Third Love vs Victoria Secret Bras [Compared]

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Choosing between Third Love and Victoria’s Secret feels personal because it is. I’m sharing what sets these two apart, not just in their lingerie lines but in their values and how they’ve each weathered their share of controversies. It’s about finding that perfect fit, both in the literal sense and in aligning with a brand that speaks to you. Let’s get real about what wearing their labels means beyond just the fabric.

Third Love vs Victoria’s Secret General Overview

Several factors may help you determine what bra you want to buy. This can include the lingerie company you intend to purchase from. Considering the companies you purchase from has become a factor for many consumers as some companies are customer-oriented and have invested in ensuring the comfort of their customers, while others are just profit-oriented and produce low-quality products.

Know the difference between Third Love and Victoria's Secret from business practices to brand longevity and quality of products

In this article, I will look at the similarities and differences between the lingerie brands Third Love and Victoria’s Secret. I will also touch on the most distinguishing factor between the companies that could help you in making a more informed decision before you purchase any products.

Third Love

Third Love is a U.S based lingerie company started in 2013. It has earned a position as one of the best lingerie brands in the industry and is recognized for marketing body positivity and diversity.

Since 2013 the company has grown and provided a wide range of bra sizes for ladies to ensure all ladies feel included and are able to find bras that actually.

Third Love’s most recognizable feature is it’s online FitFinder quiz, a platform where clients are able to determine the best fitting bras for their body.

It is made from high-quality comfortable materials, and has a tagless design are the things you look for in a bra from Third Love

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is a U.S based lingerie company founded on June 12, 1977. The company is probably one of the most recognized in the female apparel market and remains at the top as the best lingerie seller for many years.

Victoria’s Secret also deals in beauty products like lotions and perfumes. They are known for showcasing high-end products through runway shows featuring top paid models and celebrities.

It is made from high-quality soft materials, and has a classic design are the things you look for in a bra from Victoria's Secret

Third Love vs Victoria’s Secret

Given the large market size that both Third Love and Victoria’s Secret serve, they share several similarities in their performance. They also possess very distinct differences, which make them unique from their competitors in the lingerie industry.


Despite being fierce competitors in the industry, these companies have shown some similar characteristics over time in quality and the size of the market they serve. 

High Quality Women’s Products

Both companies have ensured that women get access to high-quality products such as lingerie, nightwear, swimwear, sportswear, which they have showcased over the years that they have been in the market.

Victoria’s Secret is the oldest of the two brands and has grown through providing women with quality products, while their marketing has made wearing their brand equivalent with being beautiful and young.

Third Love, on the other hand, has seen a steady increase in their customer inflow thanks to the inclusive and diverse nature of their products. They cater to all sizes and all shapes.

Expanded Markets

Third Love and Victoria’s Secret have expanded the size of the market by investing in other regions and countries.

Both brands sell their products through their websites and in physical shops. Through their websites, they can reach their customers who are situated in different parts of the world and have the products delivered directly to their clients.

Woman wearing Luxe Lace Demi Bra from Third Love


The differences between Third Love and Victoria’s Secret are what make each one stand out to their customer base. These include:


For many years, Victoria’s Secret has been involved in some controversies, especially discrimination against transgender, plus-size women and gender non-conforming persons. The company has also had several scandals on harassment, including the models featured in their shows and have even had several lawsuits filed by their employees. 

Third Love, on the other hand, has always made its position clear. They are a non-discriminatory company with zero scandals, and they aim to ensure their customers enjoy the quality products they offer regardless of their size and the gender they choose to identify with. 


Third Loves products are relatively less expensive than Victoria’s Secret products, and are just a high quality.

Comparing ThirdLove and Victoria’s Secret

Brand Size Range Famous For Best For
ThirdLove 30AA-40HComfortable designsEveryday use
Victoria’s Secret 30A-44DDSexy and aesthetic designsLingerie, intimate apparel

Major Distinguishing Factor

Despite producing high-quality apparel, the harassment and discrimination allegation against Victoria’s secrets have made the company experience a significant drop in customers over the last couple of years. 

Although they have been in the industry for a shorter period, Third Love has shown tolerance for all people who want to try their products by terming themselves an antithesis of Victoria’s Secret. However, Victoria’s Secret remains the “largest online intimate apparel brand,” according to the latest report. 

When to Use Third Love’s Products?

The all-inclusive nature of Third Love is a major win for the company. With the company, you can enjoy very high-quality products. In addition, plus-size women, transgender women, and gender non-conforming persons can also access products for them from their websites as well as their shops.

At Third Love, they have a collection of 78 bra sizes. With such a wide range of sizes to choose from, you can find a quality bra with great material that suits you best to enhance comfort. 

When to Use Victoria’s Secret Products?

If you want to enjoy the quality that has been tested over a long time, then Victoria’s Secret is the place for you. For the longest time, the company has been able to maintain the quality of its products. 

Victoria’s Secret is also known for enticing women with a variety of new products frequently. The company draws more customers in by pushing for semi-annual sales throughout the year.

Related Questions

Are ThirdLove and Victoria’s Secret Owned By Women?

ThirdLove is owned by a female entrepreneur, while Victoria’s Secret is not. Roy Raymond launched Victoria’s Secret in 1977. Heidi Zak founded ThirdLove with her husband in 2013.

Can I get a bra in my size at ThirdLove or Victoria’s Secret?

ThirdLove offers standard and plus sizes. Victoria’s Secret only has smaller sizes. The largest bra band size available at Victoria’s Secret is a 38 and the largest apparel size available is an extra large.

Are Victoria’s Secret and ThirdLove Great for Athleisure Bras?

Victoria’s Secret and ThirdLove produce excellent sports bras. You can choose ThirdLove for high-impact compression sports bras with a contoured fit, or choose Victoria’s Secret sports bras which are suitable for light to medium-impact activities.

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Despite Third Love being relatively new compared to Victoria’s Secret, they have been able to stay away from controversies that would otherwise lead to losing more customers to their competitors. The inclusivity and diversity they have displayed as a company is extremely welcoming to communities of people that are historically ignored and underserved. Based on these factors, Third Love is better than Victoria’s Secret.


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