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C Cup vs D Cup Bra Sizes In Review

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Some ladies are wondering whether there are any differences between a C cup vs D cup. If you are a C cup can you wear a D or the other way around? Let’s find out by knowing the similarities and differences between a C cup and a D cup.

C Cup vs D Cup General Overview

C cup and D cup should not be interchanged and should not be worn just by anyone without getting their proper measurements. Aside from having an inch of difference, here are some other features of the C cup vs the D cup.

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C Cup

C cup is not a large size of bra. Its measurements can fall from the small to the average size of the brassier. C cup is one of the most popular sizes not just in the US, that’s why it is sometimes considered as large. A C cup ranges from 33 ¾ to 43 ¼ inches.

In a survey conducted by Dr. Ed among 2000 people in the UK and in the US, men and women are most satisfied with a C cup and it is their most wanted size. Depending on your figure, a C cup may look large and absolutely beautiful.

D Cup

A D cup is an inch larger than a C cup when it comes to the band size. However, it is 1 to 2 inches smaller than DD and DDD cups. In the UK, they call DD and DDD cups E and F respectively, so you will not get confused. A D cup size falls on the average to medium bras.

A D cup can also be considered large but not overwhelming. D cups can highlight your curves and give an accent to your upper body. The looks of the D cup depend on your body figure. For a petite woman, it may look really large. On the other hand, on a full-figure lady, it may just look average or small.

Similarities and Differences

C cup and D cup can only be different in underbust circumference by an inch. A C cup has a 3-inch difference between the bust and band size while the D cup has a 4-inch difference. Both of these cups can look bigger in a petite woman and smaller in a full-figure woman.

These bras can be considered average size depending on their band length. They can measure from 26 to 64 inches on the under-bust and band size. This is another factor in how your breasts will look under a bra.

Of course, the bra that you wear is another big factor to look after, too. The proper bra can make you feel comfortable whatever your cup size is.

When to Use a C Cup Bra?

It is very easy to know whether you need to wear a C cup if you have measured your breasts correctly. To help you know what band size of C cup bras should you wear, here are the measurements:

  • 32C = 33 ¾ to 35 ¼ inches
  • 34C = 36 ½ to 37 /4 inches
  • 36C = 38 ½ to 39 ¼ inches
  • 38C = 40 ½ to 41 ¼ inches
  • 40C = 42 ½ to 43 ¼ inches

Aside from knowing these sizes, another reason to wear a C cup is if you have been in breast surgery such as augmentation or reduction. If you are from size A or B, the best go-to size on the list is a C cup. If you are from DD or DDD, one of your best choices is a C cup or D.

Just remember that it is not a one size fits all method. You still need to seek the advice of your doctor.

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When to Use a D Cup Bra?

A perfectly fitted D cup bra can provide you with great support and comfort. Just like the C cup, it comes in various ranges, too. Here are the measurements to know if you need to wear a D cup bra.

  • 32D = 27 to 28 ½ inches
  • 34D = 29 to 30 ½ inches
  • 36D = 31 to 33 ½ inches
  • 38D = 34 to 36 ½ inches
  • 40D = 37 to 39 ½ inches
  • 42D = 40 to 42 ½ inches
  • 44D = 43 to 45 ½ inches

You should wear a D cup bra if your sizes are just like the above measurements. Wearing a bra bigger or smaller than that can cause discomfort and not enough support.

How to Know if My Bra Fits Perfectly?

If your bra fits on your breasts and chest properly, it can add more to your confidence because you don’t have to think about straps falling off your shoulders or your breasts getting out of shape.

To be confident with your cup size, here are some notes that you need to remember while looking for a bra.

The Band and Straps

The band is the most important support system of the bra. Almost 80 to 90% of support comes from it. The band should not be too tight but can snug around your torso firmly.

To know if it is tight enough, you should be able to slip your two fingers in between your skin and your bra.

The band should not also move upward or towards your breasts when you’re doing some movements, especially when raising your arms. The rest of the support comes from the straps. Straps are there to even your breasts’ and bra’s height.

Straps should not be digging on your shoulders yet tight enough to support your breasts.

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The Cup

Your breasts, whether they are C or D cups, need to fit inside of your bra. The proper cup for your breasts should not cause any spillage on the side and at the top. Cups should not be too big as well because they can produce wrinkles that can also be shown on your outfit.

The gore should be flat against the middle of your chest. If it is not, that means you are wearing a small size. If you’re wearing a bra with underwires, they should not be poking on your sides and on your chest.

Which Cup Size Is Better?

The best size that you can wear will always depend on the needs of your breasts. A well-fitted bra will look great on you whether it is a C or a D. You will feel little to no irritation and you may feel more confident to move and face the day.

The best size of a bra should be able to give your breasts enough support and security. C cup and D cup are both comfortable sizes to have. So if you are feeling uneasy, it might be that your bra is not perfect for the job.

Consider taking your measurement and refer to the sizes given above.

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