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How to Go Braless With D Cup Breasts

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It is a common assumption that only women with smaller cups (A-C) can go braless, which is absolutely false! Women in the D cups category can too! Here are a few tips on how to go braless with a D cup. 

How to Go Braless With D Cup 

Venturing into the world without a bra will feel noticeably different. It might be tempting to put on your sweater or cross your arms over your chest while walking. Some say they feel as though they are being stared at simply because they don’t have a bra on.  

Hand holding a scissor about to cut a bra

Going braless could mean switching from underwire bras or padded bras to soft bralettes or anything comfortable. Here are steps that can help you begin this adventurous journey of not wearing a bra. 

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Take It Slow

Similar to wearing heels on the first day, going braless can be quite uncomfortable or potentially painful. This is because most breast tissues are not supported, and aggressive movements can cause pain. 

Try and adjust your muscles slowly by taking small steps. If you were wearing a bra all day, switch it up to reduced hours or alternating days. In no time, you will find that your body has conditioned itself significantly.

Try Bralettes First

A bralette is a bra, which is light in weight and without an underwire primarily designed for the purposes of comfort. They can sometimes be worn as tops. 

Bralettes also provide coverage and support. They are regarded to be unstructured without an inner cup sling or a nice firm material. Once you start, you will notice it’s similar to leaving home without a bra. 

Practice Correct Posture

What many women don’t realize, though, is that maintaining the correct posture while standing flat-footed helps them get their desired look even with a bra. To give yourself back support (not literally), stand up straight with shoulder blades pulled down away from the head while keeping the neck long. 

When sitting, choose a chair with an adjustable backrest that supports your entire spine. This is essential as the lack of proper support could cause back pains and aches, which may lead to bad blood circulation.

Use Nipple Covers

Nipple covers are soft patches that cover a person’s nipples and are typically affixed with adhesive. Some types of nipple covers include: 

Woman with a D cup wearing an orange bodysuit
  • Silicone lift covers: made of a soft silicone material and feature a small flap that adds nice lift support to your breasts.
  • Heart covers: designed with no adhesive in the middle to ensure little to no irritation around your nipples.
  • Silicone nipple covers: These covers completely hide your nipple with thin silicone gel; however, they are quite comfortable at the same time. They make the breast have a natural look.

When Can You Use Nipple Covers?

You can use nipple covers: 

  • When wearing tight dresses, which a regular bra would show through. 
  • When you have the most amazing backless dress, you would rather try a nipple cover solution over a regular backless bra.
  • When you have a favorite comfortable bra from Apparel, and your nipple shows through the fabric. 
  • When you’re going braless!

Use a Boob Tape

Boob tape is a lifesaver for those who have trouble keeping their breasts in one place. It can be used as an adhesive fabric strip that keeps everything screwed down. Why should you consider having a boob tape?

  • They are comfortable: With boob tapes, you can be confident knowing you no longer have to worry about pain or discomfort in your back or shoulders when taping up those ladies since only sides are covered. 
  • There are no size considerations: It’s easy to call your friend and ask them for their boob tape even if they are cup size A and you are cup size D. This is such a great encouragement not to put your bra aside.
  • They lift the breasts: Boob tapes usually lift the breasts and make the open parts of the cleavage stand as firm as possible. This makes the boobs firm and fitted within any type of clothing you wear. 
  • Everything stays hidden: Remember the time you spent putting on a dress that covers up your bra, only for straps to peek out from underneath? This will never happen again when using boob tapes! The tape allows women to conceal certain parts of their breasts at any given moment. 

Wear Supportive Clothes 

If you want to free yourself from the shackles of a bra, you can try wearing: 

Woman braless while wearing a black bodysuit
  • A tight-fitting bodysuit: Bodysuits are a great way to be stylish and comfortable. They can provide support while still making you feel sexy even without a bra! Some lingerie brands offer some super-sexy bodice options perfect if this styles for going braless. 
  • Corset-styled outfits: A corset-backed ensure your breasts stay intact while offering your back some support. The laces can be tied really tight to flaunt the glory of your curves without wearing a bra and still feel comfortable during strenuous activities like yoga class!
  • Clothing with zippers: With the right garb, you can go braless without sacrificing your figure. Structured and thick fabrics keep breasts in place with their natural shape thanks to zippers that allow for greater mobility than traditional bras do, so it’s easier to get around. 

Be Courageous

When an image of perfectly perky boobs is presented to anyone, it can be hard to feel okay with anything else. For a long time, filling out a D cup meant no one had a choice of going braless. Then you realize that those are rules made up by society.

Ignore the little voices in your head that make you feel like you’re not perfect for leaving your bra at home. Ooze confidence and show off those D-cup size babies! You are worthy and enough.


Remember to keep calming your anxieties. If you find yourself feeling self-conscious, focus on yourself instead. Remember, with the tips mentioned, any D-cup-sized person can go braless, feeling both sexy and comfortable.


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