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For a lot of women, shopping for a bra falls on the emotional scale of being disappointing and traumatic, and the same could be said for wearing the said bra.

A lot of women are wearing uncomfortable bras that do not give them the right support, dig into their skin, do not give them room to move and breathe, slip off their shoulders, and create spillage.

A lot of these unfortunate situations happen because of bad bras. If you do not know how to find the right bra, you are going to end up settling for less, and that could be very challenging especially if you’re on the plus size side.

Third Love bras for big breasts have cups that can support your whole chest so you won’t have to go through all of the unfortunate situations that you normally experience with other brands.

Third Love Big Breast Review

A massive bust weighs a ton. A big bust can weigh up to 4kg, which means that you need a good and firm bra that can help lift and support it to relieve neck and back pain.

Woman wearing Perfect Coverage bra from Third Love

A bra that does not fit you has a lot of consequences. You will see lines on your shoulder and back after you take the bra off, indicating that the bra is too small. Any spillage can ruin your outfit, it is also very awkward to look at.

Plus size women also tend to sweat a lot, which means the sweat could get trapped and it could cause skin irritation if you got the wrong bra on.

What makes Third Love big breast bra support different from the rest is that every aspect of it is created in order to give plus-size women the comfort and perfect coverage that they deserve.

The materials used absorb sweat to prevent moisture from getting trapped, the straps are soft so your skin won’t have to suffer and the cups are made to cover all of your chests.


  • Made from high-quality materials
  • The cups prevent spillage
  • The band is elastic so it does not hurt your skin


  • Limited color choices
  • The hook can be challenging to operate

ThirdLove Big Breast Bra Details

High-quality materialStops moisture from making the skin itchy
Full coverage cupsPrevent spillage to the top and sides
Elastic bandContours and lifts the breasts
Adjustable strapsKeep the cups in place
Center goreShapes the bust by separating the breasts
Multiple sizes32B-44H

Third Love Big Breast Features and Benefits

When it comes to demands on the plus-size bra, a lot of factors can determine how much support it can offer you. It is not that unusual for women with heavy breasts to look at the bra’s shoulder straps first, whether they are wide enough or not.

Graphic image of a blue bra that explains how Third Love bras are usually made with high quality materials and tagless design

Also, you need to check the bra’s cup size for complete support and comfort. You need to properly measure your cup sizes to find out whether you’re a D cup or a DD cup. However, there are certain features and aspects that must be reviewed before purchasing a bra for your big bust.

Below are the important features that Third Love bras for big breasts have, as they play a part in giving you the bra that you want.

Bra Band

Bra cups are the ones that hold your breasts in place. However, it is the bra band that gives you almost all of the support. So while the bra’s straps may look like they are there to help hold up your breast, they are really there to help keep the cup flush with your body and to shape your chest.

If your band and the cup fit you well, you should be able to easily slip off the straps and you should be able to take a couple of steps while the bra stays in place.

The black Perfect Coverage Bra from Third Love

Third Love big breast bras are equipped with the right band, so your breast does not look too saggy beneath your shirt. Also, the band is elastic enough that it does not feel tight against your skin and it does not cause skin rashes or redness. It also gives you the room that you need to breathe.


If you feel like the bra straps are digging into your shoulders, it means that the bra’s cups are too small for you. If you see your breasts spilling out, especially around the edges, it means that your breasts are putting extra weight on the straps and you will have to pull them frequently to hold them in check.

Either way, your shoulders would feel more comfortable if you get the right cups.

If you feel that the straps are pulled so tight that it is yanking up, it is possible that it is too big or it is stretched out so much that it can’t do its job. This all boils down to getting the right cups because they can support the weight of your breasts without straining the strap.

Third Love big breast bras have the right cup size for you, no matter what your breast size is. It can help prevent spillage and it keeps your shoulder from feeling suffering as a consequence.

Woman wearing a black colored bra

Central Gore

The center gore is the panel on the front of the bra located in between the cups. If you feel like the center gore is floating away then it means you do not have the right bra size.

The center gore should lay flat in the middle of your chest and it should be against your skin. If the cups have gaps because your breasts are not filling them, then it means the cup is too big and you need to change the size.

Third Love big breast bras have the right fit, which means that the central gore is comfortably placed in the middle of your chest even if you are on the plus size side. This is because the cups support your breasts fully.

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Which Type of Bra Is Suitable for Large Breasts?

Minimizer, sports, and full coverage are the bra types that best suit large breasts. ThirdLove offers excellent bras in these styles, including the ThirdLove Perfect Coverage Bras.

How Should a Bra Fit Large Breasts?

When you have large breasts, the bra shouldn’t create a uni-boob or cause breast tissue to spill. The center gore must sit flat against the sternum, while the band shouldn’t ride up at the back. The cups and straps should stay in place while you move.

How Do You Know if Your Breasts Are Too Big?

You’ll know your breasts are too big if your band and bust measurements fall under D cups or bigger. While wearing bras, you may also typically experience back pain, bra marks, or breast bounce.

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A bra that is made for plus-size women has a lot of properties that can help lift the breast. The most vital aspect is how well it fits, especially around your back. The material of your bra should also be made of several comfortable and soft properties.

Having a massive bust can be exhausting because it can cause back pain. However, with the right bra and support, you can combat it.

Third Love big breast bra has all of the aspects that you are looking for in a bra, from its materials, the cup size, the band, the straps, and more. You no longer have to settle for less because Third Love can give you exactly what you need.


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