How Much Do DD Cups Weigh?

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Breasts can be different sizes, shapes, point in different directions, and even be different weights. A DD cup is the average breast size in America. So, exactly how much do DD cup breasts weigh?

How Much Do DD Cups Weigh?

Breasts that are DD cups can weigh about 4.3 pounds, meaning each breast may weigh 2.15 pounds. The actual weight of your breast would also depend on your band size.

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According to an article published in the International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology, the weight of your breasts may differ from each other. To get the most accurate weight, you need to weigh each breast separately, using the water displacement method. 

Measuring the Displaced Liquid:

A more accurate way to get your breasts’ weight is through Archimedes’ principle of liquid displacement:

You will need the following:

  • A kitchen or bathroom scale
  • A large bowl
  • A towel
  • A tray with a sizable lip
  • A pen and paper or calculator
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Complete the steps below:

  1. Measure the weight of the tray and write the measurement on your paper.
  2. Put the large bowl inside of the tray. Fill the bowl with water up to the brim. 
  3. Place one of your breasts in the bowl until your chest touches the lip of the bowl lightly.
  4. Take out the bowl. Carry the tray with the displaced water and measure it on the scale.
  5. Subtract the weight of the tray from the tray that contains water.
  6. Multiply your answer by 0.9 as your breast tissues are mostly made of fats, which means it has a different density and weight by volume measurement compared to water.
  7. Repeat steps 2 to 6 for the other breast. You have to measure them separately because they may differ in size, shape, and weight.

How Much Do DD Cups Weigh According to Band Size?

To get a better handle on how much your breasts weigh, below are some equivalents and analogies that can help you. To have a thorough comparison, let’s begin with the regular and average sizes for the DD cup size.

  • 28DD: about 1.13 pounds per breast
  • 30DD: about 1.53 pounds per breast
  • 32DD: about 2.15 pound per breast 
  • 34DD: 2.57 pounds per breast
  • 36DD: 2.87 pounds per breast
  • 38DD: 3.35 pounds per breast
  • 40DD: 4.03 pounds per breast

How Many Inches Is a DD Cup?

DD cups have an average measurement of 24.2 to 42.1 inches in the under-bust and 34.4 to 50 inches in the over-bust. There is usually a five-inch difference between the band and bust.

If your band size is in the size range of 28 to 46 inches, then your DD breasts may weigh anywhere from 2.26 to 6.7 pounds.

How to Measure Your DD Cup Size

A bra cup is generally the difference between the bust line measurement and the chest size. For instance, if your bust line measures 36 and the chest size is 32″.

36″ – 32″ = 4″.

The difference is 4″, which means your cup size plays around D to DD cup sizes. International bra cup sizes don’t exist as labeling varies from one country to another.

As a result, about 25% of women, especially those with bigger busts like DD cups, have trouble finding a bra that fits properly. Others may choose to purchase custom-made bras. 

Steps to Measure a DD Cup

Here are a few steps to help you correctly measure and get the right DD cup size: 

Step 1Measure the bustline
Step 2Measure the fullest part of the bust
Step 3Measure the band size by the bust size
  1. Look for a bra in your closet or store. Ensure the bra feels completely comfortable. The bra should be snug around your body without being too tight. 
  2. The cups should completely contain your breasts. If your breasts spill over the top or sides of the cup, the DD cup is likely too small. If there are gaps or puckering in the cup, the DD cup is likely too large.
  3. Check to ensure the back of the bra stays in place. If it rides up, you may need a smaller band size. Make sure to check that the center of the bra stays flat against your breastbone.
Woman with a DD cup wearing a nude colored bralette
  1. Ensure the straps support your breasts without digging into your shoulders. If they do, you may need a bra with wider straps or more structure in the band and cup to relieve the pressure on the strap.
  2. To measure your band size, wrap a measuring tape directly under your bustline, making sure it’s parallel with both sides of where the bra band meets your torso.
  3. Measure your bust area. Place the tape in a smooth line parallel with the band of any bra you are wearing, and leave some room for movement!
  4. The difference between your bust and band size is your cup size. Every inch of difference equals one whole cup size higher. (1 in = A cup, 2 in = B cup, 3in = C cup, 4 in = D cup, 5 in = DD cup, etc.)

Backless and strapless options are tough to find in the DD cup size. Read our reviews of the top strapless bras for larger cups.

Related Questions

Is DD Cup the Same as E Cup?

No, a DD cup and an E cup are not the same. A DD cup bra is an inch smaller and the breasts are around 0.2 pounds lighter than an E cup bra. An E cup size can sometimes be referred to as a DDD size in the US sizing chart.

What Is the Normal Breast Size of a Woman?

In the U.S., 34DD is the normal breast size. However, factors such as genes and health can also impact your size. Teenagers often have band sizes between 30 and 36 and cup sizes between A and D.

How Much Do DDD Breasts Weigh?

DDD cups usually weigh around 5-6 pounds, or 2.5 – 3 pounds per breast. This weighs roughly 20–30% more than DD breasts and 50% more than D breasts. Keep in mind it is heavily dependent on the band size as well. For example, 30DDD boobs will weigh less than 40DDD breasts.

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DD cups usually weigh up to 4.3 pounds, or 2.15 pounds for each breast. To get the most accurate weight, you should weigh each breast separately, using the water displacement method. If you are concerned about the size and weight of your breasts, ask your doctor for advice.


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