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Lively vs Third Love

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Lingerie is a tricky subject. If you’re looking for the right company to buy from, then Lively vs. Third Love should be your top consideration. We’ll discuss what these brands have in common and how they differ, so you can make a more informed decision on where to spend your money! 

Lively vs Third Love Overview 

Both Lively and Third Love have been in the market for less than 10 years. This has not restricted them from breaking the ceiling in the lingerie world. They aim to make a woman feel authentic, brave, included, confident, and beautiful by creating globally comfortable, fitting, and good-looking bras. 

Woman wearing an orange bralette and matching underwear from Third Love

Lively Overview

After noticing a 13 billion dollar category of lingerie being dominated by one brand (Victoria’s Secret), Michelle Cordeiro Grant decided to start her own company and named it Lively. She took this bold move in 2016 to focus on building her brand. 

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Michelle had a ton of experience from working under Victoria Secrets. Her mission was to make women feel more authentic and more comfortable. She believes that women should be wild hearts and boss brains.

Third Love Overview 

Founded by a woman, Heidi Zak was jaded when she could shop for bras that didn’t fit her despite being in the said number or size. She moved from tech, where she worked for Google and partnered with her husband David Spector in 2013, where they began the company. 

Third Love’s primary focus was to ensure that cup sizes fit on standard levels and that the bras look aesthetically pleasing. The brand is international. It promises quality, a perfect fit, and comfort.  

Lively vs Third Love Similarities and Differences

Lively and Third Love were founded by women and cater to women’s underwear needs. Both brands also saw an untapped market potential and rolled with it. They have become a big success and helped them get global recognition.


When you compare these two brands, they have a lot of similarities. For example, like inclusive brands such as Freya, Soma lingerie, and Adore Me, they both offer bra sizes starting at 30A and going up to 40DDD. They also sell bras for petite women as well as extra-large people. 

Backview of a woman wearing an orange lingerie

These two brands share some similar features as depicted below.

  • Wide Range of Products: Both brands offer a variety of options for women that revolve around style, purpose, and size. Some examples include nursing bras, bralettes, push-up bras, strapless, active, wireless bras, maternity, racerback bras, and unlined bras, just to mention a few. 
  • Recognition: Lively and Third Love have global recognition and hence ship their items all over the world. Their biggest audience is The United States, and they are also established in Canada and Australia. 
  • Women Sizes: It is essential for a brand in today’s era to consider every person when designing products. The world has been very vocal about inclusivity and appreciation of culture, race, and identity. Third Love and Lively have also tried to incorporate these social beliefs in their company, such as skin tone colors or bras for a plus-size woman.
  • Fitting Guide: Up to 70% of women in the US are not aware of their bra size. These two brands have intended to educate and help women find their perfect size using the fitting guide on their website. These sizes range from cup size A-F.
  • Mode of Selling: In terms of selling, they both sell physically and online through their respective websites. This website has attributed to their success mostly because of the pandemic, and people couldn’t move with flexibility as before. The process is quite straightforward.
  • Afterpay Option: Lively and Third Love offer Afterpay services to their bras. This option is usually very attractive to the client as they have that flexibility in payment. It also helps one enjoy the product as they pay. 


While Third Love and Lively were both founded by women who wanted to create something better for their bodies, there are some differences too between the brands. Third Love is the only company with custom sizing so you can get your perfect fit, while Lively offers free shipping on all orders over $59.

  • Bundle Offer: Lively seems to have the bundle offers to entice women to buy their products, while Third Love doesn’t offer such. The more you buy in quantity, the lower in price it seems to get. For instance, buy 2 bras for 70 dollars and buy 3 bras for 90 dollars.
  • Gift/Reward Options: Third Love encourages their buyers to gift their friends by offering gift cards worth 50 dollars and 100 dollars. Lively gives rewards to customers in the form of points the more they purchase. Both methods are great initiatives that work beautifully in building the brand.
  • Community: Lively has a company and has formed a community that aspires women to feel beautiful, authentic, and accepted. They also have a podcast in which they share their stories. Third Love has no community affiliations. 
Woman wearing an orange bralette with white shorts

When to Wear Lively?

If you are big on being connected as a community that encourages one to embrace her inner self, Lively promotes precisely that. Lively is also an excellent choice for people who shop a lot. With the points reward, you’re guaranteed good deals.  

If you are lost in knowing where to start in finding the perfect bra size, Lively is a promising avenue. It offers a lot of guidance and information on this. The products are very inclusive of women around the globe. 

When to Wear Third Love?

This brand offers a variety of bras giving one many options from their basket. Third Love has the pay later feature that is perfect for looking good and paying in installments for that perfect bra. They are also considerate of women and their different colors and styles. 

If you are just stepping into this lingerie world and you don’t know where to start buying your bras, then Third Love is a great place worth considering. It has global recognition. This sets them apart on the map as they continue to offer quality, comfort, and the perfect fit to women. 


Both Lively and Third Love offer great value for money. However, in times where we’re big on saving coins, Lively takes the lead. This is because they offer bundle options which is a great mechanism to save money since they have a lower spend rate for shipping costs than Third Love.


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