Third Love Perfect Coverage

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Every woman knows that an uncomfortable and ill-fitted bra can ruin your day, which is why purchasing a bra that is both flattering and comfortable is very important.

While there are numerous brands of bras available to choose from, you may have found it challenging to buy one that is as comfortable as they claim to be.

In comes Third Love Perfect Coverage bras. These bras are known to be so comfortable that you can wear them for hours every single day. The Third Love Perfect Coverage bras instantly became fan favorites since it was released because of their soft materials, impressive fit, comfortable style, high-quality build, and more.

You no longer have to settle for less, because Third Love Perfect Coverage can suit your every need and it can support you while you do your daily activities. It is ideal for active women, as well as those that need something that will look good underneath their clothes.

Third Love Perfect Coverage Review

Finding the right bra that fits you can be a difficult quest, yet it is not impossible. Every woman can attest that it is not an easy task as almost everyone is wearing the wrong size. Different styles, brands, sizes, and fabrics can alter the overall fit and feel of your lingerie.

Woman wearing taupe colored bra

However, the fit is not the only thing that you need to check when looking for a bra, you also have to consider its versatility, especially if you want to make every cent count. Luckily, a lot of consumers have spoken and shared their current favorite bra that has thousands of glowing reviews.

Third Love’s Perfect Coverage bra is one of the most beloved bras and it is one of the greatest that you will ever find, all thanks to its impeccable balance of comfort, fit, and support. Together with sports bras and bralettes, the Third Love Perfect Coverage bra is a daily essential that you will never regret investing in.


  • Comfortable
  • Great on your skin
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Provides the right fit
  • Provides great support


  • Limited color selection
  • The hook can be challenging to operate

Details of ThirdLove Perfect Coverage Bras

Knitted jersey and cotton fabricGuarantees comfort and durability
Memory foam cupsProvides coverage and comfort without the bulk
Wired bandShapes the breast tissue
High center gorePrevents spillage and uni-boob
Wide straps with memory foamPrevent shoulder pain for large sizes
Multiple sizes32B-44H

Third Love Perfect Coverage Features and Benefits

The Third Love Perfect Coverage bras were first introduced in 2014 and have since been a hit among millions of consumers. With three million units sold, it has earned 33,000 incredible reviews online.

Graphic image of a blue bra that describes that Third Love bras are usually made with tagless design and comfortable fabrics

The Third Love Perfect Coverage bras thin memory foam cups give comfortable support without any bulk that may look unflattering on your clothes. The pleated straps do not leave any slip lining on your shoulder and it stays put all day long, it also does not dig in your skin.

The double-layer back of the bra has hidden elastic that smooths your silhouette, and ThirdLove’s label is neatly printed on the bra’s foam padded hook-and-eye closure, which means there are no tags that can be itchy.


Third Love Perfect Coverage bras are made of high-quality cotton, their bra lining prevents chafing and it also improves breathability. Since Third Love only uses organic cotton, it is soft on the skin, great during warm climates, and it reduces breast sweat.

The bra is great to use during the summer, and its synthetic materials will absorb and retain more moisture. It also prevents any sweat from forming on your cleavage. The soft fabrics are comfortable to wear so you won’t have to suffer from sore and tender breasts especially after wearing them for hours.

Third Love Perfect Coverage also prevents fabrics that may cause itchiness and redness on your skin. This bra is ideal for those with sensitive skin because it prevents rash and other skin diseases that are caused by trapped moisture on the skin.

It also does not produce any strong odor since cotton does not trap sweat and it is easy to wash and clean.

Taupe colored bra from Third Love

Bra Band

The bra band is the vital feature you need to check when looking for a bra. Third Love Perfect Coverage is not too tight or not too loose, it feels right and it is firmly clasped so it gives you enough room to move around and breathe.

The bra band of Third Love Perfect Coverage does not dig into the skin and does not leave any marks. It also does not come down and it does not dance around.

The band does not distort the natural shape of the cups and it does not pull them down. You can do your daily activities confidently without having to worry about the fit and the band.

Center Gore

The center gore of your bra should be flat on the sternum to prevent any spillage of your breast and give it great support. This is very important if you move around a lot.

The Third Love Perfect Coverage’s gore does not jut out away from your body. It keeps its shape too and you do not have to worry about your bra looking weird under your shirt or dress.

Also, the center gore of Third Love Perfect Coverage does not hurt your skin and it does not leave any marks. The fit is right, the position is great, and it stays in place while you move. 


A bra that fits you well stays in place even if you walk and run. When you try on bras, you can check if it fits by leaning over, sitting down, walking around, and more to make sure that it continues to cup your breasts firmly while you move. If you need to adjust your breasts every time you move, then it is not the right fit.

Luckily, Third Love Perfect Coverage rests firmly on your shoulders and it fits your breasts as the cups cover everything. Third Love has a quiz on its official website that gives you an idea of what to choose in a bra. It also helps you know what your size is so you can get a comfortable Perfect Coverage bra.

Woman wearing Unlined Foliage Perfect Coverage Bra

Related Questions

What Type of Bra Has the Most Coverage?

Bras with full padded cups provide the most coverage. Like the ThirdLove Perfect Coverage Bra, its memory foam cups ensure enough coverage to prevent spills.

How to Care for a Thirdlove Perfect Coverage Bra?

When caring for a ThirdLove Perfect Coverage bra, put it in a wash bag when cleaning it on a washing machine. It’s also crucial that you store the bra properly to maintain the structure of the cups.

Can I Wear ThirdLove Perfect Coverage Bras Every Day?

You can wear ThirdLove Perfect Coverage Bras daily because its cup style, material, and structure can adapt to most outfits. However, consider your activity if the bra’s level of coverage and support is enough.

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The right bra with a great fit can make such an amazing change in your life. However, the right style, size, and cup are not the only features to check when looking for a bra.

Third Love Perfect Coverage has all of the features that you need to make sure that you are comfortable and you get the support especially when you are an active person.

Third Love Perfect Coverage hugs your bust and does not irritate your skin, it lets you breathe, and it boosts your confidence as it looks amazing underneath your clothes.


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