6 Ways to Quickly Clean a Bra

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Learning how to clean your padded bra is one item on your checklist of “things to know how to do in the name of ‘adulting’” you need to master.

If you’ve always viewed cleaning them as a hassle, this chore is about to be a speck in your to-do list once you master these 6 simple methods.

Methods for How to Clean a Bra

​​Sweat stains, invisible body oils, and the natural build-up of dirt your bras get from clothes and their storage settle faster than you think. How often you wash your bras is partially dependent on your use and the kind of bra that you have.

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Regardless of how often you decide to wash them, it’s important to know how to properly clean them so they are free of bacteria and so they can last longer.

Methods to Clean a Bra Quickly

MethodBest For
HandwashingLace and adhesive bras
Quick rinsingAny type of bra
Using a mesh bagBras with molded cups, delicate material
Using a steamerBras with polyester and natural fabrics
Using a stain removerAny kind of bra
Making a baking soda pasteAny kind of bra

1. Hand Wash Your Bras

​Everywhere you look on the Internet, it’s going to tell you that the best way to clean your bras is to wash them by hand. Even your mom would probably agree.

Hand-washing your bras will give you all the control in removing the grime and yet still be gentle with treating delicate garment, especially the lacy ones.

You can also use this method to make your sticky bras sticky again. To hand-wash, follow these steps:

  • 1​Wet your bras in lukewarm water with your choice of cleaning agent
  • 2​Gently scrub the cups and the rest of the bra
  • 3​Soak for about an hour
  • 4​Rinse with cool water and hang dry

Tip: ​Use alcohol-free detergents. Alcohol can disintegrate the fibers that make up the fabric of your bra and its other materials like wire and foam, which are usually the key elements of your favorite push up bras.

If you are dealing with soft, lacy bralettes, then all the more.

2. Rinse Your Bra in the Shower

​Washing your bra immediately after use is one of the fastest ways to clean a bra.

It will prevent any dirt or sweat from drying and settling on it, so all you have to do is rinse it and scrub gently, which you can do before you take a bath.

If you hop in the shower as soon as you get home, it’s an easy step you can incorporate into your routine.

Woman holding a red bra to the sink for cleaning

3. Use a Mesh Bag for Machine-Washing

​A washing machine is one of the best investments you can make as an adult, but it would be a bummer if you disregard it completely for your bras.

I’ve got good news: you can still use a washing machine to clean your bras.

The only catch is you have to put them in a mesh laundry bag before putting them in so you won’t lose the integrity of your bras’ construction.

Tip: ​Always hang dry your bras even if you use a washing machine to clean them. The heat from dryers can cause the bra to lose its elasticity and break down the seams that make it supportive for your breasts.

Consider your strapless bra ineffective in keeping you up and on when this happens.

4. Use a Steamer

​I’d recommend air-drying your bras fully, but if you need a fast method to quicken the process of cleaning your bras, a hand-held and portable steamer is the way to go!

It releases hot steam, so it will kill the germs that might be deep in the fabric of your bra but it doesn’t wet your bra completely. Give it a few minutes to cool and you’ll be able to wear your bra again.

5. Pre-treat Stains with a Stain Remover

​Stains are the bane of a bra’s existence. It’s the one thing that can make them get thrown out earlier.

Pre-treating those stains with a concentrated stain remover, like hydrogen peroxide, before washing them as you normally would ease the washing process tenfold.

6. Make a Water and Baking Soda Paste

​Baking soda is a powerful cleaning agent when combined with water. For removing stains in bras, you’ll want to mix it with just a small amount of water to create a paste.

A white push up bra laid on top of a marble counter

Spread it on the stain on your bra and peel it off only when it’s dry before proceeding with your regular washing routine.

Related Questions

How Often Should You Wash a Bra?

The general rule is to wash a bra every time you wear it since it comes into contact with your body. Remove body oil, perspiration, and microorganisms, especially if you’re wearing a bra with elastic fibers.

Should I Wash Bras Separately?

You can include bras in your other delicate garments, although it’s best to place them in a laundry bag first. If you put them together with other clothes, the straps may get tangled and damaged.

Should I Change My Bra Every Day?

There’s usually no need to switch out your bra every day unless you frequently perspire. However, sweat, bacteria, or stains will stick deeper the longer you wear them.

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​It’s easy to forget that your bra collects dirt, sweat, and other body oils because they eventually dry out on the fabric when left out in the open without washing.

However, that’s one quick way to let those germs get into your other clothes, body, and space. Do whatever method is most convenient, whether it’s incorporating it into your laundry schedule or daily routine.


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