How to Use Boob Tape [All Outfits Covered]

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Do you remember when you used an ordinary bra for a particular dress, and it peeked through the neckline or armholes? You can avoid such mishaps with the help of breast tape. I’m sharing a step-by-step guide on how to use boob tape so you can slay any outfit.

How to Use Boob Tape

To tape your boobs, hold your breasts in your desired position for lift and shape. Place the tape on the bottom part, then lift it to the shoulders to create cleavage. You can add more strips on the bottom and side of your boobs depending on the level of support you need.

Using the best boob tape on the market will ensure it lasts all day and night, and not be subject to the effects of sweat and moisture.

Boob tape may sound intimidating at first, especially since there’s no one-size-fits-all method. To help you navigate, I’m giving tips on how to tape your boobs depending on your specific situation or clothing.

How to Use Boob Tape For a Strapless Dress

Step 1Cut a 12-inch strip
Step 2Put the tape onto the side of one breast
Step 3Press and move to the other breast
Step 4Put another strip across the top of the breasts
Step 5Pull upwards and inward for more cleavage

When wearing a strapless dress, you can turn to a strapless bra to hold your breasts up. But, then you’re stuck pulling your strapless bra up all night.

Graphic illustration of various images that describes the process of how to use boob tapes for strapless dresses

You can get more support by opting for a longline strapless bra, which has a thicker band. Or, if you’re tired of strapless bra options, you can use boob tape.

With a strapless dress, you have to tape your boobs so that the tape doesn’t cover your shoulders:

  1. Cut a 12-inch strip or slightly longer than your chest’s width.
  2. Put the tape onto the side of one breast. Gently press as you wrap and move to the other breast. The goal is to lift your boobs and bring them together.
  3. You can tape lower or higher on the sides, nearly under the armpits, although you should consider the kind of dress you’re wearing.
  4. Cut two more strips to tape over the first one. You can also put another strip across the top of the breasts for support.
  5. Pull upwards and inward for more cleavage, much like wearing a balconette bra.

How to Use Boob Tape For a Backless Dress

Step 1Cut 12-inch strips
Step 2Tape one side of your boob
Step 3Tape from the right boob to the left boob
Step 4Place another tape on the underboobs
Step 5Tape going inwards to improve lift

Similar to a strapless dress, the goal is to use boob tape to lift and bring the breasts together until you contour the chest to your desired shape. In this case, you can’t use a strapless bra, because it will show across your back.

So, you can turn to a good adhesive bra, or use boob tape:

  1. Cut 12-inch strips of boob tape or longer.
  2. Tape one side of your boob from the base to the shoulder to create a lift.
  3. Tape from the right boob to the left boob if your clothes expose the shoulders. Pull tightly as you go and skip the sahoulders.
  4. Place another tape on the bottom part of the breasts to compress them together.
  5. Repeat the second step with two more strips of tape. Tape going inwards to improve lift.
  6. You can use a small strip of tape to secure the sides of the longer tapes and anchor them on the skin.
An image of a person who used a boob tape

How to Use Boob Tape For Low-Cut Tops

Step 1Hold your breast in the desired position
Step 2Place a strip of the tape on the underboob
Step 3Pull as much as you can to hold your boobs
Step 4Push inwards from the outside of the breasts
Step 5Extend the tape at the back for support

Some ladies love wearing tops with plunging necklines and wide openings up to the sternum. If this is your case, you can structure the boob tape to form a lifted bust without showing bra lines. In most cases, you’ll only need four to eight strips for a secure fit.

  1. Hold your breast in the desired place.
  2. Place a strip of the tape from under the breast, almost the same position as your regular bra band.
  3. Let the tape follow your bustline’s curve. Pull as much as you can to hold your boobs in your desired position. You may go straight through the nipples for a better lift.
  4. Push inwards from the outside of the breasts if you need more cleavage. Imagine how your breasts should look when wearing a plunge or demi bra.
  5. You can extend the tape about three inches off the back of the shoulders for support.
  6. While optional, you can put a strip of tape vertically closer to the breast bone and nipples to define the bust shape.
A woman wearing a gray low cut top standing beside a window glass

How to Use Boob Tape With a Deep-V Neckline

Step 1Cut three pieces of 12-inch strips
Step 2Pull lightly from the bottom of one breast
Step 3Place another strip of tape and pull inwards
Step 4Repeat the steps above on the other boob
Step 5Put more strips until you feel supported

Bra sales rose 1% in the last six months of 2020 despite the pandemic, mainly because ladies now have more options, including boob tape. However, there may be times when tape is a better option than pushup bras for outfits with deep-V necklines.

