Allena Rissa

How Big Is a 38C Bra Cup Size?

Woman wearing a blue halter bralette and black shirt

Finding the correct bra size can be challenging. Bra sizes can sometimes be confusing, as the sizes are not standardized and can fit differently depending on the bra’s brand. Before you shop, you always want to find your measurements. Pretty …

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US Bra Size Chart In Inches and Centimeters

Determining your American bra size can be very confusing. For starters, most women wear a bra that does not properly fit them. Beyond that, different countries use different sizing systems, adding to the confusion. Bra Size Chart We have a …

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DDD Cup Breasts and Bra Size [Ultimate Guide]

Woman wearing a full body innerwear

DDD cup size breasts can pose quite a few problems for women due to excessive weight and size. Thus, the right bra can be a game-changer for so many women, who often struggle with managing their large bosoms. Bras designed …

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Celebrity Bra Sizes

Ariana Grande wears a pink halter back mini dress and a beige nude platform high heels closed-toe pumps at a floral backdrop

Celebrity bra sizes have always been under scrutiny since various female personalities like to go under the knife for perkier and bigger boobs. Moreover, it is fascinating for the general public to see how different celebrities with varying breast sizes …

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What Bra Size Is Melissa Rauch?

Graphic image of Melissa Rauch with 32D bra size wearing a mini dress with a slit on the side

Melissa Rauch is an American actress, comedian, and model best known for her appearances on The Big Bang Theory, Best Week Ever, True Blood, and The Bronze. She stands out due to her small stature, blonde wavy hair, and big …

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Best Shapewear for Bodycon Dresses [2023 Review]

A black shapewear with a zipper in front and adjustable straps placed on a white mannequin

Wearing the wrong undergarments can turn your wardrobe into a fashion disaster. To spark your confidence, we’re narrowing down the best shapewear for bodycon dresses for all body types, including the factors to consider to make sure you get the …

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Best Bra to Hide Back Fat [2023 Review]

Back view of a black bra with broad panels on the side, wide straps, and the back placed on a mannequin

Bras are meant to fit tight and snug. The problem with this is that it can often lead to unflattering layers of back fat that form above and below the bra lines. We’re listing the best bras for back fat …

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Best Underwear for Pear Shape Bodies [2023 Review]

Adjusting and holding a black underwear

There are a variety of underwear styles available for different body types, including pear shaped bodies. A person with a pear shaped body will have a bigger butt, with larger hips and thighs than their waist. We’re discussing the best …

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Best Bra for Wide Set Breasts [2023 Review]

An image of a bra for wide set breasts

Wide set breasts require a specific kind of bra. Regular bras don’t offer the features that can fix the breasts’ side spillage or gap between breasts caused by a wide set chest that the best bras can fix. They can’t …

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Best Bras for Sensitive Skin [2023 Review]

Woman wearing a white wireless bra standing near a staircase of the house

When you have textile dermatitis, choosing the best bra for sensitive skin can sometimes become a frustrating experience. Your choices for style and fabric may be limited. That doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort, though. Below are the best bras you can …

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Best Bra for Side Fat [2023 Review]

Woman wearing a nude colored bra that hides her side fats

Some women have a little more fat in their armpit region. This extra fat is commonly known as underarm or side fat. It is important to find the best bra that can accommodate and help contain this extra fat so …

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