What to Wear Under a Bodycon Dress

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With the summer months upon me, the bodycon dress is set to make a resounding comeback. As glamorous as it looks, the tight-fitting garment leaves no room for the conventional undergarments as the seams will peek through the material. This leads to the question, “what to wear under a bodycon dress?”

What to Wear Under a Bodycon Dress?

There are several options that work perfectly under a bodycon dress without affecting the look of the outfit. These include shapewear, adhesive bras, seamless underwear, and thongs or G-strings. The final decision depends on the length and neckline of the dress and your comfort level.

Graphic image of a blue dress that explains that the best shapewear for bodycon dresses have smoothing effect and breathable

The perfectly tailored skin-fitting dress gives you a boost of confidence and makes you stand out from the crowd. However, wearing an undergarment with visible lines or creases can diminish the oomph factor of the outfit.

What You Can Wear Under Bodycon Dresses

Style Features Best For
Shapewear Tummy control panels, high waistHiding love handles
Adhesive bra Sticky material, low-cut cupsStrapless option
Seamless bra Lightweight fabric, no visible stitchesLight lift and support
Seamless underwear Lightweight fabric, no visible stitchesLightweight and seamless fit
Thongs or g-strings Thin fabric, high-riseAvoiding bulky underwear


Shapewear is among the most practical solutions under a figure-hugging dress. Great quality shapewear that diminishes the appearance of love handles and sculpts your figure.

Consequently, it is the go-to option under a bodycon dress that can highlight all the excess fats, lumps, and bumps.

There are different types of shapewear that work best for bodycon dresses:

Adhesive Bra

The right adhesive bra is another great alternative that is also perfect for a backless dress. Since it does not have any band or straps, it does not ruin the seamless look of the skin-tight dress. It also sticks directly on your skin and does not have any visible lines, so it blends in with your curves.

A stick-on bra is a viable option for women with small to medium bust sizes. Since these bras do not have a band or straps, they lack the enhanced support required by full-figured ladies to lift up their busts.

Therefore, if you have a larger bust, you should check out a seamless bra instead.

A woman wearing a black bra and fitted bottom holding a bodycon dress

Seamless Bra

While showing off the bra strap is no longer taboo, visible lines of a bra under your skin-fitting dress are still a minor fashion faux pas. Therefore, opt for a bra with seamless cups that do not spoil the formal appearance of a bodycon dress.

Seamless bras come in padded, non-padded, underwired, and wireless varieties. Compared to a padded bra, the non-padded kind is ideal for a fitted dress and practically undetected. You can go for either wireless or underwired bra depending on the amount of stability and lift you require for a perky silhouette.

Seamless Underwear

For a tight fiting dress, you need something of the seamless variety. You don’t want lines showing through your dress.

As the name suggests, it has no seams so it is next to invisible under a skin-tight dress. Hence, you can avoid panty lines while wearing a bodycon dress and tainting the look of your curves.

Moreover, these undergarments are incredibly comfortable and convenient to wear, as the seams of a regular panty can cause discomfort and irritation for people with sensitive skin.

Thus, consider investing in seamless briefs, which also work under booty-enhancing jeans and bottoms.

Thongs or G-Strings

Finally, you can also wear thongs or g-strings under the tight garment. These occupy the middle ground between going commando or wearing a seamless panty.

They are the favorite undergarments for stylists since they do not affect the final look of the outfit. However, not many people appreciate the feeling of this underwear.

Regardless, when buying a thong, make sure it is thin, seamless, and high-rise, so it is as untraceable as possible. If you are daring enough, I recommend the barely there G-string. Since it is made up of a few pieces of string, it is the ultimate companion for a bodycon dress for an unadulterated look.

A woman showing a black underwear for her bodycon dress

Best Underwear for a Bodycon Dress

Designed to disappear under any type of clothing, the Calvin Klein Women’s Invisibles Seamless Thong Panties are the perfect underwear to wear a body dress confidently. The seamless finish and flexible fit make it feel like you’re not wearing anything while ensuring you get to protect your private parts.

The underwear consists of ultra-smooth microfiber, resulting in clean-cut edges, compared to regular underwear with seams digging into the skin. Note that you may need to go up a size, particularly if you have curvy buttocks. Other than that, these seamless thong panties will give you these benefits:

  • The combination of nylon and elastane gives the underwear excellent shape retention, helping hold excess fat around the waist.
  • Despite the use of synthetic materials, there’s a pure cotton gusset that reinforces the thong to prolong its lifespan.
  • The seamless cut won’t show any signs of visible panty lines, making it the perfect underwear regardless of the color or material of your bodycon dress.
  • The minimal fabric coverage results in a lightweight feel, giving you more comfort when moving.

Importance of Choosing What to Wear Under Bodycon Dresses

Knowing the significance of choosing what to wear under bodycon dresses will result in a flattering fit. Likewise, you can avoid wardrobe malfunctions that can ruin your otherwise perfect outfit.

  • Eliminate visible panty lines: Bodycon dresses are tight-fitting, and there’s the risk of panty lines showing through the fabric. This is why choosing the right underwear style and material is crucial to giving your dress a seamless look.
  • Hide belly fat: These figure-hugging dresses can emphasize the waist and stomach if you’re not wearing the right undergarment. Investing in proper shapewear can deal with muffin tops and love handles, giving you a slimmer silhouette.
  • Shape the bust: The tight fit of the bodycon’s fabric can sometimes squeeze the bust, so you’ll need the right bra to lift and support the breasts. Regardless of your breast type or size, wearing the appropriate bra style can shape the bust.
  • Contour your body’s silhouette: A bodycon will hug the body’s curves. If there’s a particular part that you want to emphasize, wearing the right bra, underwear, or shapewear can do that for you.

Related Questions

How to Hide Belly Pooch Under a Bodycon?

You can hide the belly pooch under a bodycon by wearing well-fitting shapewear. It also helps to wear a bodycon with a thicker material or layer your dress with a blazer or unbuttoned shirt.

What Should I Wear With a Bodycon?

You can pair a bodycon with jackets, accessories, boots, or other items of clothing that will add texture to the tight-fitting dress. For example, wear a cardigan to make a bodycon suitable for formal events or the winter season.

How Can I Make My Bodycon Dress Look Good?

You can make a bodycon look good by wearing the proper bra and underwear so that the dress will have a seamless silhouette. Additionally, it helps to style it according to the situation. For instance, put on a scarf for a casual bodycon look.

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Due to the skin-fitting nature of a bodycon dress, you need the right kind of underwear for a flawless final look. The best option is shapewear, followed by a seamless bra and panty set. If you feel comfortable, you can even wear a stick-on bra or a thong or G-string.


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