How to Make Sticky Bras Sticky Again Fast

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A sticky bra, by definition, should do just that. Stick. You may have heard them referred to as adhesive or backless bras as well. They’re all meant to do the same thing to varying degrees.

So, due to its name, you’d expect that it would remain sticky time and time again, allowing for numerous uses. The last thing you want is to be out wearing a stunning dress and have your “wow” moment turn into an awkward moment because your bra slipped down.

Nobody wants 2 sets of boobs! If you’ve found that your Sticky Adhesive Bra cups are not quite as tacky as they once used to be, read on to learn how to make sticky bras sticky again!

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How to Make Adhesive Bras Sticky Again

​Before getting into the details of how to get those silicon beauties sticking like glue to your skin again, let’s talk about proper care when putting it on and removing it.

You purchased your adhesive bra stickers to give you that perfect bust silhouette as it stays invisible in your open back gown. Don’t ruin it by putting it on and taking it off the wrong way!

Steps for Making Your Sticky Bra Sticky Again

Adhesive bras can regenerate their adhesive effect once they’re washed up. Below are simple steps on how to make adhesive bras sticky again:

  1. Keep the cups flat (do not fold them) and rinse them under warm water for a few seconds.
  2. ​Get 1-2 pumps of hand soap on your fingers. This soap will be gentle enough to clean your bra and not damage it.
  3. ​Use the palm of your hand to carefully scrub the adhesive side of your cups. Here, you’re working to remove any oil, sweat, and dirt that got on the bra while you wore it. Avoid using a washcloth or paper towel for this step. These can be too abrasive and ruin your bra!
  4. ​After cleaning both cups, hold them against running water until all the soap has been washed off. That way, your bra should be able to regain its stickiness.
  5. Let the bra completely dry before putting it away. To dry it, find a flat surface that’s as dust free as possible. Place it with the adhesive facing upwards. You’ll probably need to let it air dry through the night. To speed up the drying process, be sure to shake off as much water as possible before setting it down to air dry.
  6. ​Once fully dry, store the bra back in the plastic package it came in. Ensure that you cover the adhesive parts of the cups using the plastic protector that came in the box. This will guard the sticky part from any debris and dirt that would otherwise collect on it!
Beige adhesive bras


If you want to make sticky bras sticky again fast, a quick remedy will be to put double-sided tape on the areas of the cups where the adhesive is and apply as normal. It only takes a minute!

If you don’t want to try and make an old adhesive bra sticky again, here is our vote for the best sticky bra you can buy (without breaking the bank!)

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How to Make Silicone Bras Stick Better

It took some time to get a bra without straps and back, and we’ve got a long way to go before we develop something that doesn’t lose the battle against sweat, dirt, and constant wear.

For now, losing sticky bras’ adhesiveness is still inevitable, though you can prolong the process. It all starts with the right way of gently applying and taking them off.

Tips to Make Sticky Bras Sticky Again

Tip 1Handwash the bras to remove sweat
Tip 2Store the bras in their original container
Tip 3Keep your breasts dry before wearing the bra

Stick It to Your Chest Only When Dry

Ensuring your bra becomes sticky again and again after each use first starts with applying it the right way. If you’re not sticking it to your chest correctly, that can affect how long the adhesive lasts.

Be sure your hands and boobs are dry before applying. This helps in the longevity of the tackiness and will preserve your stick-on bra for a longer period of time.

Take It Off Carefully

At the end of the night, as much as you want to rip it off and throw it across the room like you do your normal bra, don’t! That basically gives your adhesive bra permission to be a one hit wonder and rest in peace.

The adhesive is strong and can collect lint, pet hair, cloth fibers, and other dirt. A sticky bra that has collected dirt is harder to clean. Peel off the cups gently so you keep the adhesive intact.

Quickly removing the cups may leave some of the adhesives stuck on your skin, lessening its lifespan. Below are a few recommended ways to remove the lingerie.

