How to Wear a Bodycon Dress With a Tummy

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A bodycon dress is the ultimate fashion item that makes you feel glamorous instantly. However, it is also one of the most unforgiving pieces of clothing. Thus, here are ways to wear a bodycon dress with a tummy.

How to Wear a Bodycon Dress With a Tummy

Multiple styling hacks allow you to wear the figure-hugging bodycon dress with confidence. Some of these include under-the-dress remedies, while others work to draw attention away from your midsection.

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Choose a Darker Color

Color theory has taught me the forgiving nature of the darker color spectrum. The dark colors create an illusion of slimmer bodies while looking effortlessly stylish. Thus, when shopping for a fitted dress, opt for darker colors.

Black is probably the most elegant color due to its ability to hide flaws, such as belly pooch.

Experiment With Shapewear

Shapewear has been a game changer for women who dont’ want their belly to be the focal point. Hence, its popularity is not surprising. According to reports, the shapewear industry is expected to be worth $4 billion by the year 2028.

Quality bodycon shapewear cinches your waist and conceals the fat around the belly area to create a seamless look. It works splendidly when you wear it under a bodycon dress to hide your tummy.

  • High-waisted underwear designed for bodycon dresses that covers and tones just the belly pooch area
  • Wear shapewear styles with a high-waist to target the thighs and hips in addition to the stomach for an overall seamless look
  • Wear shapewear bodysuits that extend to your knees for an overall slimming appearance
A woman wearing a black bodycon dress fixing the upper part

Work With Patterns

If wearing a bodycon dress with a solid color is not your jam and you tend to gravitate towards patterns, go for it!

Carefully curated patterns are another great way to camouflage your navel while wearing a bodycon dress.

Opt For Thicker Fabric

Another factor to consider when wearing bodycon dresses is the material. Avoid sheer dresses that show wrinkles.

Consider wearing a bodycon dress with a thicker material. These fabrics provide adequate camouflaging and will avoid your bodycon dress from riding up.

A woman wearing a neutral-colored bodycon dress topped with a denim jacket

Go for Details

Instead of wearing and fixing loose bodycon dresses, pick a tight-fitting dress. Go for body-hugging dresses with strategically placed detailing.

If you feel confident, choose a line dress with a deeper neck or a skin-baring cutout design. The only thing to ensure with a line dress is to wear a proper plunging bra underneath.

Add Layers

Layering is great if feel self-conscious when wearing the dress. Drape a light shawl on your shoulders. This can make your bodycon dress perfect for work, glamorous soirees, and dinner dates.

You can also style your bodycon dresses casually by adding an understated leather or denim jacket.

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Bodycon dresses are becoming increasingly popular, prompting most women to jump on the bandwagon. However, some need a little help looking flawless in these attires.


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