What Are Cheeky Panties?

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I’ve seen more women getting interested in wearing cheeky underwear. However, the lack of understanding of its features sometimes causes them to get an incorrect size and rise type, resulting in an overall unflattering bum silhouette.

Since starting this fashion blog in 2018, I’ve guided women in solving underwear dilemmas by testing every style to find their strengths and disadvantages. For this guide, I’m going to explain what cheeky panties are, how they fit, and why you should wear them.

What Are Cheeky Panties?

As the name implies, cheeky panties are a kind of underwear that show more of the butt cheeks because of the narrower band of fabric covering the backside. This style still covers most of the front and sides, drawing attention to the reduced back coverage. 

A woman on a rooftop wearing a pink shirt and panty while holding a skateboard

Cheeky underwear looks playful and flirtatious while still providing coverage and support as regular panties do. If you want something in between a full-coverage style and a barely-there thong, you’ve come to the right place — I’m going to explain what a cheeky panty is and the perks of wearing it.

What Are the Features of Cheeky Panties?

Cheeky panty is often confused with other underwear styles. These distinct features will help you identify this style the next time you shop for underwear.


Cheeky often has a mid-rise waistband, although some brands now offer low-rise and high-rise bands. It usually uses a mid-waist style because this complements the less rear coverage.

Bum Coverage

If you’re looking for something with less back coverage than traditional underwear yet offers more coverage than a thong, then a cheeky panty is the middle ground for you.

The narrower fabric across the rear offers more coverage than a bikini cut, although there’s still a noticeable sexy cut. However, it isn’t as skimpy as thongs or g-strings.

A woman facing backwards showing her lower body wearing blue bikini

Side Coverage

Cheeky underwear has wide sides that allow you to highlight the hip line. Even if you use low-waist or mid-waist, the side panels help keep the panty in place and distribute pressure without digging into the skin.

Cut and Leg Hole Opening

If you want to avoid panty lines, especially on bodycon dress, yet want to skip wearing thongs, cheeky underwear is the best alternative. The narrower back panel makes the cut disappear underneath skirts, dresses, or pants. 

The higher cut on the legs also gives a comfortable yet flattering fit, letting you move freely without the fabric bunching on the bikini line. For comparison, it has a shorter leg opening than boyleg panties.


Most cheeky panties use polyester, cotton, or spandex. These fabrics don’t easily stretch out or dig into the skin, giving the underwear its hiphugger properties. Some brands incorporate lace and synthetic blends for better stretch and a sexier silhouette.

How Does Cheeky Underwear Fit?

Cheeky underwear has a form-flattering fit, giving a sexy yet covered style. It has a more modest coverage by keeping a significant portion of the backside covered. Despite that, the cut accentuates the bum to create a playful silhouette.

A woman laying down and posing while wearing black heels and panty, with a grey and opened thin jacket

Why Should You Wear a Cheeky Panty?

Cheeky underwear is notable for its less backside coverage and sexier silhouette. These are the instances where wearing a cheeky panty is the perfect solution.

  • Avoid visible panty lines: Particularly when you choose seamless panties, you can eliminate pesky VPL when wearing tight-fitting clothes. Cheeky panties are actually the ideal underwear under a bodycon dress.
  • Accentuate the bum: While there are several options for the best padded panty, some women would like to avoid the additional padding on the bum. The narrow band of fabric at the back helps shape the buttocks, making your backside fuller and sexier.
  • Versatile style: Do you spend a long time contemplating what underwear to use for certain occasions? This is because some panty styles aren’t exactly flattering when worn underneath particular garments, especially tight-fitting ones. The minimalist cut of a cheeky panty makes it easier to hide.
  • Comfortable fit: The cut and less fabric can make you feel more daring yet comfortable that your private parts are well covered. Additionally, the main composition of cotton makes the panties breathable and comfortable, mainly during the hot weather.
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Related Questions

What Is a Cheeky Underwear Good For?

Cheeky panties are suitable for achieving a flirty and form-flattering cut while providing ample coverage for the buttocks. It’s the perfect style for ladies who want to accentuate the bum without risking wardrobe malfunctions.

What Is the Difference Between Cheeky and Thong?

Cheeky panties expose a part of the buttocks, whereas thongs would completely show the bum. A cheeky style would still cover most of the front and sides to draw attention to the back, while thongs only provide front coverage.

What Is the Difference Between Cheeky and Brief Panties?

Cheeky has less back coverage than regular brief panties. A cheeky style highlights more of the backside compared to hipster and bikini briefs.


Cheeky panties have less rear coverage, letting you accentuate the butt cheeks while ensuring comfort. It’s a sexy yet practical style you can wear underneath most outfits. When choosing a cheeky panty, be sure to consider the right size and ideal fabric for your skin.


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