Peel Off the Cups

Start by unhooking the clips joining the cups. Do it slowly lest you break the plastic clips. Or, if you have the laced adhesive bras, just loosen the laces. Take care not to detach the laces from the toggle.

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Now peel off the cups from your skin from top to bottom slowly. If you hastily do it, especially if the adhesive is stuck to the hair on your skin, it can be painful! Also, you can end up with red welts around your breasts. No thank you!

nude adhesive sticky bra with clasp

Take a Hot Bath

What if you’re having trouble peeling it off? What if it’s stuck on your skin? Go take a shower or enjoy a hot bath. The cups should be easy to remove after warm water surrounds them.

Remove with Baby Oil

A hot bath (paired with a glass of wine) sounds great in theory, but not always a realistic option. If you’re in a pinch or somewhere where getting in the tub isn’t an option, try this more immediate solution:

Go to your nearest store and pick up some baby oil and cotton balls. If you have some at home and think you might need them when you’re wearing this bra, pack some in a travel container!

  1. Head to a restroom or private space
  2. ​Blot the cotton ball with the baby oil
  3. ​Peel off the bra cup gently until it exposes the area where it sticks to the skin
  4. ​Take the soaked cotton ball and hold it for about ten seconds on the area where the adhesive sticks (try to keep the oil off the adhesive)
  5. ​The adhesive stuck onto your skin should soften
  6. ​Now peel off the cups gently – they should peel off with ease


When using baby oil, it’s important you try to avoid getting it on the adhesive glue. This can reduce the strength of the glue, making the bra less durable.

How to Make Sticky Bra Last Longer When Sweating

When you’ve removed your bra, it’s time to make it sticky again! Yes, you read that right. You want to make your bra sticky as soon as you take it off.

Why, you ask? Even though you may not intend to wear it in the foreseeable future, if you don’t clean it right away, you might not even have the option to wear it again.

The longer it sits after usage, the more time it has to collect dirt and grime. So, to avoid getting entangled in a frustrating bra experience of removing superglued dirt and jelled on sweat, we suggest immediate cleaning!

Washing is the ultimate hack towards restoring the stickiness of the bra. It may suffice to ensure the stickiness regenerates itself. Additionally, there are a couple of tips to help protect the adhesive on your bra.

​Choose One with Stronger Adhesive

​Using the method above to retain the stickiness of the cups is a great way to go. But, like most things, not all backless bras are created equally.

When selecting the one you want to purchase, look for one with stronger glue. Typically, silicon sticky bras provide the most strength. Even though most of these bras will last for at least 30-50 wears, the tackiness may weaken over time.

If you know you’re mostly going to rock this undergarment on hot days or in a location where you’ll be sweating a lot, be sure to research the durability of the bra before selecting it!

The last thing you want is it sliding down the minute you break a sweat. The best way to keep a sticky bra on while sweating is to buy a high quality one.

While a bra with quality adhesive may cost more, it could be worth it just having the peace of mind knowing your boobs will stay hidden.

washing the bra so it is sticky

Select the Right Size

In addition to a strong glue, make sure you’re wearing the right size, especially if you have bigger breasts! Unlike a normal bra that can still work if it’s too big or small, don’t press your luck with backless bras.

If it’s too small in comparison to your top push-up bra for large breasts, it will not be as effective in keeping them up. It will also wear down the adhesive quicker, giving you less wear time.

Clean It Regularly

Lint, dirt, oil, grime, it all makes an adhesive bra less tacky. When boob sweat starts to come out, those things that are attached to the adhesive let in more air bubbles that loosen the adhesive bond between your skin and the bra.

Having a clean slate on the adhesive will make the sweat less effective in loosening up the adhesive bra.

How to Clean, Wash, and Store Sticky Bra Cups

​When it comes to washing and caring for this bra, it follows different procedures than a regular padded bra. In addition to the steps provided above, consider the following dos and don’ts for keeping your bra in good shape.

