite a bit. They may also move around or sway as you move, especially when bending or running.

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Using my tips, any D-cup-sized person can go braless. Going bra-free can be an adjustment at first, but once you are used to it, it becomes second nature and is super comfortable. Remember, if you still need a little support, you have multiple options that you can wear without having to resort to a bra.


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