What Not to Wear if You Have a Big Bust

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The shape of your breasts greatly influences your entire look, and one mistake might give the impression that you are fat. So you may wonder what not to wear if you have a big bust. There are several types of clothes you should avoid wearing if you have a large breast since they might make you appear bulkier and heavier.

What Not to Wear if You Have a Big Bust 

Despite how fantastic it is to have immediate cleavage, having big boobs is unfortunately not without its challenges. It might be difficult to choose the most appealing designs, forms, and materials to wear and to figure out what to avoid wearing. Some things to avoid wearing if you have a big bust are listed below:

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High Necklines

Turtlenecks and crewnecks are examples of high necklines. These necklines are tough to wear with a large breast because they cut the body off and reduce the space around the bust area.

This clothing style also makes the neck look larger; if the breast is already significant, the upper body begins to feel heavy.

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If you have large breasts, neither high-neck dresses nor high-neck shirts and sweaters will work for you.

If you must wear them, choose black or solid colors and try to accessorize them. This will draw attention away from your bust and onto your accessories, and solid dark colors can disguise weight.

Ruffles at the Bust

Women with big boobs should avoid wearing this kind of clothing. Ruffles, while pleasant and feminine, add a lot of mass to the body; thus, wearing them around a bigger breast makes it look larger.

Avoid wearing clothing that draws attention to or enhances the breast area. Sleeveless, ruffled gowns may draw attention to your bra fat as well. As a consequence, it is better to stay away from them. Look for dresses with ruffles facing down or that cover the breast area.

Voluminous Sleeves

Keep your sleeves slim and arm-fitting to prevent adding bulk to your body. Voluminous sleeves add mass to the body. This is significant for several reasons. First, it creates space between your arm and your bust area, which aids in figure-shaping.

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Second, it prevents the excess weight from being added to the upper region of your body, making your breasts appear larger.

Crop Tops

Because of the shorter length, wearing a bra underneath crop tops tend to make the torso appear shorter, making the breast appear bigger. Wear longer shirts or blouses instead of crop tops. They aid in the reduction of your breast size.

A gray v-neck shirt and black leggings are worn by a woman seated on a couch

Boxy Shirts

Comfort is essential while dressing. Many women associate loose and shapeless shirts with comfort; while they are, they aren’t the most appealing options. These form-fitting shirts completely disguise your body structure, making it look larger than it is and highlighting the breast.

You must be cautious about the tops you wear if you have big breasts. The best way is to concentrate on shirt fitting. This helps to define the waistline, which helps to trim and flatten a larger breast.

Spaghetti Straps

Spaghetti straps should be avoided. While they might be enjoyable to wear, many women with larger breasts feel that they don’t provide much support and bring much more attention to the bust. Spaghetti straps are thin and bra choices are slim, frequently requiring a strapless bra, which is not always the best option for ladies with large busts.

Furthermore, skinny straps might seem disproportionate on a large breast. Stick to broader straps, allowing you to wear a bra with straps and balance out a bigger breast.

A black v-neck blouse and denim shorts are worn by a woman seated on the stairs

What to Wear if You Have a Big Bust

Is there anything more lovely than a woman with beautiful curves? When getting dressed, women with large breasts frequently seem top-heavy. Whether women with big busts want to show off their assets or hide them for the day, putting together a lovely ensemble may be challenging.

So, what should women with big busts wear? 

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  • Jumpsuits: Jumpsuits are fantastic. They’re an all-in-one costume. Second, they look great on ladies with bigger bust busts. The idea is to select a flattering shape that does not accentuate your top half and look for darker colors.
  • Loose tops: If you have big busts, choose more open shirts. Consider a relaxed yet tailored look. Avoid wearing oversized clothing since they might easily create the impression that you’re larger than you are.
  • Pants with a wide leg: Adding a few wide-leg trousers to your collection will help you slim down, as some jeans can make you look fatter. They provide volume to your bottom half, pulling attention there and away from a region you may be self-conscious about. 
  • Minimizer bra: A minimizer bra provides comfort to ladies with huge breasts by providing better support. They give the silhouette a smoother, more balanced appearance. They help decrease breast bounce since they provide full coverage. They can also avoid bulges, allowing you to wear a variety of necklines and fits. 
  • A-line dresses and skirts: This type of clothing add a feminine touch while maintaining a stunning impact. Most importantly, it diverts attention away from your breasts. This is due to the fact that they are designed to attract attention to the waist and hips. 
  • Blazers: These are ideal for hiding areas of concern and quickly changing out of gloomy outfits. In this case, they serve to cover your breasts by concealing their exposure.

Styling Tips for Women With Big Bust

The following is a style guide for women with huge breasts to help them accentuate the feminine form and make everyday dressing easier.

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  • Shirts that look good: The best way to determine which brand is the best fit for you is to try a selection of options. Consider having your shirts altered as well since doing so will ensure that they fit you perfectly.
  • Simple on top: The overuse of ruffles and elaborate patterns enlarge your breast. Save the patterns and designs for your lower part of the body and choose plain shirts in smaller sizes and darker hues to create the illusion of a slimmer figure.
  • Draw attention to your bottom: I’m not saying you should always wear an empire style or fully match dress; a belted slip or a pleated skirt are great options. They are perfect for parties and professional business engagements because they are not overly form-fitting across the bust and wonderfully display your curves.
  • Choose the best structure and fabric: Pay attention to the fabrics you buy. Lighter fabrics like chiffon and cotton do not add weight to your busts; heavier ones like satin and velvet do. So that you don’t appear unduly saggy or stretched out, use more structured forms.
  • The best necklines: While wearing a crew neck is really not usually bad, switching to a V-neck or a scoop neck will have a significant effect. A scoop neck draws attention to your shoulders, but a V-neck lengthens your body.
  • The ideal bra: Makes a huge difference in wearing a bra that fits properly. Even if you are dressed appropriately, the wrong bra that doesn’t offer enough support or coverage might spoil your image. To be sure you’re making the correct selections, measure yourself periodically.
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Finding apparel that fits your body type could be more challenging if you have huge breasts. This is because your bust is more likely to become the main point of your ensemble no matter what you wear, making it more challenging for you to try new trends and appear fashionable. A balanced outfit should be put together, and anything that would add weight to your top should be avoided.


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