Don’t Use the Washing Machine or Dryer

Washing machines will not only destroy the shape of the cups, but they will also destroy the adhesive. Just like your best push up bra with underwire, ​a washing machine can stretch out and deform the bras.

Dryers aren’t good either, as the heat can damage the tackiness of the adhesive. Your bra might come out with the adhesive severely destroyed from the harsh cycle, and therefore unusable.

Hand Wash

Hand washing is the way to go to maximize the lifespan of this delicate undergarment. You are in control of how hard you scrub off what has stuck onto the adhesive cups and prevent them from stretching out or losing shape.

While normal bras should be washed after every 3 uses, be sure to wash this delicate item after every use!

Laundry detergent

Don’t Use Bleach or Alcohol

Avoid any cleaning agent that has some abrasive effects. Bleach and alcohol generally have harsh effects on clothes, especially thin and delicate fibers. Consider sticky bras one of those.

Instead of the fabric, the bleach and alcohol might weaken the glue that holds the silicone adhesive and the fabric together. Not to mention it will also weaken the stickiness of the bra!

Use Mild Soap

It is advisable that you use a mild soap like hand soap or liquid dish soap. Hand soap is gentle enough for the skin, so it’s sure not to disrupt the fibers that make up the cups of adhesive bras or destroy the silicone where the adhesive is put on.

Dish soap can sometimes work better for removing oil and sweat residue on the silicone too. If you’re not able to clean your bra right away, taking it to the sink and gently scrubbing away what’s on the silicone adhesive should make your sticky bra cups good to use again.

Don​’t Use a Towel, Brush, or Fingernails

Textured and sharp items can quickly ruin your cups while washing and drying! It’s just like velcro with delicate and elaborate fabrics like lace or suede. The short fibers in towels and the sharp ends of brushes might only damage the smooth surface of the silicone in adhesive bras.

Using a towel to pat your bra dry might seem harmless, but that lint trail left behind is a nightmare! You might have to repeat the washing process once again to remove it.

Don’t be tempted to dive in with a sharp fingernail to scratch off dirt either. Long fingernails and unintentional force might make you remove part of the soft silicone adhesive.

Let it Air Dry

After gently using the palm of your hand or fingers to scrub the stick on the bra, air drying is the best option. Let it sit with the adhesive side facing up.

Indoors where no liquid can be accidentally spilled on it is the best setting for drying purposes. Let it fully dry overnight before storing it.

Don’t Store Sticky Bras Loosely

You can keep it in your bra drawer, though don’t let it be pressed against other lingerie or your drawer walls. You can’t be as careless with storing it as you would be with other kinds of bras.

If the adhesive is constantly sticking to something, it will not be as strong when you need to wear it again.

Store in Original Packaging

We know… who actually keeps the original package something comes in? Let us tell you though, this is one box you’re going to want to make an effort to keep!

The original package also usually comes with a plastic that would go on the adhesive side of your sticky bras.

You can wipe it down clean so you can use it to prevent your stick on bras from sticking to other things in your closet. This will make your adhesive-wearing days much longer.

Related Questions

Why Are My Sticky Bras Falling?

Your sticky bra may be falling because of improper fitting, or you have a sweaty body. Another reason is that you weren’t able to wash the bras thoroughly.

Are Stick-On Bras Reusable?

While most stick-on bras are reusable, there are also disposable ones. If you choose reusable bras, you need to clean and store them properly.

How Long Do Sticky Bras Last?

Sticky bras often endure between 50 and 100 uses, depending on the material and adhesive. Most people have breast-sticking abilities that extend beyond eight hours per day.


There you have it! While the care and maintenance on this might seem high at first, after the first couple of uses, you’ll get used to the process and it should only take a few minutes.

If properly cared for, this type of bra should last you around 30-50 uses, depending on the brand and style. Now, go find a cute dress to wear this under!


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