How to Make Sticky Bras Sticky Again Fast

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A sticky bra, by definition, should do just that. Stick. You may have heard them referred to as adhesive bras as well. They’re all basically the same.

But over time, they lose their stick. If you want to extend their life and make them sticky again, here are the steps to take:

  1. Keep the cups flat and rinse with warm water.
  2. Get 1-2 pumps of hand soap on your fingers and gently apply to the bra.
  3. Use the palm of your hand to scrub the adhesive side of the bra cups, avoiding any abrasive materials.
  4. Rinse the bra under running water until all soap is washed off.
  5. Let the sticky bra air dry on a flat surface with adhesive side facing upwards.
  6. Store the bra in its original plastic packaging, covering adhesive parts with a plastic protector.

We have a step-by-step guide below with images – read on to get your silicone sticky bras sticky again!

How to Make Sticky Bras Sticky Again

​Before getting into the details of how to get a sticky bra sticking like glue to your skin again, let’s talk about proper care when putting it on and removing a sticky bra.

Graphic image with a series of drawings that shows how to make bras sticky again

You purchased your sticky bras stickers to give you that perfect bust silhouette as it stays invisible in your open-back gown. Don’t ruin your sticky bra by putting it on and taking it off the wrong way!

And, if you’ve determined that your adhesive bra is just past its expiration date, here is our favorite Sticky Bra recommendation:

Steps for Restoring Your Sticky Bras

Sticky bras can regenerate their adhesive effect once they’re washed up. Below are simple steps on how to restore sticky bras:

  1. Rinse your sticky adhesive bra with warm water. As you run the water over it, make sure to keep the cups flat.
First step is to keep the cups flat and rinse it with warm water

2. Get 1-2 pumps of hand soap on your fingers. This soap will be gentle enough to clean your sticky bra and not damage it.

Second step is to get 1-2 pumps of hand soap on your fingers and apply gently to your bra

3. ​Use the palm of your hand to carefully scrub the adhesive side of your sticky bra cups. Here, you’re working to remove any oil, sweat, and dirt that got on the sticky bra while you wore it. Avoid using a washcloth or paper towel for this step. These can be too abrasive and ruin your sticky bra!

Third step is to use the palm of your hand to carefully scrub the adhesive side of your cups

4. ​​After cleaning both cups, hold them against running water until all the soap has been washed off. That way, your sticky bra should be able to regain its stickiness.

Fourth step is to hold the bra against running water until the soap has been washed off

5. Let the sticky bra completely air dry before putting it away. To dry the sticky bra, find a flat surface that’s as dust free as possible. Place the sticky bra with the adhesive facing upwards. You’ll probably need to let it air dry through the night. To speed up the drying process, shake off as much water as possible before setting it down to air dry.

Fifth step is to let it dry on a flat surface with the adhesive facing upwards

6. Once dry, store the adhesive bra in the same package that you receive it in. Cover the sticky adhesive parts with a protector, which is usually provided when you made the purchase.

Sixth step is to store the bra in its plastic package and cover the adhesive parts of the cup with a plastic protector

If you want to restore sticky bras fast, a quick remedy will be to put double-sided tape on the areas of the cups where the adhesive is and apply as normal. It only takes a minute!

How to Make Silicone Sticky Bras Stick Better

Alright, we’ve got your strapless, backless bra back to good standing! Now, lets talk about how to use your sticky bra so that it lasts even longer.

A woman with blond hair wears a brown silicone bra and is standing near a table in the kitchen
Tip 1Handwash the sticky bras to remove sweat
Tip 2Store the sticky bras in their original container
Tip 3Keep your breasts dry before wearing the bra

1. Stick It to Your Chest Only When Dry

Ensuring your sticky bra becomes sticky again and again after each use first starts with applying it the right way. If you’re not sticking the sticky bra to your chest correctly, that can affect how long the sticky bra lasts.

Be sure your hands and boobs are dry before applying. This helps in the longevity of the tackiness and will preserve your sticky bra for a longer period of time.

2. Take It Off Carefully

At the end of the night, as much as you want to rip the sticky bra off and throw it across the room like you do your normal bra, don’t! That basically gives your adhesive bra permission to be a one hit wonder and rest in peace.

The adhesive in a sticky bra is strong and can collect lint, pet hair, cloth fibers, and other dirt. A sticky bra that has collected dirt is harder to clean. Peel off the cups gently so you keep the adhesive intact.

Quickly removing the cups from the sticky bra may leave some of the adhesives stuck on your skin, lessening its lifespan. Below are a few recommended ways to remove the adhesive bra.

3. Peel Off the Adhesive Bra Cups

Start by unhooking the clips joining the cups. Do it slowly lest you break the plastic clips. Or, if you have the laced sticky bras, just loosen the laces. Take care not to detach the laces from the toggle.

Now peel off the adhesive bra cups from your skin from top to bottom slowly. If you hastily do it, especially if the adhesive bra is stuck to the hair on your skin, it can be painful! Also, you can end up with red welts around your breasts. No thank you!

A pull-together black sticky bra is stuck on a brown mannequin placed on a wooden background

4. Take a Hot Bath

What if you’re having trouble peeling the adhesive bra off? What if the adhesive bra is stuck on your skin? Go take a shower or enjoy a hot bath. The cups should be easy to remove after warm water surrounds them.

5. Remove with Baby Oil

A hot bath (paired with a glass of wine) sounds great in theory, but not always a realistic option to remove an adhesive bra. If you’re in a pinch or somewhere where getting in the tub isn’t an option, try this more immediate solution:

Go to your nearest store and pick up some baby oil and cotton balls. If you have some at home and think you might need them when you’re wearing this adhesive bra, pack some in a travel container!

  1. Head to a restroom or private space
  2. ​Blot the cotton ball with the baby oil
  3. ​Peel off the adhesive bra cup gently until it exposes the area where it sticks to the skin
  4. ​Take the soaked cotton ball and hold it for about ten seconds on the area where the adhesive sticks (try to keep the oil off the adhesive)
  5. ​The adhesive stuck onto your skin should soften
  6. ​Now peel off the adhesive bra cups gently – they should peel off with ease

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While most stick-on bras are reusable, there are also disposable ones. If you choose reusable sticky bras, you need to clean and store them properly.

How Long Do Sticky Bras Last?

Sticky bras often endure between 50 and 100 uses, depending on the material and adhesive. Often referred to as chicken cutlet bras, these are best worn for special occasions and not as an everyday bra.

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If properly cared for, this an adhesive bra should last around 30-50 uses, depending on the brand and style. Now, go find a cute dress to wear this under!


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