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What Age Should You Wear a Bra?

If you’re raising a young lady approaching her teen years, you knew the time would come when you’d have womanhood conversations like periods, and start wearing bras. But, when? Now you’ve found yourself wondering at what age should you wear a bra?

What Age Should You Wear a Bra? 

Girls start wearing a bra when they’re 11 years. However, other girls may want to start wearing a bra at 8 while others when they’re 14 years old. Age isn’t a big factor when considering buying your little daughter a bra. Below are signs a mom should watch out for:

Does She Have Breast Buds?

​Breast buds are the first signs of developing breasts. If your daughter has small bumps on her chest, or her nipples are starting to protrude, it might be time to consider a training bra. 

Does She Have Other Signs of Puberty?

Developing breasts, pubic hair, gaining weight, and the onset of periods are other early signs of puberty in girls. This can be a good time for her to start wearing a bra!

Teen girl wearing a white baby bra

​Does She Play Sports?

If your daughter plays sports, the discomfort associated with breast development can heighten. It can be a good idea to find her a model that keeps her comfortable while she’s playing.

​What if She Asks to Wear Bras?

Although you may not notice any of the puberty signs, it’s not a bad thing to let your daughter buy a ​​great small-breasted push-up bra

Since she can struggle with body image, your daughter might need one even if her boobs are not yet fully developed, especially if other young girls are wearing one. 

​What if She’s Embarrassed?

Young ladies are usually embarrassed when wearing a highly rated push up model with underwire. Here are tips you might find useful when the time comes for a mom like you to have the “bras talk.” 

​Try to be Delicate

​The thought of wearing a bra can be a delicate subject. If you feel your daughter may be embarrassed, proceed with delicacy.

​Try not to Embarrass

​Yelling, “Girl, you need a bra,” before family members or friends is not the best way to approach the conversation. Instead, address the conversation in private. 

​What if She Refuses?

​Your daughter may still not want to wear a training bra if she’s uncomfortable with bra shopping. Even if she’s forming breast buds don’t force her. 

Rack of white training bras for teens

It’s a myth that she’ll end up with saggy breasts if she doesn’t want to wear a training bra when her breasts start to develop. Give her some time and try the discussion later.

​When Should I Take Her Bra Shopping?

​If your daughter is comfortable with her first bra shopping, take her to the clothing store. There are a few ways to make the experience a little more enjoyable.

Girls’ Day

​Incorporate the buying into a “Girls’ Day Out” and add a training model to her clothes list. You can even buy yourself something so that she can feel you’re doing it together. 

​Back-to-School Shopping

​If you take your kids shopping each year for new back-to-school items, make sure you add a model to the shopping list. It’s also the perfect time to bring up the subject and make it a part of moving into the next grade.

​Professional Fitting

​While this is not the best time to bring up the topic, your daughter can become excited about having personal sizing done for her new clothes. Let her know someone will be touching her during the process. 

This will also allow you to know if your daughter needs a regular model, a strapless one, or even a bandeau. You can also get a personal sizing done so your daughter feels more comfortable! You may even be surprised to find out you were wearing the wrong size!

Tips for Buying A First Training Bra

Before introducing your girl to training bras, consider the type of bras she’ll feel more comfortable wearing. Below are valuable tips to help you. 


​Picking bras made of cotton can be a good option for a training bra. It can help decrease irritation or discomfort that may come from forming breast buds. 

Woman in denim jacket holds up two bras for shopping


​Instead of assuming your daughter will need an A-cup, pick one that fits right. Let her try a variety of models to know if they fit well. 


Some training bras offer padding to boost boobs, while others hide nipple protrusion. You can decide on some thin padding if your daughter is self-conscious. 

Choose Different Styles

If your daughter is involved in various activities, buy different training bras such as a sports bra, soft cup bra, and underwire bras.

When Should You Introduce a Training Bra?

A training bra is for young girls whose breasts are not yet fully developed as it provides support for tender nipples. Many girls start wearing training models once their boobs begin forming breast buds. However, girls with breast development beyond the bra training stage should try a soft cup or underwire bras.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is the Right Time for a Real Bra?

Breast development begins at different ages. So you can buy one for your daughter when her breasts begin forming. Once she can fill a B cup, it’s time for a standard model.

Should Girls Wear Bras At Night?

Girls can wear a training bra while they sleep if they feel comfortable with them. Try different styles such as lightweight models, and avoid underwire bras. Since an uncomfortable training bra will make it hard to sleep or irritate your breasts, choose one that isn’t too tight or have parts that dig in.


Although you may not be sure about the timing, you will know when your little child needs a training bra. Trust your instincts and get ready for some interesting “bra conversations”.

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