Third Love Padded Bras Review

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Most women buy padded bras that they have to wear for more than 8 hours every single day. Padding adds a little extra support, especially during long days.

Whether you are shopping for your first padded bra or looking to upgrade the one that you are using now, there are certain aspects that you need to check to make sure that the bra you put on your body is comfortable and well constructed.

Having a padding makes the style of your bra very cozy and snug, which is why a lot of women choose to wear them even if their busts are on the fuller side.

Third Love padded bras can make you feel stylish and beautiful, and it does not look odd beneath your clothes because it fits really well. No matter what your chest size is, you will be able to find a Third Love padded bra that suits you and fulfills your needs.

Third Love Padded Bras Review

A padded bra is created to make your chest area look bigger. It is a bra that has paddings sewn into it. One of the things that Third Love is known for is the materials that it uses on its lingerie.

As for its padding bras, Third Love uses foam, water, or gel. If you want your chest area to look a bit larger, you can choose a padded bra with a bit of padding.

The materials used are manufactured to come up with the most ideal padded bra to increase your breast volume. Padded bras are made with different levels of padding that can meet your needs.

Looking for a padded bra that is comfortable to wear and is made of good materials may seem challenging to do, however, it is not undoable.


  • Comfortable
  • No underwire
  • Made from cotton


  • No color variety
  • Hook gets stuck

Details of ThirdLove Padded Bras

Cotton fabricProvides comfort to the skin
Padded cupsAdjust breast tissue for a fuller look
Wireless bandEnsures breast lift and support
Well-fitted strapsKeep cups in place
Multiple sizes32A-44H

Third Love Padded Bras Features and Benefits

Padded bras come in different styles, fit, sizes, and materials. One of the most talked-about padded bras on the market is Third Love, which is a brand known for manufacturing amazing bras for women.

Graphic image of a blue bra that explains that Third Love bras are ideally made with high quality materials and have a tagless design

Just like you, your chest area deserves the best, especially in regards to proper breast support. Below are the vital features that can help you identify the most ideal padded bra for you.


Bras are worn by women for hours every day, so it is important that the padding covers the whole cup. Having extra padding makes the bra exceptionally comfortable which is why so many women choose to wear them even if their chest area is on the bigger side.

Third Love padding bras come in different textures so they are comfortable on the skin and they look more natural. The bras allow you to breathe and move around freely. Since it is comfortable on the skin, it does not feel itchy on the skin when you sweat.

Woman wearing Chevron Contour Demi Bra from Third Love

Third Love padding bras prevent jiggling especially if you move around a lot, if you play sports or if you workout often. You do not want your breast to move around. Padding bras can give support to your breasts and they can hold them firmly.

Third Love padding bras also prevent your breasts from aching after doing an extreme workout, running, and more.

Size and Style

When shopping for a new padded bra, you need to think about the overall size of your chest area and the right shape of your chest. The overall style, size, and shape of padded bras differ from brand to brand.

Third Love creates padded bras that fit you and compliments your true size, whether you have big breasts or cup sizes that go up to over a DD cup size.

The straps of the bra do not dig into your shoulders and the cups are well-fitted so that it does not put additional weight on the straps. That also means that you won’t see any lines on your shoulder after you remove it at the end of the day. 

Third Love padded bras are very versatile. The fabric and style of the bras enhance your bust, it makes it look attractive and sexy, and it also allows it to look natural, especially beneath your clothes. Third Love uses nylon, cotton, and satin to make sure that it does not bulge under a shirt or a dress.

Chevron Contour Demi Bra from Third Love

Overall Fit

A padded bra that does not fit you does not look stylish and it is not comfortable. Third Love padded bras have cups that smoothly fit across your chest minus the gaping, over-spilling, and digging into your breast tissue.

Usually, the gore, which is the material in a bra that is located between the padded cups, lies flat on your chest. With Third Love padded bras, the gore hits the center of your chest bone and the underwire follows the perimeter of the tissue of your breast and it remains on your rib cage.

This is the indication that it fits you well and it looks really good underneath your clothes.


Different bras are equipped with different underwires. Sometimes, the underwires on the padded bras have a loose end that might stick out and hurt your skin. The part that sticks out and pokes your skin will cause discomfort and may even end up leaving a wound.

Most padded bras even have underwires that poke out after you’ve watched it.

Third Love padded bras have no underwires, so you don’t have to worry about any poking or uncomfortable underwires. The padded bra fits your breast and does not seethe into your skin because it is made of the lightest and softest materials like cotton, nylon, and foam.

Woman wearing color iris bra set from Third Love

Related Questions

What Are the Advantages of Wearing Padded Bras?

The primary benefit of wearing a padded bra is that it can enhance your bust line by keeping your breast tissue lifted and centered. Much like in ThirdLove padded bras, the cushioning gives your bust a rounder look.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Wearing a Padded Bra?

The main disadvantage of wearing a padded bra is that keeping the foam in proper shape can sometimes be tedious. Finding foam that won’t make the padding too obvious can also be challenging unless you use a ThirdLove bra.

How Should I Choose a ThirdLove Padded Bra?

When choosing a ThirdLove padded bra, the most vital thing to consider is finding the right fit. You must look for comfortable padding in the cups, a supportive lift from the band, and an adjustable fit from the straps.

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When purchasing a padded bra, it is very important to look for one that fits you properly and makes you feel good. Wearing a bra that is less than optimal can affect your physical health.

The Third Love padded bras have no wires and ill-fitting straps, so nothing digs into your skin. It allows you to move around freely and it gives you sufficient support that does not hurt your posture. It also does not cause any pain in your body, especially in your shoulders, your back, and your neck.

Third Love padded bras let your clothes fit your body well as it makes sure that it fits your chest area well.


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