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How Big Is a 38DD Bra Cup Size?

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The size of a woman’s breasts can vary widely, which is why knowing your bra size is so important. For example, everyone knows that 38 is a bra size, but what does it mean? If you don’t know how big is 38DD, keep reading.

How Big Is 38DD?

When your bra size is 38DD, your bust is 42 to 43 inches, and your band measurements are typically 34 to 35 inches. Since you are a DD cup, your bust measurement is 5 inches more than your band size. Your sister sizes are 36DD and 40D.

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Is 38DD Small, Medium, or Large?

While 38DD is not a tiny bra size, it is not a large one either. When you have a bust that measures 5 inches more than your band size, this means that you have a lot of breast tissue. This makes finding bras and clothes challenging since there are fewer options for big cup sizes.

This is not an easy question to answer because there are so many factors involved. The bra type, body type, and what you consider flattering for yourself will also be factored in. However, we can give you general guidelines that should help with your decision-making process.

What Do 38DD Breasts Look Like?

Like 38D cup sizes, the appearance of 38DD boobs will broadly vary based on the woman’s shape, the bra’s design, and the outfit. This size falls on the largest side of the breast size chart and will need more support when compared to smaller boobs.

This means that the kind of clothes you choose to wear will change, and the type of support and bra that you rely on will also change. When you have a more oversized body shape with fuller hips, 38DD breasts will appear less prominent since the hips will overshadow them.

Similarly, women with a flat stomach will have these breasts seem more visible. If you choose to wear a push-up bra and have a flat stomach, your 38DD boobs will appear bigger.

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What to Look For Before You Buy 38DD Bras?

When buying bras for your 38DD boobs, you should go for those with wide, thick, and adjustable straps. They should provide the necessary support for your big boobs without slipping off your shoulders or digging into the skin.

You should also find a design and material you prefer and ensure that it has accentuated padding and lightly lined cups to highlight your breasts. To help you decide, you can check reviews for the best plus-size DD bras.

Your 38DD bras should also have a sturdy underwire to provide additional breast support and stability ideal for busty plus-size women. This can also help to lift your boobs. Ensure that your bra offers adequate breast support and does not make you feel constricted.


If you were wondering how big is 38DD, then now you should know. This bra size falls on the bigger side and will make finding bras and clothes challenging. If you need additional support for your boobs and want to look great in a push-up or low-cut bra, this is what you should go with.

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