How to Hide the Belly Button in a Bodycon Dress

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The bodycon dress is the epitome of glamorous attire as it beautifully contours the natural curves of your frame. Unfortunately, the tight-fitting nature of the dress leaves no room for imagination as it puts all your lumps and bumps, including your navel button, on display. 

So, how can you hide your belly button in a bodycon dress? Let’s find out!

How to Hide the Belly Button in a Bodycon Dress

Your belly button can create unflattering creases on your figure-hugging dress. While it may not seem like a big deal, the slight wrinkling of the fabric can draw a lot of attention, taking away from the look of your dress. Thus, here is what you can do to prevent that from happening. 

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Use a Corset or Waist Trainer

Corsets and waist trainers are used to provide an hourglass figure. They cinch in your belly and make you look slimmer when paired with a bodycon dress. While both terms are often used interchangeably, they are not the same.

The corset is made with a steel boning encased in a cotton or satin fabric and the waist trainer is constructed with a latex core. The former uses lacing in the back to keep it tightened and the latter has a hook and eye closure in the front. 

One of the similarities they share is that they are both great options for concealing your belly button. Since they both have rigid structures, they skim over your navel without conforming to its shape. As a result, you can get a smooth silhouette when you wear it under your bodycon dress

Wear Quality Shapewear

If the constraining corsets and waist trainers are not something you are comfortable wearing, you can try out high-quality shapewear. I would like to emphasize the “quality part” of since high-quality shapewear sculpts your love-handles and hold your shape better.

According to research, up to 90% of women are affected by cellulite. When this cellulite accumulates near your navel region, it makes the belly button more pronounced under clothes. Shapewear is designed to compress fat and eliminate the appearance of any lines or bulges through your dress.

Thus, they can help you hide the navel, especially if you have a saggy stomach. Following are the best shapewear to wear under a bodycon dress:

A woman wearing a bra and fitted bottom while holding a black bodycon dress
  • A bodysuit that offers complete coverage to your breasts and torso. It eliminates the need to wear a bra and stays in place.
  • A singlet offers similar benefits as the bodysuit apart from having a deep neck, which is ideal for dresses with plunging necklines. However, you need to wear a bra under it.
  • A slip dress also harbors the stomach-toning qualities to camouflage your navel button. These are perfect for women who find the bodysuit uncomfortable.

Try High-Waisted Underwear

If you do not need much help concealing the dip created by the belly button, you can simply put on high-waisted underwear. This undergarment provides added control over the belly fat and makes your tummy appear flat and smooth. 

The high-waisted thong pairs well with a skintight dress due to its dual advantages. The thong design ensures you do not have any unflattering panty lines on your bottom, and helps in hiding your tummy while wearing a bodycon dress

When wearing this underwear for a bodycon dress, make sure you choose one with its elasticity intact. Old, worn-out panties have weak elastics that can cause the top to roll down, defeating the purpose of creating a seamless silhouette. In addition, make sure it fits well since tight underwear can create a bulge over the edge.

Experiment With a Cotton Ball and Bandage

Occasionally, it can happen that all the corsets, waist trainers, shapewear, and high-waisted undies cannot hide the stubborn navel button. You need to get creative to devise a viable solution when this happens. 

A woman wearing a black bodycon dress with her right hand on her hips facing the window

Here is what you can do:

  1. Stuff your navel button with cotton, making sure not to over-stuff it. If you tuck in too much cotton, you may end up creating a bulge under your dress
  2. Take a big bandage that is large enough to cover your navel and at least an inch of your skin all around it
  3. Stick the bandage over your cotton-stuffed belly button, making sure that it lays flat

Note: Avoid using any type of tape, especially if you plan to wear the dress for a long while. The body sweats and oils can cause the tape to become unstuck.

Get Creative With Nipple Covers

Nipple covers are patches that adhere to your skin and prevent your nipples from sticking out through a fitted dress. They are mostly skin-colored with medical-grade adhesives to hold them in place for a long time. These attributes can also help them conceal an *outie* navel button.

A nipple cover is perfect for camouflaging the belly buttons that stick out instead of being hollow. According to a survey, approximately 10% of the population have protruding navel buttons. This means 10% of women need an alternate solution to belly button-stuffing i.e. a nipple pastie.

Put on a Belt

I will not call it a last resort since adding a belt to most outfits elevate the overall oomph factor of the attire. Your bodycon dress can also benefit from an elegant, statement belt. 

Thus, the simplest way to hide your navel is to put a belt over it. Make sure the belt you wear complements your dress and looks appropriate when positioned over the middle of the belly. Check the final results in front of a full-length mirror to gauge the entire look at one go.

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The entire appeal of the bodycon dress is the way it hugs your figure seamlessly and accentuates your curves. To achieve the look and hide your belly button, you can use shaping garments, get creative with cotton balls, bandages, and nipple covers, or simply use a belt to conceal the belly from the top.


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