How Big Are D Cup Breasts?

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When talking about larger breast sizes, a D cup is one of the most common sizes. The D cup is one cup size bigger than the C cup, and is an easily found bra size when bra shopping. In my article below, I will offer discuss everything you need to know about D cup breasts.

How Big Are D Cups?

If you wear a D cup bra, this means your bust size is 4 inches larger than your band (or underbust) size. Even though D cups typically extend out 4 inches from your ribcage, not all D sized busts look the same. 

Your cup size is relative to the band size you have. Due to this, a D cup can looks smaller or larger on different people. On women with larger ribcages, D cups will appear smaller. On more petite women, D cups will appear larger.

D cup bust size is 4 inches is larger than your band, and typically extends 4 inches from your ribcage

What is a D Cup Size?

A D cup should not be confused with larger cup sizes such as DD or DDD. A DD cup has a 5 inch difference between the bust and band measurements and this makes it one cup size bigger than the D cup. A DDD cup has a 6 inch difference between the bust and band measurements which makes it two cup sizes bigger than a D cup.

Comparing D, DD, and DDD Cups

Cup Size Description Weight
D 4-inch difference between the bust and band1.53 pounds for each breast
DD 5-inch difference between the bust and band2.15 pounds for each breast
DDD 6-inch difference between the bust and band3 pounds for each breast

What Bras Should You Wear as a D Cup?

As you grow older, there is a possibility that your breasts can grow bigger. Finding larger bra sizes can be a challenge as bigger breasts require more support than smaller cup sizes like an A cup.

If you measure your cup size based on a brand’s sizing chart, you will be able to find a bra that is perfect for your body type and your breasts.

If you are a D cup, here are a couple of bras that can work well for your body:

  • Full coverage bras: For complete support, full coverage bras are a D cup’s best friend. Plus, you won’t have to worry about cleavage showing, since you’ll be fully covered. Even though they are more conservative, full coverage bras still come in cute styles!
  • Minimizer bras: If you want your chest to appear smaller and more like a B or C cup, add a minimizer bra to your wardrobe.

If you have larger breasts, like a D cup, you need everyday support. My favorite? The Elomi Banded Underwire Stretch Lace Bra. It has really supportive bands and a nice, three section cup.

Bear in mind that your outfit choice can change how your bra looks and feels. Make sure you know what clothing is flattering and not flattering for larger breasts.

Woman with a D cup wearing a blue bra

How Should a D Bra Fit?

Just like other bra sizes, your D cup bra should fit snugly around the chest and feel comfortable at all times. The D cup bra should also offer adequate support to allow you to move around freely without the need to adjust the straps or re-position the cups.

You should ensure that the band of your D cup bra sits parallel to the ground. It should never move up throughout the day or tug at your skin. If your bra does this, then you should opt for a bra that is one band size wider.

Related Questions

Are D Cup Breasts Heavy?

D cup breasts can be heavy because they can weigh at least three pounds. Imagine having a steam iron, a honeydew, or an electric water kettle plastered to your chest.

Is an a or D Cup Bigger?

A D cup is bigger than an A cup. D cups have a four-inch difference between the bust and band, compared to one inch difference for A cups.

How Will I Know if I Have D Cup Boobs?

To know if you have D cups, check if there’s a four-inch difference between your overbust and underbust measurements. Make sure to measure around the ribcage and the fullest part of your breasts.

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Bigger boobs can be quite challenging to find bras and clothes for. It is not easy to find the right bra size in an average lingerie store for women with exceptionally big breasts. The D cup is one of the most ideal sizes among the bigger bra sizes.


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