  1. Cut three pieces of 12-inch strips of breast tape. You can cut longer or up to 13 inches if you want to extend to the back of the shoulders.
  2. Cup and lift one boob to start. This ensures you get a more defined shape as you tape.
  3. Place the tape on the bottom of one breast, then pull lightly.
  4. Place another strip of tape and pull inwards the chest to create cleavage for the plunging neckline.
  5. Do the above steps on the other breast.
  6. Put more strips until you feel comfortable and supported.
A woman wearing a black see-through deep v neckline

How to Use Boob Tape For Triangle-Shaped Tops

Step 1Lift your breasts
Step 2Place small strips horizontally
Step 3Pull slightly inward and upward
Step 4Repeat the steps on the other breast
Step 5Pull your boobs towards each other
Step 6Tape across the chest

There may be instances when you feel it’s impossible to hide a bra underneath tricky silhouettes such as triangle tops. Using boob tape is a gamechanger as it can support the breasts without you worrying about straps and nip slips.

  1. Lift your breasts and place small strips horizontally from the bottom of one breast toward the nipple to create an individual cup. Imagine wearing a mermaid seashell cup without gore.
  2. Use two more strips of boob tape and pull slightly inward and upward to create cleavage.
  3. Repeat the steps on the other breast.
  4. To mimic a pushup bra effect, pull your boobs towards each other even tighter when taping across the chest.
A person using a boob tape

How to Use Boob Tape to Flatten Your Chest

Step 1Hold your breasts apart
Step 2Put strips of tape across the chest
Step 3Use more strips to pull each boob to the side

Do you have an activity where you need to minimize breast movements, like dancing and brisk walking? You can use boob tape to bind the chest safely.

  1. Hold your breasts apart to avoid a uni-boob look.
  2. Put strips of tape across the chest to compress them.
  3. Use more strips to pull each boob to the side.
  4. Make sure not to place the tape the whole way around your torso as extremely tight shapewear or undergarment can restrict your breathing.

Tips and Reminders When Using Boob Tape

Some women find joy in not wearing a bra on certain occasions. However, some outfits still call for some lift and support. Learning how to use boob tape provides coverage without the confinement of traditional bras.

While breast taping looks straightforward, there are still some tips that can ensure you don’t feel any discomfort. In this way, you can also go braless without drawing attention to your chest.

A person showing how to use a boob tape
  • Do a patch test on your skin. Cut off a small strip of tape and apply it to the skin near your elbows. If your skin shows signs of irritation or rashes, it may be best to change brands or consult a dermatologist first.
  • Make sure to clean and dry the bust area to ensure the tape would stick properly.
  • You can put nipple covers or cotton pads over the nipples for extra protection.
  • When cutting the tape, round the edges slightly so you won’t feel sharp edges poking on your skin.
  • Don’t tape too loose, as this will defeat the purpose of the tape. Consequently, it won’t hold the breasts to your desired effect.
  • Some breast isn’t waterproof. Avoid wearing tape when going to the gym and use a well-fitted sports bra instead.
  • Boob tape is usually easy to remove. However, if you’re having a hard time, you can saturate it with olive or body oil to lose adhesiveness.
  • Don’t rip the tape off like a bandaid, as this will only hurt your skin. Instead, pull the tape back against itself.
  • Don’t try to remove the tape while taking a cold shower. Some boob tape is waterproof or sweatproof, so contact with water will only make the tape stickier.

Related Questions

How Do You Tape Your Nipples Down?

Lay small strips of boob tape flatly across the nipples to tape them down. You can also put nipple covers first to ensure coverage.

How Long Can I Leave Boob Tape On?

While some brands claim it’s safe to leave boob tape on for 12 to 24 hours, it’s best to remove it after eight to 10 hours. This ensures the tape won’t stick to your skin too much.

How Do You Prevent Boob Tape From Causing Blisters?

Make sure to put the tape on the breast’s fleshier part to prevent blisters. Avoid applying the tape to the chest’s center where the skin is thinner. You can also place nipple covers as an extra layer of protection.

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While it depends on the clothes, using boob tape requires placing it on the bottom of the boobs and pulling it upward or inward for lift and cleavage. It takes some experimentation and practice to achieve the best outcome. Try these different methods until you get the technique that suits you.


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