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How Much Do DD Cups Weigh?

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Breasts can have different sizes, shapes, directions, and definitely, weight. Women with DD cups might be wondering about the weight of their breasts to know if they are normal and healthy, or not. So, how much do DD cups weigh? 

How Much Do DD Cups Weigh?

DD cups can weigh about 4.2 pounds for both of your breasts. If your bra size is a DD cup, each of your breasts may weigh at about 950 ml or 2.09 pounds. The size of your bra can also give you an idea of how much they weigh. 

However, just estimating your breast weight base on the size of your bra can be inaccurate. According to the article published in the International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology, the weight of your breasts may differ from each other, so to get the accurate weight, you need to weigh them separately. Woman wearing a nude colored bralette

How Much Do Breasts Really Weigh?

To have a better grasp on how do your breasts weigh, here are some equivalents and analogies that can help you visualize how much your breasts can measure. To have a thorough comparison, let’s begin with the regular and average size before the DD cup size and larger ones.

A Cup Size

An A cup size breast can weigh an average of 1 pound. It can be equivalent to a block of butter and three pieces of medium-sized banana. It can also be equivalent to 130 bags of tea. It is 3 times smaller than DD cups.

B Cup Size

B cup breasts weigh about 2 pounds. B cup size is equivalent to 40 pieces of AA batteries and 2 air-filled standard size football. The size of a B cup breast is about 32 to 34 inches. This is the usual size of breasts for teenage girls.

C Cup Size

C cup breasts can weigh on average of 2.4 pounds. It can be compared to the mass of 40 ounces of cereals and up to 40 to 50 pieces of disposable diapers. This is one the average sizes of human breasts

D Cup Size

D cup breasts can weigh around 3.4 pounds. It is equivalent to 7 to 8 pieces of D batteries and about 2 ½ bags of coffee beans. D cups can measure up to 36 inches which is just an inch smaller than DD cups

DD cups can weigh up to 4.2 pounds which is equivalent to 4 standard-sized football or four blocks of butter. This size is considered a big one because it can reach up to 42 inches.

E Cup Size

E cup size can weigh up to 4.4 pounds. It can be compared to 4 ½ loaves of bread, around 4 ½ cans of soup, and about 16 ½ sticks of margarine or butter. This size can be good for women with up to 46 inches bust. 

F Cup Size

Lastly, the F cup size can weigh up to 5.3 pounds. It can be equivalent to 8 kittens or 6 basketballs. The bust measurement of an F cup breast falls between 40 to 50 inches.Woman with a DD cup wearing a nude colored bralette

How to Alleviate Pain From Heavy Breasts

DD cups women are considered to have large size and have heavy breasts. Sometimes you will feel pain because of their weight. To prevent so much pain from DD cup breasts, you can do the following:

  • Wear the right kind of bra depending on the occasion or your specific activity. For instance, you should wear a sports bra when doing some physical activities. It may also help in preventing diseases and sagging due to excessive bouncing. 
  • Measure your breasts properly and get the correct size of bra. The correct size of bra can cover your breasts fully and prevent side and back fats.
  • Get a supportive and equally comfortable bra for your breasts and your skin.

Related Questions

Is DD Cup the Same as E Cup?

No. DD cup is not similar to E cup. DD cup is an inch smaller than an E cup bra. DD cup breasts can be 0.2 lighter than E cup breasts. Moreover, an E cup size can sometimes be referred to as DDD size in the US sizing chart.

What Is the Normal Breast Size of a Woman?

The average breast size of a woman ranges from 36C to 34DD. Teenagers are usually wearing 32A to 36C. Full-figured women are normally wearing DD to F cups of bra. The normal size of breasts can depend on your genes and health.


DD cups usually weigh up to 4.2 pounds, 2.1 pounds for each breast. However, it will still depend on your own initiative to weigh them separately. You can use the water displacement method to accurately measure them. If you are worried about the size and weight of your breasts, you may also ask for advice from your doctor.

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