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How to Make Your Boobs Look Smaller [No Surgery Required]

So many well-endowed ladies know the struggle all too well. You finally find the outfit that fits your style to a T. It’s flirty, effortlessly cool, on trend, and you have shoes that match it perfectly. Sounds like a killer outfit, right?

There is one major issue though. Your boobs stick out like a sore thumb and you feel uncomfortable with how much your breasts dominate the outfit. So, what can you do to make your boobs look smaller?

​How to Make Your Boobs Look Smaller

​​In the last 10 years, the trends have shifted to make small breasts “in.” While that is awesome in terms of body positivity and inclusion of small chested women, it makes it significantly harder for bustier babes to find clothing that fits properly.

​The fashion industry is catering to the flat chested ladies. This leaves larger chested women with a few options that flatter their figure while staying on trend. You just want to be able to wear a cute tank top with that strapless bra without feeling like you’ll get arrested for indecent exposure!

Woman holds a measuring tape arond her boobs as she wears a pink push up bra

Turning to the internet, you become discouraged by all the advice you find on how to make your boobs look smaller. Everywhere you click, there are advertisements. Some are for breast reduction surgery. Other promote unlikely “health supplements” that promise to shrink your breasts overnight (which are totally fake and very unhealthy!)

You love your curves and couldn’t imagine altering your body surgically or through supplements. You just want a temporary solution to minimize the look of your breasts to fit the current trends. Look no further. Here are ways to make your breasts look smaller WITHOUT having to take any permanent measures!

​1. Get Properly Fitted

So many women across America are wearing the wrong bra size, simply because of never getting measured or getting incorrect measurements. If your straps are always slipping, your band digs in, or you have the dreaded “double boob,” your bra is probably the wrong size.

Your best bet is to go to a bra fitting professional like Nordstrom or a local lingerie boutique to get a personalized fitting, especially when it’s your first time to wear a bra

A well fitted bra will not only be more comfortable and decrease breast pain, but it will make your breasts look smaller as well. Buying a bra in the correct size will give you the support you need, relieving pressure on your shoulders and back. It will also help improve your posture, which also makes your breasts look smaller.

​2. Wear Bras that Flatten

Once you know your correct bra size, you aren’t done. The type of bra you wear also has an impact on the size of your breasts. To make your chest look smaller, avoid bras with excessive padding or ones that push your girls together

Instead, opt for ones that gently suppress your boobs or give you that “barely there” look.

Minimizer Bras

Minimizer bras are specially made to make breast size appear smaller. These bras lift and redistribute the breast tissue across the chest. The cup of the bra simply reshapes the look of the breast tissue to flatten the chest and reduce the projection of the breasts.

A well designed minimizer bra can be a lifesaver for a larger chested woman, and the good ones do keep and retain some of your shape, so don’t worry!

Close up of a tan skinned woman wearing a black minimizer bra


Bralettes are another option for reducing the visual appearance of your chest. These are a double-edged sword though. While they do make breasts look smaller, they don’t offer much support and could ultimately lead to back and shoulder pain.

These are best for ladies with medium sized breasts who want to look smaller, or for short term wear by women with larger breasts. It will be easy to make this transition as not only is the bralette cute and fashion-forward, it’s very comfortable too.

Sports Bras

Sports Bras are less than ideal in terms of fashion. They get the job done if you want to visually reduce your bust, though. Sports bras work by squishing your breasts down, which is necessary when exercising to reduce movement and provide support.

Beware, an incorrectly sized sports bra can be too tight on the chest and cause pain and discomfort if there is too much compression. Get a proper fitting sports bra and you have a comfortable, supportive, breast reducing, alternative to the traditional bra.

Binder Bras

Binder Bras are a type of bra that is similar to the look of a bandeau, but in addition, it provides extreme compression of the breasts. They are typically worn by people in the Transgender community to create the appearance of a flat chest.

However, they can be worn by anyone who wants to significantly reduce the appearance of their breasts. Make sure to bind for under 8 hours a day, take your binder off when you sleep, and only use legitimate binders, as they are the safest.

If you decide to wear a binder and it begins to hurt, take it off immediately. It might be too tight and could cause serious damage to your body.

