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Third Love Bras Reviews

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Do you find yourself in need of a new bra? Whether it be because your current one is worn out, whether it’s too small, or whether you just want to try something different. This Third Love bras review can be your answer to finding the perfect fitting bra! 

Third Love Bras Reviews 

Established in 2013, Third Love was started by a couple, Heidi Zak and David Spector. Heidi was shopping one day for bras and noticed that there was no in-between of a very sexy and extremely modest bra. That is when she created Third Love.

Woman wearing a green laced bra

After working with Google for years, Heidi took some time to create the perfect fitting bra. She invented the half-size cup, which is great for someone who falls somewhere in the middle and has a hard time finding the best match.

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Pros of Third Love Bras 

  • Comfort: Quality can never be underestimated as it plays a big role in enhancing a woman’s comfort. 
  • Perfect fit: Third Love bras have the perfect fits, including the half-size cup, which is an excellent option for someone somewhere between sizes. 
  • Variety of bras: Third Love has focused on every possible size of a woman, from petite to women who have bigger breasts, and offers various bra styles. 
  • Afterpay payments: Third Love offers the option of paying a downpayment for a bra and finishing it off later with a small interest. 

Cons of Third Love Bras

  • Cost: Third Love products can be classified as expensive as they retail a bit over $30, which is more than the average price for a typical bra.
  • Heavy Fabric: A Lot of women feel like Third Love products are a bit too heavy in their cotton fabric, making their breasts sweaty and tight.

Types of Bras in Third Love

Offering a variety of products is essential. As a company, you end up reaching people’s tastes and preferences when you have more as opposed to less. Third Love offers a variety of bras as listed below;

Woman wearing a full coverage bra and matching underwear

What Makes Third Love Bras Stand Out?

The brand is created by a woman for a modern-day self-acceptance woman. It is easier to understand something better when you experience it first hand. Heidi has devoted herself to using modern technology to make bras have that perfect fit. 

Their bras are not only aesthetically pleasing but also quite comfortable to wear. It is as though one has not worn anything. Their bras are quality and can be worn for years without wear.

Who Should Wear Third Love Bras?

This brand should be worn by women who may not know their bra size. Third Love is passionate about educating women about bras and breasts size. Anyone feeling lost in this area should turn to this company for guidance. 

Women who are looking for flexible payment plans should highly consider Third Love. They offer Afterpay methods, which is an excellent option for one who wants to enjoy the product as they pay for it slowly. It is possible to want something and not have money for it there and then.

Third Love also advocates for women to love themselves and others through having a gift card option. One can either gift herself or others any item on their website. This helps the brand get more awareness.

Woman wearing a black laced bra from Third Love

Who Should Not Wear Third Love Bras?

If you sweat a lot, then Third Love may be a brand that’s not for you. This is because their fabrics are heavy and may make a woman’s breasts less breathable. This feature enhances discomfort and uneasiness and sometimes leads to rashes around the neck and under the breasts.

Benefits of Third Love Bras

Third Love has got its cup sizes really accurate. This is perhaps the reason why the brand has gained a lot of popularity. People have different sizes and tastes, and it’s important to accommodate them; otherwise, they may feel left out.

So, what are the other benefits of Third Love bras? 

Wide Selection 

Their selection ranges from small bands to large, cup sizes up to H, and even styles like sports bras. The best part is that you can try them all risk-free! If within 30 days your bra doesn’t suit your needs, simply return it and get your money back.

Accordion Pleated Straps

Third Love has a signature accordion-pleated strap that doesn’t slip off. This means you don’t have to worry about your bra strap getting out of place and exposed through your clothing. 

Foam Cups

A foam cup bra typically gives your breasts firm support. Third Love has memory foam cups which are soft and very durable. In addition, they also have tagless printed labels; therefore, you don’t have to worry about being scratchy. 

Silhouette Designs

This is a beautiful design that naturally flatters and enhances your cleavage regardless of size or the type of breasts. This will help boost your confidence and give you a look you desire in any clothing. 


Third Love is a great company that offers a variety of quality products bearing in mind women’s comfort. It advocated for inclusivity, women empowerment, self-love, and self-acceptance. This makes the brand globally recognized and propels it to top-notch performance. 


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