​3. Breast Reducing Fashion

Different types of clothing can play a role in the appearance of breasts. When trying to make your breasts look smaller, it is best to avoid clothing which draws attention to the chest. This includes long necklaces, tight fitting shirts, and crew-neck necklines. You can wear shelf bras instead ​so as to not draw any additional attention to them.

Woman is weaaring a white lacey minimizer bra

​Other styles that make your boobs appear bigger are graphic tees with writing across the chest, tops with frills or ruffles, and low-cut shirts that show off cleavage. Save these styles for another day when you want to show off your chest!

​Wear Looser Fit Clothing

Clothing that helps minimize the size of the breast are looser fitting tops, shirts with V necks or scoop necks, and cardigans or jackets. With looser fitting clothing, the material does not cling to your boobs, which makes it seem like your breasts are smaller.

You don’t want the clothes to be too loose though. An excessively baggy tee will make you look boxy and hide your figure. If you’re going to wear something loose, make sure it’s cropped, or it has a defined waist, so it doesn’t look like you’re drowning in your clothing.

​Look for V-neck and Scoop Neck Shirts

V-neck and scoop neck shirts help to draw attention away from the breasts and divert the attention towards the collarbone. This visually reduces the size of your breasts.

Jackets and cardigans help make your boobs look smaller by creating a slimming visual line down your front, drawing the eyes downward and away from your chest.

They can also help by slimming your waist and breaking up the bust, creating a more tailored look to your outfit​, instead of wearing a top rated push-up bra for lifting that will only highlight your breasts even further.

Woman tries to close off her black top while wearing a red lacey bra underneath

​Opt for Darker Clothing

​Opting for dark colors can also help minimize your chest. Universally, black is known as the most slimming color. Wearing black and other dark colors help to slim down the chest by hiding any shadows created by your breasts, which makes them appear visually smaller. 

The most important fashion tip regarding visually reducing your breast size is the draw attention elsewhere on the body. Whether it be attention to your collarbone through the neckline of your shirt, or to your hips through a tunic style tee, your boobs will be less noticeable if something else on your body is more attention grabbing.

​4. Don’t Slouch

​How you hold yourself makes a drastic difference on the visual size of your breasts. Contrary to what you may think, slouching and trying to hide your breasts does not make your chest appear smaller. It actually makes your boobs look bigger!

​When you slouch into yourself in an attempt to hide your chest, it calls more attention to what you’re trying to hide. The best way to combat this is by standing up straight and lifting your chest up, not out. You don’t need to stick your boobs all the way out to have good posture. You just need to sit or stand up straight.

You might feel like your boobs stick out more in this position, but because good posture elongates the torso, your chest looks more proportionate to the rest of your body. This makes your boobs appear smaller than they are.

​5. Focus on Certain Exercises

​This isn’t exactly a quick fix for making breasts look smaller, but if you have a longer period of time, you can reduce the size of your chest with exercising and losing weight.

Since breasts are composed of mostly fat tissue, as you work out your chest muscles and tone up that area of your body, you will naturally lose some of the fat there.

Adding in aerobic exercises into your routine (the elliptical, running, swimming, etc) is a great way to burn calories and your overall body fat. Focusing on certain pectoral moves, such as a wall press (also called a wall push-up) can also target your chest and work to tone and shrink its size!

Girl sits on a couch wearing black lacy lingerie

​6. Say Goodbye to Junk Food

​Junk food is often linked to the problem of obesity. Any food that’s heavily processed contains so much more unnecessary fat and sugar than nutrients. The excessive amount of calories usually turns to fat in your body. Since the breasts are mainly fat, there’s a big chance that what you get from eating junk food can go to your breasts.

It’s not easy to completely stop yourself from eating junk food in a snap. As a common comfort food, junk food stimulates something in the brain that signals it’s a feel-good food, which makes you want to eat more.

Start with a plan to gradually remove it from your usual diet. Replace it with healthier snacks like fruits. Then, follow through with a detox plan when you’re ready to let go of it.


​Remember that confidence is key. At the end of the day, these tips are just suggestions. Your body doesn’t have to look a certain way to keep up with the trends and to wear fashionable clothing. Anything can look good on you (no matter what you look like) if you wear it with confidence.

For ideas on how to rock your curves, look to fine ladies like Kim K, Kate Upton, or Sofia Vergara. They all have large chests and they don’t let society dictate how to flaunt them!

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